Zombie Soundtrack #6: Brandon

Here’s one for the troubled youths out there going through a zombie apocalypse and they’re missin’ that special someone… Since most of these soundtracks are made up of primarily Rock, why not go all the way with some Skid Row and Judas Priest? There’s already a zombie apocalypse, so might as well go all out. Streetlight Manifesto’s an interesting choice for anything involving a post-mortem revolution while a heavier band like Chimera could definitely be seen as the introduction to the beginning of the end. I’m feeling a little bit of a Fallout 3 vibe with our last track by The Ink Spots, which just makes me want to hang out in a diner and drink a milkshake while the world outside is burning down (I just fit in a reference to Chapter 12 in The Dead and the Dying, aw yeah, promoting my story on my own site). Be cool out there, boppers, and stay away from those bath salts.
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1. Streetlight Manifesto- A Better Place, A Better Time
2. Chimera- Born in Blood
3. Streetlight Manifesto- Moment of Violence
4. Skid Row- When God Can’t Wait
5. Johnny Cash- The Man Comes Around
6. Judas Priest- A Touch of Evil
7. System of a Down- Roulette
8. As I Lay Dying- Anodyne Sea
9.  The Ink Spots- Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall


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