*Potential Spoilers*

In the world of Death Note, “The Greatest Detective in the World” is posed with the task of finding a serial killer that murders criminals by supernatural means of a heart attack.

What’s the perfect type for the eccentric loner, solving crimes through an ‘ends justify the means’ view? One who’s willing to bridge the gap between the real world and the paranormal? INTP, of course. L’s Ti comes in clearly by his way of thinking on his toes rather than Te’s desire to take a step back and reflect on given information.

L’s secondary function, Ne is wholly present throughout the series as well demonstrated in the many jumps L makes about what his murderous suspect might do next when he’s really only given a few clues to do so.

Extroverted Intuition’s readiness to read between the lines comes off as nearly crazy to L’s partners in the police force to the point that they’re not even sure if they can trust him. As they viewer, we know he’s right; while the other character’s skepticism of L’s methods is understandable.

So crazy, it works.

So crazy, it works.

L displays a wide variety of INTP characteristics even without going into the functions: his desire for solitude apart from his faithful butler is about as introverted as one can get while the steps he’s taken to ensure his privacy walk the line between cautious and paranoid.

While most types would say “I just can’t see that happening,” the INTP says “…But you don’t know for sure.” INTPs are known for starting with what seems like a weird habit to many, and turning it into a lifestyle.



While L’s protégé, Near, (also compare Dawkins to Hitchens) was fine keeping himself behind the scenes until the very last possible moment, L was ready to jump in and get his hands dirty by strategies that could have solved the case just as soon as they could get him killed.

This demonstrates the INTP knack of  remaining as objective as possible in their approach while often using themselves as the lab rat.

Lastly, L’s appearance suggests that of a person who does not care about their own personal hygiene or rudeness of behavior in the slightest.

Look at this guy. Don't you just want to bully him or...make him do your homework or something?

Look at this guy. Don’t you just want to bully him or…make him do your homework or something?


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