MBTI: Raiden- ISFP


Of all the characters of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, no opinion is as polarized toward a character than the surprise protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 himself, Raiden. Aka “White Devil,” aka “Jack the Ripper” aka “Why-the-hell-am-I-playing-as-this-guy?”

Normally, a character with so much controversy surrounding them tends to be a type more willing to go to extremes. But Raiden’s faults and problems lie mostly in the fact that players were thought to be playing as the normal hero of the game, Solid Snake.

But after about a third of the game was completed (if that), you switch over to a guy that in many ways, seems the opposite of Snake. He’s not gruff. He’s not world weary. And he looks like a woman. A very. pretty. woman. Do these things alone type Raiden? Nah, they don’t hardly factor in. Here’s what does…

Raiden uses Introverted Feeling first. In the series, we’re given examples of this as he is gradually broken down by the very mission he was elected to undergo.

The longer the mission goes on, the more he realizes he’s been lied to. And while nobody likes being lied to, it’s especially difficult for Raiden, knowing that finishing his mission means serving the overlords, while not finishing the mission could mean Solidus, the antagonist of the game, destroys Manhattan.

You know- the important stuff.

Raiden’s also been shown to have a soft spot for kids, as he nearly gets himself killed while going on a mission to save Sunny, who at the time is only an infant.

He also means to get back to his own child he’s never met in the events of Metal Gear Solid 4. Having a spot for kids is by no means a trait only belonging to Introverted Feelers, but it’s definitely something your typical action hero has never been known for doing. ISTP may have kids you never even know about regardless of whether or not they have claimed them, while an ISFP, secret agent or otherwise, is much more likely to want to take part in the family life.

"Why won't my son let me read him a bed time story? Parenting is tough."

“Why won’t my son let me read him a bed time story? Is it the claws? Parenting is tough.”

Raiden first goes into his mission a tadpole. He’s had a lot of training sure, but no experience to speak of which is indefinitely going to lead to a lot of revelations for him, as it goes in the MGS world. But even knowing next to nothing about what he’s really going to be doing, Raiden is still a highly capable agent.

Even in your simple list of moves, his graceful roundhouse kicks display some sort of training at work that take more skill than Snake’s tuck and roll.

He can thank Extraverted Sensing as his auxiliary function for that. Se sees the world and it’s physical details for what they are, rather than Intoverted Sensing’s way of relating what you’re experiencing to what you know.

How would this help Raiden? It’s because Se is so much more in-the-moment that to handle a gun, size up a new situation or deal with the bizarre scenarios MGS has its characters deal with, it’s really not that crazy for Raiden to pick up on the logistics of a Katana soon after Snake passes it down to him. Noticing the unique details to something allows you to see it for what it is and use it accordingly.

"I was just going with the moment!"

“I was just going with the moment!”

By Raiden’s most recent appearance, Metal Gear Rising, Raiden is back in full swing in his cyborg outfit again. And while he’s more powerful than ever, his Fi is still just as present. While at one point in the game, you have to hobble your way past enemy guards after just having been “mind-raped” by the antagonist. How did the enemy do this to Raiden?

By bringing up his past of course.

Raiden was a former child soldier in the Liberian Civil Wars and was reminded of all the mindless killing he performed while being raised by the man who killed his parents. Once this is all out in the open, Raiden has a hard time getting it together again.

If the Fi dominant person were to be tricked into doing something against their morals, there’s much more damage done than say, an Extraverted Feeler who may be able to rationalize and blame the one who tricked them rather than themselves.

"Bad wiring? No...no, sir, this was my fault. We had an argument today and if we'd departed amicably, this house wouldn't have burned down."

“Bad wiring? No…no, sir, this was my fault. We had an argument today and if we’d departed amicably, this house wouldn’t have burned down.”

ISFPs are one of the types that deals with stress the worst. Raiden displays the most violent example of this after he has come to grips with having been such a brainwashed killer, when he decides to let himself break out and become “Jack the Ripper” again, with a seemingly split personality coming out and psychotically murdering all of his enemies.

While a type with a Thinking function higher may be able to rationalize and balance out his past and present regardless of horrible things they’ve done, Raiden personalizes everything he experiences.


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