Zombie Soundtrack #5: Matt

Hey, now. Matt’s opening track is making me think he’s livin’ large. We’re going in and out of old school rock/folk and new age remixes, which is an interesting compilation. Pretty good summation of a zombie Apocalypse, if you ask me. Living in the information age one moment, while the next has us scrounging for anything that isn’t contaminated; supplies, food, even people. Clint Mansel’s theme for Requiem still might be the most intense music I’ve ever heard even to this day. I was listening to it while typing everything out and didn’t realize how stressed out I was getting until it was all over and I could breathe again. It’s also fitting to post this due to the Keith David post yesterday. Man, that’s a depressing movie. Way to go, Matt. Such a downer…

If you want your own soundtrack up, click here. The favored soundtrack after 12 are posted gets a lil sum’in sum’in. Is that how you spell it? I should just stop. –T

1. Pretty Lights- Empire State of Mind (Remix)

2. Johnny Cash- God’s Gonna Cut You Down

3. Simon and Garfunkel- The Boxer

4. Skrillex- Reptile

5. Led Zeppelin- When the Levee Breaks

6. Metallica- Master of Puppets

7. Clint Mansell- Requiem for a Dream

8. Nero- Syndicate

9. Faces- O0h la la

3 Responses to “Zombie Soundtrack #5: Matt”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Awesome soundtrack lol

  2. only 3 I have not heard of. NICE!


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