MBTI: Batman and Company


If you read my Myers Briggs post correlating movies to their respective type, you know I’m a fan of MBTI. And seeing as how Dark Knight Rises was as great as we wanted it to be, I still feel the need to write about all things pertaining to it. Below are a list of characters, primarily villains, who fit into the MBTI types. One thing that’s so fun about Batman’s villains are the fact that each one is a different aspect of his personality. There’s a whole science to him, look it up.

Once again, if you have an interest in Myers Briggs, here’s a link. Last Batman post for a while I think. I’ve got a life, I swear.

Okay fine, I don’t.

Updated on October 16. 2013



1. ESFJ- —-

2. ESTJ- Two Face/Damian Wayne

3. ISTJ- Batman (Movie)/Azrael

4. ISFJ- Commissioner Gordon/Mr. Zasz/Ventriloquist/Alfred Pennyworth



1. ISTP- Deadshot/Bane/Lady Shiva/Huntress/Deathstroke

2. ESTP- Catwoman/Killer Croc/Red Hood/Black Mask/The Penguin/Scarface

3. ISFP- Poison Ivy/Cassandra Cain

4. ESFP- Harley Quinn/Clayface/Spoiler



1. ENFJ- Nightwing

2. ENFP- Mad Hatter

3. INFP- Talia Al Ghul

4. INFJ- Ra’s Al Ghul



1. ENTJ- Hush/Red Robin/Barbara Gordon

2. ENTP- The Joker/The Riddler

3. INTP- Mr. Freeze/Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat)

4. INTJ- Hugo Strange/Scarecrow/Batman (Comics/Shows/Games)


38 Responses to “MBTI: Batman and Company”

  1. What about Batman in the Arkham games?

    • Taylor Says:

      Five months later and your response is this my friend: I would type Batman in the Arkham games the same as I would in the comics and cartoon- INTJ. Cool, calm, planned to the last detail. Got an article about that coming up.

    • Chris Says:

      I really enjoy these articles and you’re definitely one of the best I’ve seen in typing characters. Do you have any plans in typing the DCAU?

      • Taylor Says:

        Thanks, man. DCAU is so closely connected to the comics most of the DC characters typed are the same as the animated stuff. It’s the movies that make the big changes. So I can’t say I won’t do it, but I don’t think I’d be adding anything new to what’s already there.

  2. I’m guessing if Deathstroke was added, he’d be ISTP. I am curious as to how Riddler is a F over a T.

    • Taylor Says:

      When I did this, I was just trying to make them all fit. I’d take it down but people still look at it a good bit. As far as the Riddler goes, I was just spreading them out. He really seems like an ENTP but with an inferiority complex.

      But for argument’s sake, dominant feelers can still have a love for puzzles and attention and with Batman solving every single one he puts out there could explain what screws with him so much. While a thinker might just find another way around, Nigma is stuck in a rut because something he thought of as a “craft,” his puzzles and schemes, aren’t actually his strong point and it’s just something he wants attention for. He’s so smart, he’s predictable, something ENTPs thrive on NOT being. So your guess is as good as mine.

      I’d say Deathstroke is ISTP or ESTP, yeah.

  3. It is controversial with Batman in the movies being ISTJ. The other side off that coin tends to be INFJ. What evidence showed Movie Batman being ISTJ over INFJ?

    • Taylor Says:

      Oh, so glad you asked my man. Things that lead me to ISTJ over INFJ- very driven, dedicated, disciplined, consumed by his rules, but not always understanding them. His deepest values and ideology were shown to come from his father figures- Thomas Wayne, Alfred, and Ra’s al Ghul, much like the ISTJ’s way of carrying on family virtues.

      We can’t really say “An INFJ wouldn’t beat people up” or anything because I believe Ra’s to be INFJ and he was planning on murdering an entire city for the greater good. But night after night, to don the Batman suit, sacrificing your many relationships might be more of a strain for an INFJ to knowingly live out.

      This, and in DKR, when Alfred asks him how he plans to beat Bane, Bruce, without any training in the past 8 years says “I’ll fight harder, I always have.” then rushes to find Bane and get the ever living hell beaten out of him. This is a good example of Si/Te dominant- “This is what I know so it’s what I’m going to do.” rather than an over-prepared plan of attack like comic book Batman would have done.

      Even if that just means beating their head against a brick wall because that’s how they’ve torn down drywall, that’s the ISTJ way. INFJ’s Ni/Fe is much more long range in their thinking and much more aware of future consequences while ISTJ is living for construction of their life that day.

      Nolan’s Batman is a simple, but extremely driven man. He himself is not complex though his world is, rather than being complex in a complex world. Hope this short article helped.

      • Helped perfectly.

      • Now say Batman had discovered Bane’s mask as a weakness before the 1st fight, & he decided to go after the mask as his plan of attack, would that be more of a “S” or “N” trait? I was asked this earlier.

        • Taylor Says:

          I would say neither ‘S’ nor ‘N.’ It’s all about what you focus on. Some Intuitives are likely to likely to rush into a situation as well as many Sensor types. Some are more careful planner than others but that’s more of a ‘J’ or ‘P’ thing. Intuitives and Sensors are on similar playing ground for different reasons.

          A dominant sensor may recognize the mask for it’s appearance- placement, distinctions, noticing that in front of the mouth are small chambers.

          A dominant Intuitive may notice that it doesn’t cover his entire face and distorts his voice, going from their off of hunches.

    • Taylor Says:

      *going off of their hunches

  4. I’ve recently been put into a non-stress living situation now. & I have concluded that I’m ITJ. My thinking of me ESFP were the results of looking as to how I act in my stressful life. I grew up in a family of sensors. Mostly Artisans. Only 2 or 3 Guardians.

    I am leaning INTJ over ISTJ because my way of thinking, my values & ideology are all from my independent thinking, my own conceptions & ideas, if you will. Rather than passing on family traditions & values that my elders taught me. Everything they did teach me, I looked & analyzed to see if I agreed with them. It could be why I always felt so different from the rest of my family. Possibly being an intuitive in an entire family of sensors. (Except for my ENTP half brother. :0 Me having the same type as Batman & his is Joker’s. No wonder we fight like cats and dogs. He’s a cat person & I’m more of a dog person. Weird. LOL)

    Another reason I currently lean INTJ is my, some would call, obsession with Batman. The psychology of the characters always has intrigued me. His dark past is also something I can relate to. Plus, I like the technological aspects & the detective work that he does.

    Also, Star Wars is another “Obsession” I have. The idea of living in that kind of galaxy with that kind of technology… I see it as a paradise for me. The force is something quenches my whole good vs evil interest. How we have a good & evil side. (Batman does as well) I also like the Terminator films

    I do have an ISTJ trait in that I have a very strong memory. Whether it’s memorizing movies line by line, action by action, or recalling past events to help others remember in detail.

    • What is your type?

    • Taylor Says:

      Well, at this point I’d just leave you to it, haha. You’ve been through about seven types now so I’ve got nothing.

      But keep in mind that any personality type can be interested in Batman for the same reasons you’ve listed without it point to their type necessarily.

      For example- an ISFJ may be intrigued by the darkness of the character, but so can an INFP; the difference lies in why they’re attracted to that aspect of it. For the ISFJ it may be because it’s a release from their everyday life that might make them feel bored and it’s a power fantasy, putting on a costume and beating up murderers for the good of society. The world is a scary place and as a character like Batman, they can combat that.

      For an INFP, they appreciate that a mainstream hero can be so bold as to be so gritty and strange. The crimes that the villains have committed tend to be too much for lighter characters like Superman or the Flash.

      I would check out the functions and see which best represents you- there’s a million people out there that will mislead with terrible tests and reasons for why you are what you are, so you’ve got to be thorough. I don’t think I could go too far with MBTI if I wasn’t sure of what I was. And I’m ENTP.

  5. Why leave Tim Drake out of the list? You got Jason Todd, Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne.

    And why Oracle ENTJ? In the Arkham games, she seemed INTP like in Arkham City when she keeps hearing the inmates say Bruce Wayne was killing people and then she suggested to Batman that maybe he did and was mind controlled or under the influence of fear toxin.

    • Taylor Says:

      Gotto be honest, while I don’t entirely disagree with this list, there are a few changes and additions to be made. I’ll probably get on it with this one soon because of the amount of views this one gets.

  6. Love the new list!!!!!!

  7. I just pre-ordered Arkham Origins today! Gonna be so much fun!!! Batman vs Deathstroke!! Plus the pre-order allows me to play as Deathstroke.

    • Taylor Says:

      Oh yeah, the game looks amazing. Should be as good if not better than Arkham City, though I don’t know how they could make it better.

  8. Well, from what I hear, the map is 2X the size of Arkham City. Plus the detective mode crime scene analysis is up a notch with the cowl simulating visually how the crime was done after analyzing.

  9. Plus I think gangs families have morale meters, which will be fun to mess with those.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, that’s a pretty unique angle to utilize in a Batman game. And powerbombing dudes.

  10. What made you pick Deathstroke as ESTP over ISTP?

    • Taylor Says:

      He’s got much more of the aggressor persona than ISTP’s attitude of hanging back until the right time.

  11. SisOfNight Says:

    First of – thanks for all your typings, especially of the characters from the Batmanverse. I love it!
    Now to my question: what do you think of the Tim Burton Catwoman’s type? Opposed to your suggestion (ESTP), I believe she is an ISFP.
    By the way, what’s your type? 🙂

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey, thanks. Yeah Batman and his world is especially fun. Hm, never thought about Burton’s Catwoman but ISFP could fit. I guess it depends on whether or not you think she was a different person when she came back from “death” or she just fully developed. Because being timid, meek, and unsure of yourself ain’t healthy for anybody’s type.

      ENTP is my type, homey! You?

      • SisOfNight Says:

        Oh, so you think she might have changed her type when she became Catwoman? Could you expand a bit on how you think types develop, for example in the case with her?
        Hopefully I do not turn you off by admitting that, but I am an INFJ. ;P It seems as if many ENTPs are not so fond of them. ;D

        • Taylor Says:

          It’s difficult when it comes to types changing. For example, I don’t think you can do it in real life and I think it’s rare to happen in fiction. When it does come about in fiction, it usually has to do with bad writing.

          But there are the moments in fiction when a character may do something unseen in real life, such as mentally “snap.” I’ve mentioned this in various articles with different characters such as the Narrator in Fight Club. And with Catwoman in Batman Returns, it’s a similar case but also very different.

          I guess it’s a question of whether or not Selina became a more pronounced version of herself or if she was somewhat differently entirely. The cat rebirth is very vague and leaves you believing something supernatural happened but we never know what.

          But because of her reaction to her things in her apartment (tearing them up, smashing things) I would say she’s the same person who now resents her former self. Keirsey elaborated on the Artisan variety looking at their own pasts with cynicism. I can’t say she was a healthier version of herself though because she goes on a crime spree, though she’s a lot more fun.

          But all in all, I think an ISFP typing could be accurate. ESFP certainly doesn’t fit and if we were to type her ESTP that would definitely be giving way to the idea that she is a different person altogether. ISTP doesn’t go either and I don’t even think the other groups come close to matching Selina so no point analyzing that.

          Nope, not turned off. I only know one INFJ and we get along pretty well. Long, interesting conversations. I get the idea she thinks I’m a bit verbose though, hehe. My only issue with “online INFJs” isn’t even with INFJs themselves- I just don’t believe most of them are what they say. People are so unsure of type but willing to run with what they like.

  12. Darren Says:

    Why ESTP for Catwoman and Deathstroke? I see them as ISFP and ISTP respectively.

    • Taylor Says:

      Those two seem to be the most debated. I actually thought that I’d changed Deathstroke a while ago to ISTP.

      I believe the Michelle Pfeiffer(?) Catwoman could be ISFP, seeing as how the supernatural aspect to her abilities could have just opened the door way to another side of her personality. But every other incarnation of Catwoman features a more verbose character that often tells Batman what to do and picks on the Robin he’s got at his side in that era. She’s too aggressive overall to be the more relaxed and quiet ISFP, though once again, Tim Burton’s Catwoman may be this.

      • Darren Says:

        Yeah, that’s true. I do recall her butting heads with Tim in Hush and punching Ivy out of nowhere. Superman asked her if it was necessary to which she replied yes. That’s way more ESTP than ISFP. Hush is really the only comic I own where she plays a major role. Might have to re-read that some time.

        • Taylor Says:

          Oh, yeah if for nothing else the art alone makes it worthwhile. The ending was a little weak but Hush is a cool character still.

  13. Hotmomma14 Says:

    What is Harley Quinn? You’re leaving out the chicks!

  14. Only disagrees with Red Hood and Red Robin.
    Jason Todd is an clear ISTP 8w7, he’s reactive, know how to talk and have charm, but… he’s loves to be alone, he’s lonely, very centered and feels drained when interact with a lot of people for long periods.
    Same with Red Robin, but not sure If he’s J or P


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