Horror/Comedies: Love/Hate

NOW think of that Twilight line: “I’m a monster…”

Have you ever seen a movie so uneven? Especially one so purposely imbalanced. The first half acts a sort of spaghetti western, two outlaws escaping to Mexico and taking hostages along the way with no promise anybody will be making it out alive- the second half quickly charges headfirst into the Horror/Comedy genre, complete with B-movie special effects and one liners.

Why am I talking about this movie at all? Who cares about it? I don’t know, although a theater professor of mine specifically cited it as an example of a film that doesn’t know what it is, Horror, Action or Comedy. Can’t it be all three?

The funniest thing about this movie is that two more sequels were made, direct-to-dvd of course. They all have the same story, outlaws making their way to this middle-of-nowhere strip club where the occupants are actually vampires that eat passerbys. CAN THEY MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT? And wouldn’t ya know it, our man Danny Trejo is in all three. If he’s not Trejo, he’s not reliable. Watch this scene. Be warned. Over-the-top gore and some language abound.

I really put a lot of emphasis on enjoying a movie for what it is. Be you a fan simply watching the movie or you’re the studio making it, knowing what you have on your hands can make all the difference. If studios knew that the character they were adapting wasn’t a massive hit, but relatively large in their respective medium, we wouldn’t get a movie like the 2003 Daredevil, but something on a much lower scale with a much greater propensity for it’s gross income and possible sequels. But eh.

If a wider audience could see that entertainment is entertainment and there’s something to be said for any movie that can hold your attention for one reason or another, it’s possible we wouldn’t have nearly as many dissatisfied customers at their closest theater because they “thought it was Comedy but it was all serious.” It’s not to say it’s your fault for being disappointed- maybe you were a victim of false advertising or you just really wanted to a Comedy. But in many cases, we get our mind set on what we want and if we don’t get it, well then it must have been a crappy movie.

It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to watch a legitimately bad movie and still say I liked it. But then again, I’ve been doing it all my life but arguing that said movie is good rather than just saying I liked it. Because we can only like “good” movies, right?

NO, Tommy. You’ll ALWAYS be terrible.

No combination of genres is as misunderstood as the Horror/Comedy mash-up is. Action/Comedy, oh heck yeah. Drama/Comedy is so often done that it’s got it’s own name like celebrity couples get; Dramedy. But Horror/Comedy? Seems a lot of people don’t see how you could combine the two. I’ve always loved The Frighteners as I’ve mentioned time and time again. Many critics at the time thought thought of it as being confused and changes pace too frequently. Blah, blah, blah. That movie is great. Not accepting that a movie can be whatever the creators choose for it to be is like telling an adult that he can’t have dessert first and dinner second. Unless that adult is a sheltered man-child whose life is run by his overbearing mother, that adult can have whatever the heck he wants. But it’s also surprising the seemingly large number of people who see these type of movies and get confused. It’s not that they’re hard to understand, but it’s as though they feel they’re settling in to one type of film when a joke pops up and BAM! It’s like getting comfortable on the couch then having to get up to change the channel.

Pictured above is nothing because my search for “fat guy on couch” led to repulsive results and I’m too proper to place them here. Just know that I’m scarred. Okay, here’s Ben Stiller in Dodgeball.

Evil Dead II is another on my Top 5 and it’s been met with cult status. It seems people are fine with watching it and thinking of it as a Comedy. A blood-filled Comedy, but Comedy nonetheless. Why? I guess many people expect older movies to be corny and cheap, which is exactly what Evil Dead II is, the only difference being that it’s aware of what it is, allowing for much greater enjoyment that gives you the impression that you too, can be in on the joke.. You see that? Awareness makes all the difference. I can laugh at Channing Tatum’s acting, but that’s at, not with.

But even still, because a movie doesn’t know it’s crap, doesn’t mean you still can’t like it. I mean, does anybody over the age of ten sincerely like the GI JOE movie? Not unless they know what it is; stupid. No, I’m not saying you’re stupid if you like it, not at all. A common impression of me has people “quoting” me by saying “That ___(fill in the blank with whatever subject)__ is stupid and you’re stupid for liking it.” It’s funny, sure, but it’s not something I ever say. Kind of like Seinfeld’s “What’s the deal…” impression. What I am saying is that liking a movie for whatever your reasons are is absolutely cool…I’m just wondering why people can’t get the grasp on Horror/Comedy.

Poorly rendered CGI gorilla has trouble too.

So where do we stand with From Dusk Till Dawn, the movie that doesn’t bounce back and forth but goes from the stratosphere to the bottom of the ocean without warning? How do you feel about escaped convicts on a violent getaway suddenly colliding with hissing vampires and giant monster rats? The commentary (oh, I went there) even has the creators making fun of it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or whatever), I’m really just trying to bring attention to the idea that you can like a movie for what the creator wanted it to be as well, not necessarily hoping to conform it to what you thought it might have been. After all, if it’s entertainment, it’s entertainment.

Take that last line with a grain of salt. It only extends so far.

PICTURED: Not to be confused with “entertainment.”


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