Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (Chapter 5 Excerpt)

There was a yellowish-green color to her iris. The white in her eyes wasn’t white. It was red. It was so bloodshot, Evan could only see red. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.

The woman, if that’s what he could call her, stood up. Blood that had pooled in crevices of her robe poured down the creases that were left. She took a step toward Evan. He took a step back and aimed his gun as steadily as he could. As closely resembling cops he had seen on TV. He was breathing hard. Her next step was onto the foot with the ankle wrapped in a bandage. It was especially disgusting. Her entire body was a grey color. Veins everywhere and she had dents in her head. Josh put up a fight maybe? Her steps onto her foot with the wound that stretched up her leg were limp. Her mouth opened and blood poured out. She looked like she had been dead for days. Is this really happening? She looked like a freaking Maxim model a few hours ago. A strange, guttural growl emanated from her snarling lips. Evan tried to stay in the moment. He tightened his grip on the trigger.

“LADY, Stay BACK!”

She continued hobbling toward him. Even faster now.

“Lady, PLEASE, stay back, I DON’T want to shoot you!”

She kept coming. Evan pulled the trigger and blasted her in the shoulder. The hit area jerked back as if it were attached to a leash. To Evan’s horror, she didn’t stop. She didn’t seem to feel it, save for the initial jerk. Now that this was happening, Evan could go to his special place. His “Nothing box.” Not that he should go, but he could. He was in complete disbelief and expected to wake up. He wished he could wake up. His gun lowered slightly. He raised it back up by sheer memory of what he should do, not because he was paying attention.

Coming back to reality, he readied himself again on Josh’s would-be fling. Just before he fired again, a second woman came around the corner. She had the same features. Where did she even come from?? Josh really was a dog! The second woman made her way to Evan. Limping forward. She had a gash or some sort of laceration in her neck that looked worse than the rest of her. She was closer to Evan so the only natural thing to do in such an unnatural situation was blow her away. She was closer. But still, he hesitated. The woman reacted to the gun the same as the first- nothing. She just kept coming. He gritted his teeth this time although it seemed easier to tighten the trigger.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t…”

The woman snarled the same as the first and lunged as if on command, almost supernaturally fast unlike the rest of their movements, slow and unresponsive. A short-lived screech tore from her mouth before Evan fired into her face and she went backward, hitting the ground like a sack of rotten vegetables.

By this time, Karen (or Gwen) had made her way to Evan. He hadn’t been paying attention. He just shot a woman in the face. She appeared to be a woman, anyway. Her last noise was questionable, to say the least, about what she actually was. Karen took a hold of his jacket and leaned into him. He tried backing away but tripped over a chair leg, Karen falling right on top of him and knocking the gun just out of reach. Great. Death in Josh’s house. People are going to find my body and think some Satanic orgy was going on here. How embarrassing. When he saw this woman hours earlier, the last thing that would’ve went through his mind was that she would chew his head off that night. Evan’s right arm was wrapped around her head, keeping her head back by her hair as she snapped at him like wrangled crocodile. She was literally going for the jugular. Now, he came to. Yes, this is really happening. This is really happening.

With his left hand, Evan reached for the gun. It took a moment seeing as how he was so focused on this crocodile woman not eating his neck. He felt it. The gun, he finally got a hold of the gun and twirled it around on the kitchen floor to grip the handle. He directed it right at Karen’s head. Specifically her jaw. This was his first official time using it, and his adrenaline was pumping so hard he could’ve punched a hole into a brick wall. When he bought it, he didn’t expect to be using it at such a… close range. So his aim was a little….off. He pulled the trigger and with a loud ‘BANG,’ blew her jaw into a thousand pieces. Her skin, muscle, teeth and tongue sprayed over the floor, table and chairs. The table looked like it belonged in a museum, spattered in blood. One of those strange art pieces that you “get it or you don’t.” Karen was still on him. He didn’t know what she could do to him at this point since her jaw was there, but she was doing a decent job of getting a disgusting viscous fluid on his shirt and neck. By the look on her face though, she didn’t even feel it. The other woman went down in one shot, why was this one so much more durable? Evan got one more bright idea. If this didn’t work, nothing would. He jammed the barrel of the gun into her newly modeled cranial cavity, a.k.a her now extremely huge mouth, and pulled the trigger again. Brains and other matter popped through the other side of her head, onto the floor, walls and ceiling behind them including Josh. His body was already desecrated almost to the point of being unrecognizable, a little more blood wouldn’t hurt. Besides, even more fluids got on Evan again and he didn’t ask for this. So there, Josh.

Evan was in shock. He must’ve been because anybody not in shock would’ve pushed the dead body off of them by now. Evan stayed in the same spot for a moment, smoke from the gun barrel rising from the hole in the back of Karen’s head. Her body was limp. He finally did it. He had killed a woman. Two, actually. Hooray. He lifted her up a little higher and tossed her off of him at last. He laid in the same spot still. His head rested on the floor for a moment. What just happened? What the hell just happened? Evan stood up to assess the damage. Two women and Josh dead, check. Blood, brain matter and God knows what else all over my chest and face, check. Bathroom break, about to check that off.

Washing the crap off of his face was a little more difficult than expected. Evan needed to be extra careful not to get anything in his eyes and mouth. The worst part about washing it off though, was realizing how much was in his hair. He pulled out a hard, white fragment. What IS this? Part of a jaw? It’s small enough to be part of a tooth. Maybe jawbone? Whatever it is, it’s in the toilet now. Right after dropping it in there, Evan felt bad for a moment; dropping part of a woman’s face in the toilet. But she tried to kill him so it’s justified, right? Any guilt he felt was diminished when he pulled out what looked like a small strand of spaghetti impacted to the hair on top of his head. He could’ve thrown up. He started smelling stenches that weren’t there before but all of a sudden became extremely noticeable. Whatever, this place is disgusting. If he was imagining smells or just started noticing them, he had to get out of here. He zipped up his jacket. A few blood drops and smears but nothing too bad. He could still wear it. Wait, does blood wash out? Do you have to use a certain detergent? He hadn’t dealt with blood stains in a while. Either way, he looked casual with the jacket zipped up. He would take it off and then his blood stained shirt before Renee saw. No problem. Time to go.

Evan slid himself out the backdoor and around the pool as fast as humanly possible without crashing through and looking somewhat normal. He quickly walked through the backyard but started to look more and more like a guilty child as he thought about what could be lurking right around him. Screw this, I’m not walking. Evan broke into a full sprint and jumped over the pointlessly short fence separating his and Josh’s yard.

Renee was still looking out the window. It had felt like forever and she had already had two cups of coffee. She was jittery. Partly because of the situation but mostly from the coffee. She watched in confusion as Evan walked from the back door quickly and speed walk for a few feet before jumping into a full sprint and jumping over the fence. She knew he was physically capable but she didn’t think he’d be able to jump like that. He looked like a guilty child. As she saw him near the door, she ran over to unlock it. Evan still beat her to it and knocked silently and impatiently repeatedly until she answered. Renee unlocked the door and Evan slid a little more of himself inside with every inch of the door that was open. With the already tense situation, the coffee, and then seeing her husband run across the yard like a seven year old running from the neighborhood dog, she was ready to freak out.



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