A Synopsis: The Dead and the Dying

Below is a summary of one of my stories. The story this site is basically promotion is known as…


…and surprise, surprise- it features zombies. Zombies ruin everything was more of a catchphrase that caught on while the title is as stated above. Enjoy.

Life couldn’t get much better for married couple Evan and Renee, and this Saturday especially is looking up… until a foreign plague hits home and destroys life as they know it. Dang it, zombies, why must you hurt us so? This is The Dead and the Dying. And no matter what you read here, this is NOT YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE STORY.

Evan and Renee, along with a couple survivors, need to get out of town. And fast. What’s worse is that the longer the night goes on, the more Evan and Renee realize that zombies are number two on the “Things to Worry About” list, because when all law and order goes out the window, so do some people’s minds. The night’s events eventually beg the question: Do you do what you do because it’s right, or because there are consequences otherwise? And what if there were no consequences?

The Dead and the Dying is a perfect display of acerbically humorous character reactions arising out of wildly bad situations. A lifelong obsession with movies and rock music has set the tone for a fast paced, simple, yet unique read.

Read the Chapter 5 Excerpt to see what you think, then comes the first five chapters of the story. You got it from there. Hope you like it.


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