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You Gotta See This: The Man from Nowhere

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Stars: Bin Won, Thanayong Wongtrakul, Sae-ron Kim

Rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, drug content and brief nudity, 2010, Action/Drama

Compare to: Leon the Professional (1994), Man on Fire (2004)

I’ve mentioned before about trying to spread out the Korean/subtitled movies on here for the sake of the more casual moviegoer. A lot of people tell me how much they just hate subtitles but if you cancel them out altogether, you’re missing a lot of good stuff.

Such is the case for The Man from Nowhere; a movie that needs to be viewed by any fan of action, but especially a viewer who feels like they’ve seen it all. Since the last Korean film overview was a couple months ago, you’re about due, I’d say. Continue reading

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

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Stars: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson

Rated PG-13 for sci-fi/action violence, and brief suggestive comment, Running time 103 mins, Adventure/Sci-fi/Comedy

Plays like: Ghostbuster II (1989), Galaxy Quest (1999)

If I had been told in 1997 that by 2012, a third Men in Black would be released that year, my ten-year old self probably would’ve thought something along the lines of “That’s forever away!” Now, in 2012, a decade after the sequel, here we are with the third one and I’m thinking, “Men in Black 3? Already?” I know several people thinking the same. Yet here we are, Will Smith still being all crazy and Tommy Lee Jones being all…not. I don’t know if anyone else particularly wanted another sequel but we’ve got it and if the question is, “Is it good?” The answer might be a divided one. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: The Lookout

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Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels, Matthew Goode, Isla Fisher

Rated R for Violence, language, sexual content, Drama/Suspense/ Noir

Compare to: Layer Cake (2004), Harry Brown (2009)

It’s funny how big Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gotten over the past few years. Last year’s 50/50 definitely had it’s moment. His involvement with Christopher Nolan is attaching him to some top-quality material (2010’s Inception, this year’s Dark Knight Rises), while the past few years haven’t been too shabby either. 500 Days of Summer (2009) seems to have solidified him as the practical guy you can relate to while girls just dig his “regular guy” approach to acting. I’d say the “boy next door” approach but I really hate that term. Nevertheless, in honor of TDKR and September’s Sci-Fi/Action film, Looper, also starring Bruce Willis, it doesn’t seem like JGL is really showing signs of slowing down. That being said, it was hard to choose which of his films to do over the past few years. Angels in the Outfield (1994) was my first choice but maybe something a little more recent? Continue reading

Zombie Soundtrack #4: Josh

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As far as the weirdest list goes, Josh is the winner by a longshot. Anybody that put KC & the Sunshine band’s Boogeyman as their “All is Well” track (the song that describes your life before the zombie outbreak) has got to have issues; mentally or otherwise. All kidding aside, I’d say it’s an interesting mix. We’re mostly dealing with industrial/electronic on this one, with a few edgier ones thrown in. Miami Showdown has a nice “building toward climax” feel, very easy to imagine killing zombies too. I’ve put a link in for the Gorillaz song because the video is just so dang good. The Royksopp video is also there just because it’s so dang weird. Can’t go wrong with A Perfect Circle either. Good list.

If you want your own soundtrack posted, read this.T


1. KC & the Sunshine Band- Boogeyman

2. A Perfect Circle- Blue

3. Nine Inch Nails- Survivalism

4. Crystal Castles- Doe Deer

5. Mudvayne- Determined

6. Miami Showdown- Digitalism

7. Royksopp- What Else is There?

8. Howl- Switchblade Eyes

9. Gorillaz- Stylo

B-Side! In a twist of Shyamalan proportions, this entry also came with a second set of songs.

1. Crystal Castles- Suffocation

2. The Mars Volta- The Widow

3. Cut Copy- Future

4. Klaxons- Atlantis to Interzone

5. Stone Sour- Get Inside

6. Mudvayne- On the Move

7. My Morning Jacket- Rocketman

8. Metric- Succexy

9. Boy Kill Boy- Suzie

Freaking Comic Book Movies

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There are a lot of comic book movies these days. That’s pretty obvious, yes, but there are even more than some people probably realize because a lot of them aren’t superheroes. 2010’s Red, AMC’s Walking Dead, the ultimate display in mediocrity with Cowboys & Aliens. There’s just a nonstop flow of them and if you couldn’t tell, it probably won’t stop till Armageddon.

For good reason too, because they make a crap-ton of money. Avengers has crossed the billion dollar mark, along with all its counterpart films making well over their budget as well. Amazing Spider-man is also sure to do some pretty good business even with the exhausted sigh of many fans who are still reeling from 2007’s third installment which seemed to ruin the series’ name in the long run. Continue reading

This Movie Suuucks: The Covenant

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In dishonor of Hollywood’s recent attempts at shoving Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Battleship) in our face, I’m going to heckle The Covenant. I have hated this movie ever since I saw it in theaters in the summer of ’06. I remember it well because I was actually paying for movies then which made it a complete waste of my time and money. Continue reading

First “Skyfall” Poster

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What’s cool about this? It’s only James Bond walking toward you. But hey, Jimmy Bond is Jimmy Bond, baby, what can you say? You say you’re sorry that’s what, and then you tell him what he wants to know before he shoots you in the kneecap. This Bond will probably shoot first then ask questions after. “After” meaning “after he has sexual relations with your wife, you greedy weapons dealer. Bond did you a favor.”

Movie Review: Battleship

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Stars: Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, Tadanobu Asano, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, action and destruction, and for language, Running time 131 minutes, Action/Adeventure/Sci-fi

Plays like: Transformers: Rise of the Fallen (2009), Skyline (2010)

Sometimes I give a movie a hard time from the trailer because it looks ridiculous, among other things, but then I watch it and have to take some of the negative things back. Transformers (2007) is a good example. Heck, even Avengers falls into this category; I just didn’t think I’d like it from the trailer, but what do you know? It was actually really good.

From the trailer alone, I assumed it would be full of explosions, cheesy one liners, forced melodrama, and a senseless plot and in the previously mentioned movies, I was wrong. There was more to them than that. Yet, in Battleship’s case, I hit the nail on the freaking head. This movie is loud, obnoxious and no, it is not fun unless you plan on making fun of it with your friends. No, I do not condone that in a movie unless it is only you and your friends.

But jeez, would it be tempting anyway. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Dictator

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Stars: Sacha Baron Coen, Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Jason Mantzoukas

Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, brief male nudity, language and some violent images, Running time 83 minutes, Comedy

Plays like: Borat (2006), Bruno (2010)

As usual with Sacha Baron Cohen movies, I was skeptical at first in watching it. If you know anything about him or the kind of humor he devotes himself to, you know that at some point, you will be disgusted. It’s usually by something he did as an ignorant foreigner unaware of his vacationing country’s customs. The Dictator falls into this but is unique in that unlike Cohen’s last two efforts, this is not shot in mockumentary style. But does it hold up to the political incorrectness of Borat? Is it as inappropriate as Bruno? Both answers are “sort of.” While it has cringeworthy scenes and some very humorous moments, it seems like Cohen and director Larry Charles (also of Borat and Bruno) could do this in their sleep. Most of the jokes don’t feel specific to this movie in that they could just of easily have been in either of Cohen last two films- which makes it a little boring. Continue reading

This Movie SUUUCKS: Cool as Ice

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I bet out of all the things you were going to do today, reading anything about Vanilla Ice’s 1991 tragedy, Cool as Ice was not on that list. Well, you’re in it now, buddy. Cool as Ice is one of those vehicle movies that is meant to capitalize on a musician’s current fame. The musician in this case, of course, is Vanilla Ice and I do use “musician” loosely. Eminem did this with 8 Mile (2002) while 50 Cent was in Get Rich or Die Trying (2005). Continue reading