If you’re wondering where I’ve been (you haven’t), I can definitely confirm that I have not been dead. I just got really sick of reviewing movies I knew where going to be crap, yet sitting through them anyway.

It’s easy to see how a professional critic (whatever that is) can get to the point where they become movie snobs, in that they only seem to really like movies that the general populace has to have a treasure map to find out where that award-winning, bizarre piece of film-making has been hidden.

You know, the one that has the woman that hires another woman to seduce her husband so she can get a divorce and all her husband’s money, but then the wife accidentally gets seduced by that woman who has actually been working with the husband all along…only to find out that the seductive woman is their daughter. Oh, you didn’t see that one? It won about 12 awards. Or maybe it was Wild Things 8: The Quickening.

Anyway, expect to see some stuff on here.

This is where I got the title.

This is where I got the title. Just FYI.


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