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Zombie Soundtrack

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In the spirit of zombies, I’ve put together a zombie soundtrack for my story. Specifically, a list of songs I was listening to at different times when writing The Dead and the Dying, but before I post mine, I’ve set up a number of themes that are highly applicable to the Zombie Apocalypse scenario. Below is a short list of themes for you to pick songs you feel are appropriate to the mood, followed by an explanation. Pick your list, and email them to me. Fill out all the numbers with at least one answer if you want to see them up here.

1. All is Well– This is the beginning of the story, when your life is at it’s most normal, before the outbreak.

2. Terror Rising– The Outbreak is here! How do you feel about it? Scared? Frantic? …Happy?

3. What Happens Now?– What’s your plan? Do you sit at home and strategize? Do you immediately make a break for it? Do you go the cowards way out? Decisions, decisions…

4, 5, 6.  The Killing Begins!- Pick three tracks for this setting. This is you doing what you’ve always wanted to do should a Zombie Apocalypse break out- Kill people without having to feel bad about it! Do you go into a dream-like state or a beserker rage like Wolverine? Pick what reflects you in action. For every 12 soundtracks posted, a winner will be voted on and get a prize. Prizes? OOH YEEAH!

7. All is Lost– A literary term to define exactly what you feel at this moment when all is, in fact, lost. Sad, depressing, blahblahblah…

8. You and Yours– Regroup! It’s fight or flight! Get your survivors and get out of here! Escape!

9. Here’s to the Future– A song to go out on. Are you dead? Dying? Zombified? Alive and reflective? Hopeful? This is the song to show it.

Responses will start being posted in the next few days. Send to

This Movie Suuucks: Half Past Dead

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Sometimes when I write about movies like this, I feel the need to throw out some sort of disclaimer at the beginning. Like, “I know most superhero movies suck, so this will be the only one for a while.” Or “It goes without saying that Eddie Murphy movies suck, so don’t expect to see too many.” It’s the opposite with Korean movies; there are so many good ones, I don’t want this to become a fansite solely for them.

This is not the case with Steven Seagal. The former is the case with Steven Seagal, so don’t expect to see too many of his movies on here, because whether you like him or not, his movies (definitely the more recent ones) just suck. Continue reading

Review: Wrath of the Titans

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Good Lord, man. It’s not good when you have a endless amount of source material to pull from, the source material itself being brilliant in it’s own rite and exciting to match. Why is this not good, you ask? Because it seems to confuse the crap out of screenwriters who can’t think for themselves. Like a child who hasn’t earned their money and has it simply given to them, writers seem to pick from Greek mythology carelessly and lazily. Yes, Wrath of the Titans is better than the original (2010, anyway), but that’s not saying much, if anything. I don’t count it as a positive when you’re merely trying to be less bad than your boring predecessor, and barely even do that. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: In Bruges

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Stars: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes

Rated R for language, violence, some drug use, 2008, Dark Comedy

Compare to: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000)

Ever like an actor, get sick of them, and then go back to liking them again? That’s how me and Colin Farrell are. In 02/03, it seemed like nobody could get enough of the guy and he was everywhere. But by the time Alexander came out in ’04, he was on the decline already and MAN, was that movie bad. I mean, just really, really bad. Three hours long too. Whew… Anyway, it seemed like he got sick of himself too and as of recently, has been making a sort of subtle comeback. He’s been making movies even if you haven’t heard of them, just not overexposed, pretentious pieces of crap like Alexander. Did I mention that Alexander was bad? His first of many “redemption” movies to me was 2008’s In Bruges and if you’re into Guy Ritchie films, you’re gonna want to see this. Continue reading

Shirts are Here, Bow to Them

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Pow! The Dead and the Dying shirts have arrived! If you didn’t get one or aren’t familiar with the reference, it comes from the my zombie-related story and the entire reason this website was set up, specifically mentioning an auto shop that plays an important place in our hero’s trek to survive the Madness. Reference on the front, site name on the back.

If you haven’t read it yet, get on that.

This Movie Suuucks: Paycheck

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Okay, first off, does anybody even remember this movie? It sucks pretty bad, but as I sit down to type this, I wonder how many people will even know what this is. It sucked then and it’s almost a decade old. Who remembers movies from a decade ago? Either way, I’ve already made up my mind, so oh yeah- this is happening. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

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Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland

Rated Pg-13 for Intense thematic and violent material and disturbing images- all involving teens) run time 2 hours, 22 mins, Action/ Adventure/ Sci-fi

Plays Like: The Running Man (1987), Gamer (2009). Gamer to be taken with a grain of salt.

In trying to find a new Harry Potter, or a new Twilight, Lionsgate has arrived at Hunger Games. Upon first hearing of it, I couldn’t bring myself to care. “Yes, that’s exactly what I need; another multi-million dollar franchise about a bunch of adolescents that cry about every melodramatic thing that happens to their amazingly extraordinary lives. Boo hoo, I’m so special.”

But heck, I was still going to watch. And after Eragon and Legend of the Seeker and all those other forgettable Young-Adult movies that were desperately trying to get their sequels, we might finally see a series worth following through to the end. Continue reading