Raising a New Generation- An Interpretation of God of War (2018)

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

It’s crazy to think how far video games have come. From just a few dots and lines on a screen all the way to 2018, where a grown man can squint at an amazingly rendered Hollywood-style movie in between actually gameplay and say to himself- “What is this trying to say to me?”

And as fun as God of War (2018) is, there’s enough meaning beneath the surface it spills out over the Lake of Nine and wraps around the entire GOW world. Continue reading

“Mirrored”- An Examination of Venom Snake’s Fate Through Nietzsche

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Well, seeing as how I haven’t been using the site much the past year or so I don’t think anyone would mind if I popped out another Metal Gear Solid baby.

But in the off chance you’re not a fan of the series and decide to read anyway, hopefully you’ll get something out of it all the same. Just know there are spoilers ahead and the post itself may require knowledge of the series, in particular, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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If Frodo got the Treatment Luke did in ‘The Last Jedi’

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We’ll call this “The Lord of the Rings, Chapter VIII: The Last Ring-Bearer” and the following is written by the executive producer overseeing “quality control.”

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The Face of Fatphobia

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I don’t care about someone’s weight until I start hearing about “thin privilege,” and that “health and weight are two separate things.” Then it’s time to face my fears as someone who suffers from the super-ultra-real-thing known as “FATPHOBIA.”

MBTI: Stop Using It as an Excuse

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“That’s just how I am” is a bad excuse anyway but if you’re interested in MBTI it becomes even worse.

Only People Who Identify as Women Should Watch This

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The Alamo Drafthouse (A theater in Texas [USA]) is holding a screening of ‘Wonder Woman’ JUST FOR WOMEN. And also for people who identify as women. How this is to be enforced, I don’t think anyone knows.

I’m Not Dead Anymore/ ‘King Arthur’ Isn’t Bad

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While many of you hoped that I was dead so you can have my stuff, you’re just going to have to wait longer. I’m sorry. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll happen soon, honey.