A Video that in No Way Involves Movies

This is me going off for a good eight minutes about a certain Myers Briggs type. Since, like the title states, it has nothing to do with movies I wasn’t going to post it but the Myers Briggs: Batman type listing I posted has gotten a pretty good bit a views, thought I might as well throw it on here. You can always count on Batman. Except that Robin who died. If nothing else, you can now see and hear, as well as read, how truly scatterbrained I am. And for good measure, another Myers Briggs listing.

3 Responses to “A Video that in No Way Involves Movies”

  1. Not everyone can be a rocket scientist. Those that look down on other types may have felt unappreciated and misunderstood because they were different. MB makes them feel special and unchecked they become proud. Perhaps bitterness makes them elitist. Notice that the worst critics are Is. Maybe they feel rejected by society and are lashing out in retaliation.

  2. Of course, it could be that the Is are just online more. Maybe the Es are ripping the guardians to their friends offline. Idk.

  3. Taylor Says:

    I think that’s an accurate assessment. Feeling embittered in your daily life might lead to an outlet somewhere else; these days the internet is the outlet of choice.


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