Zombie Soundtrack #4: Josh

As far as the weirdest list goes, Josh is the winner by a longshot. Anybody that put KC & the Sunshine band’s Boogeyman as their “All is Well” track (the song that describes your life before the zombie outbreak) has got to have issues; mentally or otherwise. All kidding aside, I’d say it’s an interesting mix. We’re mostly dealing with industrial/electronic on this one, with a few edgier ones thrown in. Miami Showdown has a nice “building toward climax” feel, very easy to imagine killing zombies too. I’ve put a link in for the Gorillaz song because the video is just so dang good. The Royksopp video is also there just because it’s so dang weird. Can’t go wrong with A Perfect Circle either. Good list.

If you want your own soundtrack posted, read this.T


1. KC & the Sunshine Band- Boogeyman

2. A Perfect Circle- Blue

3. Nine Inch Nails- Survivalism

4. Crystal Castles- Doe Deer

5. Mudvayne- Determined

6. Miami Showdown- Digitalism

7. Royksopp- What Else is There?

8. Howl- Switchblade Eyes

9. Gorillaz- Stylo

B-Side! In a twist of Shyamalan proportions, this entry also came with a second set of songs.

1. Crystal Castles- Suffocation

2. The Mars Volta- The Widow

3. Cut Copy- Future

4. Klaxons- Atlantis to Interzone

5. Stone Sour- Get Inside

6. Mudvayne- On the Move

7. My Morning Jacket- Rocketman

8. Metric- Succexy

9. Boy Kill Boy- Suzie


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