MBTI: Judge Dredd- ISTJ


I’ve heard Judge Dredd range from ISTP to INTJ, but this guy has ISTJ written all over him. His approach, his look, his themes, everything- the ultimate ISTJ in any incarnation. If this were any other type and I mean any other type, at some point some sort of breakdown could be conceivably written for him where “everything he’s ever known is wrong!” Or maybe he decides he’s going to go “off the books” on this one and do things his own way.

But he doesn’t and won’t ever, because it’s not in his personality. Introverted Sensing first, baby.

What’s arguably Dredd’s biggest quote?


aaand just for the heck of it-

I know, it’s tough to watch that last one but you get the point. Dredd doesn’t really even consider himself as a person; he’s taken up the identity of the actual law. Many of his lines involve justice and truth, and since he works for the people that have taken these words as their way of life, he must also be the law. See how that works? Don’t question it, scum.

Dredd’s Extroverted Thinking is played into the comic and the 2012 movie greatly, as his lines are based on things he’s familiar with rather than responding based on what’s happening. As far as Dredd is concerned, saying many of the same things make sense because everything he’s doing is just another part of his job. That’s how we get great, simple catchphrases like “JUDGEMENT TIME.

Most other characters, as mentioned above, have moments where they think to themselves “Maybe I’M wrong…” or referencing the possibility that they’ve been working for the wrong people. Not Dredd. He’s sure of himself and what he’s working for and there’s no reason to change that. He must be of genius intellect given the bizarre types of situations he’s prepared to handle including fighting Death, the Joker at one point, and even Predator.

A single line that encompasses the entire character of Dredd is at the end of the 2012 film: after an entire night of guns, gore, drugs and mayhem, Judge Joseph Dredd is asked “What happened in there??” He sums it up with a growl as he never even stops walking, the ISTJ way (back straight, face forward)- “Drug bust.”

And he’s not wrong, that is what happened. But while anyone else would’ve explained, the ISTJ says “You don’t need to know anything else.



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