Slow Day, Playaz

If you can’t tell, I’ve once again failed as a reviewer. As a writer, oh I’m amazing, sure. But a reviewer, I’ll let you down every time. Something friends, family, and most of all, my dad has had to learn the hard way. What can I say, I’m a free spirit.

Kind of like how this Bison used to be.

In any case, I’m still going to be reviewing Premium Rush and the sure-to-be-a-waste-of-time The Apparition, it’s just taking me longer than usual. Can you tell I’m a little skeptical of the second one? I can’t help it, PG-13 Horror is just about the lamest, greediest type of movie that can be made other than say, Twilight. Both of which happen to feature Ashley Greene so I guess you could say her track record is a big fat smear. Hey, she’s making money at least.

Now if we want to talk about quality in movies, look no further than Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Below is the famous clip Oh Hi Mark in animated form. Its rendering perfectly captures Wiseau’s subtle yet painful emoting of Johnny; a man getting closer and closer to the edge. And Mark? Well, he’s just up there thinkin’, y’know?

Check back in tomorrow.


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