Unsung Horror Villains

This loser’s usually hogging all the spotlight.

It’s tough being a villain in a Horror movie these days. If you’re not a dead Japanese girl standing in your soaking wet jammie jams, nobody seems to take you seriously anymore. Back when, it used to be guys who liked killing stupid teenagers in unthinkably violent acts(Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween). Occasionally we’ll get the genius who uses his powers to set up traps or create master plans that their person of interest falls into but that’s rare(The Saw series, The Collector).

Then there are the guys who, it doesn’t matter the era, just don’t get any respect. Many times they’re more distinct and maybe even likable enough that they might not be thought of as a villain in the traditional sense, but when it comes down to it, they definitely ain’t good no matter their intention.

Below are a few of the guys who just don’t get enough respect in their genre or anywhere else, for that matter.


5. Baby Oopsie Daisy

Movie: The Demonic Toys series

Baby Oopsie Daisy is one that just makes me laugh. I didn’t see the movies until I was older so I really don’t know if I would have been scared. Baby Oopsie Daisy is, as the title says, a demonic toy. Him and his cronies are constantly trying to send sacrifices back to hell for their master. As serious as something like sending people to hell would be, you think he’d be higher on any list, but I guess the reason he isn’t is also obvious- he’s a stupid toy.

Chances are, he was created with the same intention as good ol’ Chucky was: I’ve seen a creepy toy before. What if it could actually KILL me? Whoa! And a star was born. Oopsie Daisy is mostly known for his (her in the first movie, his in the rest) perverted sense of humor and foul mouth which may be the only reason this little runt was noticeable to begin with. Oh, also, it farts a lot. Asking it’s victims questions like I can walk, I can talk. I can even s*** my pants! Can YOU s*** YOUR pants?

The movie was actually written by David Goyer, the man behind the Blade and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Hey, gotta start somewhere.


4. Pluto

Movie: The Hills Have Eyes (1977, 2006)

Here’s a nasty one. Pluto is to his own family was the infantry is to the army. There to do the grunt work, carrying out the messier jobs that the higher-ups don’t want to dirty their hands with. The similarities end there though, because Pluto is a six and a half foot tall deformed freak that lives in the desert and helps his family murder/torture and steal from innocent passerbys. He’s kind of like crossing Sloth from The Goonies with Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the 1977 original, he was portrayed quite effectively by actor Michael Berryman, who actually has a misshapen skull, giving off the impression he really does kill people. Ha ha.

But in the 2006 remake, regardless of how you felt about it, Pluto was definitely the one to watch. Every time he showed up, something horrible happened that a victim either wouldn’t be walking away from, or would never be the same again. He dies by having a miniature American flag jammed through his skull. That’s the American way. Uhhh…spoiler alert.


3. Ben

Movie: Willard (1977, 1972, 2003)

Not many people remember the 1977 film about a man who just can’t get anywhere in life until the day he met a bunch of rats. Even fewer people know of the sequel that tells the story of one of those rats specifically. That rat’s name is Ben, and if you can’t tell he’s about the size of a football. Ben is like that guy at work who doesn’t really have a problem with you, unless they think management is favoring you. What puts Ben on this list is that test audiences gave so much negative feedback to the remake is because…get this…too many rats. This is what makes him unsung while simultaneously as creepy as an antagonist should be. In the remake, Ben leads his army against several victims, none more entertaining than Willard’s new pet cat, while the rebellion against Willard himself showed us how far a scorned second-in-command will go to show how hurt they are.

Here’s a strange promotional video Crispin Glover (Willard) did to promote the movie. He’s covering young Michael Jackson’s song “Ben” that was actually written for the original Willard movie. Bunch of weirdos.


2. Reverend Henry Kane

Movie: The Poltergeist Series

This guy just can’t get enough credit in my book. He doesn’t physically show up in the first movie, and the actor who portrays him in the second movie was dead by the time they made the third one, leaving The Poltergeist I: The Other Side the only film that actor Julian Beck actually appears in but man, is he creepy. Evidently he was suffering from cancer at the time of filming adding to his bizarre appearance. Not too mention his real form in the spirit world. Before Reverend Kane died and became a ghost, he was reverend (gasp!) that locked himself in a cave with his followers after having convinced them the world was going to end. As a ghost, he’s kind of a less perverted Freddy Krueger, going after children’s souls and feeding off of them.

After writing this, I found this video where the reverend isn’t as unsung as I thought, being number one on this Youtube user’s Horror Icons. Huh. Welp, someone agrees!


1. Ash’s Evil Hand

Movie: Evil Dead II

Didn’t see this one coming, did ya? As terrible as Evil Ash may be in Army of Darkness, it’s Ash’s evil hand that beats all in number two. Created by Ash’s possessed girlfriend’s decapitated head taking a bite of Ash’s hand, it then becomes cursed. Throughout the movie, he smashes various kitchen items over his owner’s head, and responsible for some Tom & Jerry-like chases between the hand and the former owner, eventually forcing Ash to cut him off. The evil hand even stabs our heroine, Annie, in the back and kills her. Noooo! Not her! He even goes so far as to flick Ash off (the ultimate insult). I can’t think of anything worse than having to cut off my left hand, other than maybe cutting off my right.

The hand is also the reason our hero Ash is able to get his chainsaw hand. Think about it- if Ash never cut off his hand, he wouldn’t have put the chainsaw on that stump.

Just check out this video and see for yourself.

Well, there you have it. Any other characters you care to mention or argue, feel free to let me know.


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