Zombie Soundtrack #7: Jake

Kickin’ it old school with this one. No, not the terrible Jamie Kennedy movie from a few years ago, but just about all the songs on this Post-Apocalyptic soundtrack aren’t just from the 80’s- some are near representations of the 80’s. Long Tall Sally may be a little older, but c’mon, we love that song because of Predator (1987).

Couldn’t have said it better with Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell. That was a terrible pun, but I still hope someone got it. Kenny Loggins can thank Goose and Maverick ( or is it the other way around?) for the popularity of Danger Zone, and it just keeps going. Our man Jake sees himself as a zombie-destroying Rocky, while every zombie is an Ivan Drago, if you listen to tracks seven and eight. And in a battle against the rest of the undead world, there’s nothing wrong with that. ‘Cause if they can change…then you can change…

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1) Little Richard- Long Tall Sally

2) Kenny Loggins- Danger Zone

3) Robert Cuccioli- This is the Moment (Jekyll and Hyde the Broadway musical)

4) Meat Loaf- Bat out of Hell

5) Queen- Another One Bites the Dust

6) Michael Jackson- Thriller

7) Robert Tepper- No Way Out

8. John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band- Hearts on Fire

9) Bon Jovi- Wanted (Dead or Alive)


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