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Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw

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Stars: Alexandria Daddario, Dan Yeager, Trey Songz, Scott Eastwood, Tania Raymonde, Shaun Sipos

Rated R for strong grisly violence and language throughout, Running time 92 minutes, Horror

Compare to: Friday the 13th (2009), Shark Night (2011)

When people think of starting off the new year, it very often involves fireworks, tax season, and promises to yourself about weight loss. Not Lionsgate. They apparently thinking of dismemberment, a tired franchise, and awful storytelling.

Oh, and trying to make a hero out of the film’s lead antagonist. Sorry guys, it just doesn’t work this way. Continue reading

Top Five Worst of 2012

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…And here’s the Crap List. While I don’t feel nearly as positive posting this one, I’ve got to be honest in saying that this does feel therapeutic. Typing out this list of awful movies is kind like of heavily exhaling after running out of a public bathroom that somebody else destroyed.

And while there was much, much more garbage that came out this year, many (Alex Cross) I’ve never done reviews on because some movies people are just going to watch regardless of how bad you know it’s going to be. So below are the ones that, eh, could’ve been something…they just weren’t. Continue reading

The Top Five of 2012

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After (woo hoo!) an entire of reviewing movies, this is what it comes down to; the best of the best, the most amazing, well scripted, melodramatic dramas that Hollywood has to offer… maybe not, but these are my most enjoyable and well made films of 2012. As far as I’m concerned, the second half of the year was much better than the first half, while the year all around just kicked the balls of 2011, despite the huge titles that came out.

I’m looking at you, Twilight and Hangover 2. Continue reading