MBTI: Faye Valentine- ESTP


If you’ve ever seen Cowboy Bebop, you know exactly the kind of character Faye is- loud, brash and selfish- but fun. A lot of forums and other sites have typed her as ENFJ, but I have no freaking idea where they would’ve gotten that from.

It’s possible they’re just trying to give each character in the show a different group; Artisan, Rational, Guardian, and Idealist. But there’s no Idealist on the Bebop and here’s why the only woman on board is Extroverted Sensor first.

Faye is definitely of the Artisan variety. Her look, her behavior, her interests all heavily lean toward a person who lives in the now and doesn’t place much, if any, emphasis on the future. Her past being as mysterious and as depressing as it is also points toward the Artisan group in their cynical view of their own history; just something to forget.

Look at her in comparison to Spike, a definite Introvert. She’s much more obnoxious as a whole, but just as stubborn and headstrong. Notice that even though they got off on the wrong foot (Spike and Jet arresting her for a bounty) and their relationship is rough, there’s too much in common for them to outright hate each other, no matter how many times Faye the opportunist rips them off.

And where does she go? The race track, of course. She has no plans for the future other than to bet all her money now to maybe get rich. Nothing Intuitive about her.

"Figure out the meaning of life or steal his wallet?"

“Figure out the meaning of life or steal his wallet?”

Nothing that should allow us to see her as and Extroverted Feeler first or even second. As mentioned above, she steals from Jet and Spike on more than one occasion only to end up back with them.

Something a person with Extroverted Feeling first or even second would have to have serious justifications about why they were doing it while someone with Extroverted Feeling third, like Faye has, would be able to twist the logic just right to say, “Yeah, I need this more than them. They’ll be fine.”
It’s also what she uses to worm her way back into the group or to squeeze information out of them. “Oh, come on! We’re comrades, right?”

Extroverted Feeling last on the other hand, like Spike has, is more likely to not weigh any consequences about how someone else feels until after they’ve made the decision to stomp over someone.

Faye knows what she’s doing, she just places more importance on herself than others. Here’s a quote from Faye in Session 11, Toys in the Attic.

“Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. We deceive or we are deceived, thus we flourish or perish. Nothing good ever happened to me when I trusted others. That is the lesson.”


But while Faye really is a tough chick and none of this is really an act, she does show signs of Extroversion and wanting to be a part of the group. Aside from her constant returns after disappearing, her anger toward Spike in the later episode stems from not necessarily an attraction like fans speculate (and hope for) but the fact that she has finally found the closest thing to a family, and now this guy (Spike) is going to pointlessly get himself killed.

It wouldn’t have taken an ENFJ that long to show they cared. Heck, Faye even shows it but yelling at Spike and shooting her gun in the air. Doesn’t sound like a dominant feeler to me.

Ein is definitely INTJ, though. Definitely.

Ein is definitely INTJ, though. Definitely.


One Response to “MBTI: Faye Valentine- ESTP”

  1. Terence Ennis Says:

    My most favourite Trilogy ,read 3 times.
    Well I am a male INTJ but this character
    Parallels me so closely that I lived in the books.
    Lizbeth Salander rules for me.


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