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Judge Dredd Is So Stupid It Hurts

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I had a nightmare like this once.

I’m not kidding, this movie gave me a headache from every flaw, hole, stare and one liner this movie offers. I don’t understand how this movie was not only greenlit, but followed through and not trashed at some point in the creation process. At the very least, somebody, at some point, had to have looked over at their co-worker on set and said something along the lines of “Dude. This movie is going to be terrible.”

I can testify. Continue reading

Movie Review: Flight

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Stars: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, John Goodman

Rated R for drug and alcohol abuse, language, sexuality/nudity and an intense action sequence, Running time 138 minutes, Drama

Compare to: Blow (2001)

It’s always interesting to see what director Robert Zemeckis is up to. His more recent forays into motion capture CGI (Mars Needs Moms, Beowulf, The Polar Express) have been…lacking. But his other work is always worth the time and money spent (Back to the Future to Forest Gump and Castaway). So is Flight worth the same you may have put into the movies listed? Sure, if you’ve got two and half hours, a love for Denzel Washington, and don’t mind watching him abuse alcohol for the duration of said time.

Flight is a good movie. But when so much time of the film is spent on a singular aspect that the trailer hardly even hinted at, you may feel by the end of the film that you paid for a movie you didn’t end up watching. Continue reading

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

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Stars: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, Alan Tudyk,

Rated PG for some rude humor and mild action/violence, Running time 108 minutes, Animation/Comedy

Compare to: Toy Story (1995), Up (2009)

Of all the arcade games I’ve ever played growing up, Rampage! was my favorite. You picked your giant monster, be it a lizard, a gorilla or a wolf. Then you would proceed to destroy as much of the city as you could before the military destroyed. Reversing this concept is the in-film video game of Fix-It Felix Jr., where the player’s goal is to fix the apartment building that a over-sized hobo is destroying it. It’s one of the many aspects of the movie that will have viewers reminiscing of their days at the arcade while the smooth animation and usual kid-friendly adult joke combine to create a movie that’s not only fun, but gives a message that is normally the exact opposite of what we’re usually given in movies, especially animation.

I’ll get to that in a second. Continue reading

Movie review: The Man with the Iron Fists

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Stars: Russel Crowe, Lucy Lui, RZA, Rick Yune, Dave Bautista, Jamie Chung, Cung Le

Rated R for bloody violence, strong sexuality, language and brief drug use, Running time 96 minutes, Action/Adventure

Compare to: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003), Kung fu Hustle (2004)

Taking a cue from old kung-fu films he’s been inspired by for years, rapper RZA has finally made his own. While no stranger to film, he’s mostly been onscreen in a supporting role and on a couple occasions, done the soundtrack. This time he’s not only starring, rapping and writing, he’s also directing. Regardless of how bad the movie might have been, I’ve got to give him credit based on those responsibilities alone.

Is it good though? Is a blatant ode to old school kung-fu movies good enough for your time and money? If you liked what you saw in the trailer at all, run to this one. Continue reading