You’ve Gotta See This- The Warriors

This article and others under the above title will be referring to films that I like/love, or I believe just don’t get enough attention. I looooove Inception, but seeing as how it made close to a billion freaking dollars, suffice it to say that you’ve probably seen or know of it. What you see on here might not be as popular. First up is The Warriors.

Rated R for violence and language, 93 mins, 1979

Plays Like- Assault on Precinct 13, 300, any movie that features a few against everybody

Best Enjoyed: With a few friends who understand you don’t need production value to make an awesome movie.

NOT Enjoyed with People: that can’t get into corniness

If you’ve known me long enough to hear me talk about movies, you’ve probably heard me talk about this one. This is on my Top Five of all time, without a doubt and just one reason it’s the first I’m bringing up. Plot goes like this:

“In the near future, cities are all but run by gangs. All kinds of of them. On a hot Summer night, the leader of the biggest gang in the city calls a meeting that’s to include nine members from each gang. After a rousing speech with talk of a truce, The leader is shot and killed, and the Warriors are framed for it. Now they have to make their way across an enemy-infested New York City where every cop and every gang in the city are looking to “bust their heads.”

I will never use the word “gang” that many times in any other paragraph I ever write. The story really is so simple yet out there that describing it can only make it sound so interesting. It’s the characters, the setting and the action that come together to make an awesome movie. The Warriors themselves are an interesting group to say the least. They have names like Cleon( the leader), Fox(the diplomat, if you will), and Ajax (the Big Guy, played by Dexter‘s James Remar). They say things like “We’re gonna have to bop our way past!” Not to mention, this was made in the late ’70’s so about have of the cast have afros. But whatever you got from that little bit is part of what makes this movie fun. One thing I dig in any movie that offers it are unique characters that have their own place in the story, regardless of how small their part is. Nearly all nine of the Warriors brings a unique feel to the gang. Be it their role, their look, or both of those aspects. The other gangs are pretty strange as well. They range from skinheads (The AC Turnbulls) to the fan-favorite Baseball Furies who wear Baseball uniforms with facepaint. Some critics have mocked it for ridiculousness, but the thought of a bunch of guys with baseball bats wanting to beat me to death in the middle of the night just because I’m trying to get home sounds pretty terrifying, facepaint or not. One particular standout performance is David Patrick Kelly, who’s made a career out of playing weasly little buttwipe liars. He does the perfect job in this as Luther, the man who frames our beloved Warriors. He owns the most recognizable scene of the film. He’s a “love to hate” kinda guy.

The movie also gained more popularity from Rockstar’s 2005 video game that plays as a prequel up until you play through the events of the movie itself. I had pretty high expectations for this game, coming from the makers of Grand Theft Auto and they didn’t disappoint. Gathering nearly the entire cast, along with the soundtrack, gangs and just the overall tone from the original film, it actually adds to the movie, which something any fan of video games based off movies can tell you doesn’t happen often. Good luck finding it though.

Another interesting quality of this movie is that it consistently makes the lists for “Most Controversial Movies of all Time.” Watching it, I wouldn’t have had a clue, but after doing some research, it seemed to attract a lot of actual gangs to theaters at the time, and some screenings apparently ended in a few deaths. Oy vey. Gangs can’t just sit there and watch a movie, can they? Always have to be throwing signs and colors up, I guess. Representing and all. Tony Scott (True Romance, anything with Denzel Washington these days) was looking to direct a remake of this using real gangs and taking out the fake ones, even going so far as to make fun of the original. Thankfully, it’s in development hell. I guess making drug-dealing, child corrupting, man children likable is tougher than they thought it would be.

Now some people have said to me, “Why do you like that movie? It’s so cheesy.” Yes, I know. Thank you for keeping me grounded. A gang that dresses in roller skates and overalls while calling themselves “The Punks” didn’t really strike me as realistic. But dang it, this movie is just fun. Put yourself in this situation: If you and a handful of your friends had to survive a night in the city with NO GUNS and against all odds, could you make it? Odds of course meaning “people trying to kill you.” You can use whatever else you can find as a weapon. I’ve really thought about this before (and gotten deeper into it than any human ever should) and ultimately come to the conclusion that my friends and I probably wouldn’t make it through Atlanta if everyone were trying to end our lives. I mean, I’M awesome, of course, but my friends are flabby and lazy and would probably just drag me down. But seriously, some of the hobos alone would give you a disease just by scratching at the air around you, much less specifically set on killing you. Think of your closest friends and let hypothetical gang fights begin!


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