MBTI: The Joker- ENTP


Was there ever any doubt? The Prince of Knaves has only ever gone between a couple different types aside from simply being labeled “insane” (read Super Sanity) and just dropped as a typing candidate. But while others types take a step back and say “Why would anybody do that?” in a seemingly senseless scenario, the ENTP may have already done it.

In every medium, the Joker can be typed as ENTP. From harmless prankster to the modern-day horror show that wears his own face, he fits this type to a near perfect degree. His willingness to go to extremes that other characters find ridiculous and/or repulsive are, in many cases, the things to confuse many on what his preferences are, functionally speaking. This is where Extraverted Intuition comes into play.

Ne is seeing different possibilities in information the user takes in. It finds hidden meanings and patterns behind things that don’t seem related at all. It’s what allows the user to toss around many different concepts at the same time that feel irrelevant to the last thing the ENTP has said…before tying it all together in the last couple sentences.

The bigger picture isn’t revealed until the end which can seem like a mess for anybody that doesn’t think similarly. While Batman has scrambled all around Gotham, trying to piece together clues to figure out what gangs have been involved in the most recent crime wave- leave it for The Joker to eventually lead our hero to a warehouse to explain that not only has he been the one committing all the crimes…he’s also killed all the gangs.

There's no reason for this, I just thought it as really funny.

If only politicians were this honest.

ENTP users are backed by Introverted Thinking which, in a sense, allows them to funnel their ideas from their imagination, and make sense of it all. At least to them. The Joker’s motives are usually known only to him but in many cases, his best laid plans consist of whatever will be the most fun. This is central to the ENTP’s character as they enjoy a healthy dose of competition as well; mentally, more than anything else.

It only stands to reason that the Joker would see Batman as the ultimate rival- just as crazy as him, but on the side of good while Joker, on the side of crazy. But like many ENTPs, “good” and “bad” are relative terms as they normally choose to see the world from the polarized view of what’s “fun” and what’s “boring.”

Here’s a quick comic that simultaneously parodies Lex Luthor and The Joker, in Calvin & Hobbes fashion.

Here is the perfect example of the "J" villain's desire to defeat his enemy on societies' grounds (dominate) compared to the "P's" desire to "win" on his own grounds.

Here is the perfect example of the “J” villain’s desire to defeat his enemy on societies’ grounds (dominate) compared to the “P’s” desire to “win” by his own rules.

A few of Joker’s origin stories (out of the many) point to ENTP as well. In one tale, the Joker is a mobster that’s bored enough to create an alternate identity (The Red Hood) so as to commit smaller crimes and still gain some sort of “rush” from the mob life.

ENTPs are known to create problems for themselves just to figure a way out and declare themselves the victor of whatever created situation, be it conversationally, or on the job. Another origin points to the Joker as a struggling comedian that can’t take all the rejection that the stage brings and reluctantly turns to doing a favor for the mob resulting in his transformation.

Before his transformation however, the Joker is depicted as whiny, tedious and worrisome. This is often the case of a stressed out ENTP that forces their last function, Introverted Sensing.


Introverted Sensing in ENTPs is used as a way of looking back into the vault of information that is Si, and seeing how things are normally done while Ni says what could be. When an ENTP is stressed, the details that Si normally keeps as references are now focal points that the ENTP pays too much attention to and has them struggling to get back into their normal mode of seeing the possibilities in everything.

In The Dark Knight, many critics have often pointed out that the Joker’s plans are too perfect and that there’s no way he could have known about certain things happening in order for his plan to work. Not true.

In many cases, all that needs to happen for a plan that seems like it couldn’t have happened to happen, is for the person to say ahead of time what may happen, and plan contingencies from that point. This is Extraverted Intuition criminally inspired, my friends.

Make sense? No dominant “Feeler” here.

The Joker racing Vin Diesel & Co. in "Fast 5."

The Joker racing Vin Diesel & Co. in “Fast 5.”

3 Responses to “MBTI: The Joker- ENTP”

  1. Alejo Klauun Says:

    I think the main function of ENTP is Ne, not, Ni; but this was a great article I enjoyed it

  2. scorpiomover Says:

    I’d just like to add that I’ve seen you type Batman as an INTJ. I’ve noticed a trend of INTJs online, that whenever they are saying that their strategies have been foiled again and again by a workmate, and they can’t seem to get the better of him, they almost always seem to say that their nemesis is an ESTP.

    So that suggests to me that if Batman is an INTJ, then The Joker would be an ESTP, because in real life, the nemesis of an INTJ is consistently an ESTP.


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