Big Game Hunting is Lame

Posted in Videos! with tags on 12/01/2016 by Taylor

Sure, there are exceptions. But my idea of this happening is just Richie Rich, all grown up, and ready to pretend his rite of passage is to kill this thing he paid the owners of the reservation the animal lives on. Psh. Kill it with your bare hands and we’ll talk.

Amber Heard Wants Your Attention

Posted in Videos! with tags on 11/28/2016 by Taylor

Celebrity news generally doesn’t catch my attention aside from being posted on every public, visible space. But Amber Heard’s PSA that’s cries for women to support her as she pretends to support them is just kind of…aggravating.

CARS 3 Cashes in on Death

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People are freaking out about the new Cars 3 trailer but I’m just some dude trying to make it in this crazy mixed up world, ya feel?

Buzzfeed Doesn’t Understand Sitting

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Buzzfeed was performing their experiment of “manspreading” wherein a man takes up too much space in public with no consideration for those around them. Little did they know, men are also perverts who get off on having their crotches filmed by random women. Checkmate, ladies.

I Watched Netflix’s Luke Cage

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One episode is all I could get through. At least there’s WestWorld and a friend just recommended Black Mirror. Liking both of those.

Show Wrestling Respect (NO HOMO)

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Lubed-up millionaires rolling around with each other in their underwear has been happening for years. No, I’m not talking about Bohemian Grove get-togethers, I’m talking about wrestling. It’s apparently not going anywhere so you might as well respect it brrrrother.

Multiple Man Love

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Funny how we keep having to relive Mystique, Wolverine and Magneto being all moody and misty in ten different movies when they’ve got a GOLDMINE of a character to mess with. You know what, Fox? Just DON’T. You’ve done enough damage and my soul can’t take anymore.