Zombie Soundtrack #1: Walt

I like this list. It wasn’t enough for him to put the songs up, but a short reasoning as well. I can dig it. Helter Skelter is a nice choice for a zombie takeover, and he’s got Deftones so I can’t not appreciate that. Give this man a hand, he also threw in some Journey. If you want to submit your own, read this. -T

Walt: I’m only using songs from my ITunes (1299 songs, not bragging or anything). So here we go.

1.  The Allman Brothers Band- Blue Sky. Going back to my roots with this one something relaxing and blissful. Good times with that special someone.

2. The Beatles- Helter Skelter. When I imagine this part, scenes from 28 week later come to mind of mindless monsters running through the streets tearing people apart. Snipers killing zombies by the bushel and not making a dent in the crisis. Its chaos, madness, terrifying.

3. Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell. I think the title speaks for itself.

4. Deftones- 7 Words. This song amps me up like no other, just what someone needs when there about to bash in zombie brains.

5. Van Halen- Panama. Because at this point you need the fun beating mindless creatures to death song.

6. Trivium- Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr. Just a good song when you’re putting boot to @$$.

7. Ugly Casanova- Maybe We’re Lost. So at this point all the killing has proven to be useless, we just can’t win. We lost loved ones, and have scene horrible things. Where do we go from here?

8. Journey- Separate Ways. Alright time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and prepare for the final battle. Do we win, lose, get torn into a million pieces? Who cares this song in AWESOME!

9. The Offspring- Gone Away. Just a good song that I think sums up the whole story.

So that’s my list. Yes some of these are cheesy, but what can I say cheesy movies are one of my guilty pleasures.

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    Zombie Soundtrack #1: Walt | Zombies Ruin Everything


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