Zombie Soundtrack #3: Jessica

I imagine this soundtrack fitting into a zombie movie where all the characters are in their early twenties and, thank God, a zombie apocalypse broke out because they weren’t doing anything with their lives. Maybe like Idle Hands (1999) but with zombies. That had a pretty good soundtrack. In fact, that was about the only decent thing about that movie, if that. One thing’s for sure, Deftones seems to have a place guaranteed on any list I post and Jessica evidently loves Jimmy Eat World. Which is cool with me. If you want your own soundtrack posted, read this. – T
1. Taking Back Sunday- You Know How I do
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- No No No
3. Deftones- Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Man
5. Jimmy Eat World- Thinking that is All
6. The Joy Formidable- The Magnifying Glass
7. Jawbreaker- Accident Prone
8. Jimmy Eat World- Firefight
9. Paramore- Franklin

One Response to “Zombie Soundtrack #3: Jessica”

  1. Matthew Long Says:

    Yo man how do I make a playlist?


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