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2012: The Worst of the Year, Thus Far

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It’s easy to make a bad movie. Trust me, Youtube sketches, while they may be hard work, are easily terrible. In fact, if I had to say, I think about 97.3222222% of sketch videos are just that, with the remainder being your friend’s video which he makes you watch and pretend to like. But what I’m talking about are movies that have an actual budget (usually with at least six zeroes), people who get paid to work at their professional craft, and still manage to screw it up. Only being halfway into the year, there are already a lot of those end results out there.

Unlike This Movie Suuucks though, these haven’t really been so much fun to watch as they have been disappointing, mediocre to the point of being awful, or sometimes straight up frustrating to finish. I’ve had friends lean over to me during these movies to say “Come on, man. Let’s just go.” Though in mind the phrase comes to mind “For the review!” I feel the need to finish every single terrible second of celluloid Hollywood can deliver so as to give a complete and thorough review, as hard as it’s been in some cases. Once again, if there’s a full review, click on the title and you shall be taken to it. Can’t wait to see what the second half of the year has to offer… Continue reading

2012: The Best of the Year, Thus Far

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It’s tough to believe (like every year) that 2012 is halfway over. Six months to go and the rest of the world is gone too. Oh, happy day! To make the best of this time, I’ve compiled a short list of the five best movies from this year, as well as the five worst. This includes links to the actual reviews, and I’ve added a few on here that I never got a chance to write reviews on, for one reason or another. Click on the title for the individual review. Worst movies up soon. So many to choose from on that list…

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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

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Stars: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen

Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence , 136 Minutes, Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Compare to: Batman Begins (2005), Captain America (2011)

If you’ve read either of these articles I’ve written in the past month, you should know I’m a pretty big Spider-Man fan. Those are here and here. Even after what Sony did to him in The Spider-Man series, specifically Spider-Man 3, I never blamed Peter Parker for what happened. So upon hearing that a new Spider-Man series was in tow, I was in amazement (no pun) and confusion, like many people. Another one? Already? Reboot?

The marketing hasn’t been too kind either. From multiple clips and trailers, to releasing posters that are far too similar to Sam Raimi’s trilogy as well as letting a twenty-five minute version of the movie online only to take it off after a day or so; this new one didn’t seem to have much going for it. Then I was actually able to watch the film that was big-budgeted, yet had a lot on the line; thankfully, it is a solid movie and if another trilogy is spawned from this one, I won’t mind. Continue reading