MBTI: Magneto- ENTJ


The Master of Magnetism himself has a type almost made just for him. The charisma, power, and entitlement that is Magneto is the longest running X-Men villain for a reason. As powerful as Professor X, Wolverine and Jean Grey may be, there’s little they’ve been able to do to Magneto over the years aside from temporarily slow him down.

For the Professor and Jean? Just add a helmet and continue on for world domination. For Fox’s favorite adamantium-laced show pony? He may be the weakest in the face of The Brotherhood; because the ENTJ has got to have his entourage.

Logical yet conceptual, assertive yet persuading; the way some people see it, the ENTJ has it all. Doesn’t it only make sense for Magneto to fit this type? He’s killed who knows how many humans, but no matter the medium, he remains a favorite villain that fans and creators don’t mind bringing back into the stories.

Magneto’s dominant function of Extraverted Thinking is what makes fans and followers love him and his enemies despise him. Introverted Thinking is fine with generalizing in it’s user’s own words and knowing the “why” and “how” but Te just wants to do. And it’s this way of thinking that puts Magneto on the forefront of the angry mutant mob that doesn’t believe there is a peaceful way of doing things.

A true Extraverted Thinker- giving speeches even though they've already killed everyone.

A true extravert- giving speeches even though they’ve already killed everyone.

Xavier may talk a good game, but talking isn’t enough; you must strategize, organize, and mobilize. It’s not that Ti isn’t about action, it’s that once a Te user feels they know whatever it is to know, that is all they need to know. There’s no reason to constantly be taking in new information when you’ve read your facts straight from the source and therein lies the Extraverted Thinker’s confrontational side that dominates the ENTJ and ESTJ lifestyle.

"Out of the way, losers."

“Out of the way, losers. Places to be!”

But while the ESTJ knows what to do and how to give orders, it’s the ENTJ that know how to make people believe in them. It’s not enough to have a bunch of followers that are only there as long as the money flows in; you’ve got to make them die for you if necessary. Do you think Toad hangs around for a paycheck? Or because he’s been convinced that Magneto’s way is the only way?

There’s very few mutants that Magneto hasn’t brought in as close as he wants them, or pushed them as far away as they can go. That’s a staple among Te users: the people surrounding them often have a polarized view of them due to their strong, dominating personality.

So how does the ENTJ sway listeners to their side? By their conceptualization of ideas that fuel their undeniable logic, of course.

You didn’t guess that? Tsk!


When he feels like getting up, you will be smited.

As mentioned, Magneto hasn’t just bossed his underlings around for the past several decades (not all of them anyway) but had them buy into his own ideas about the way things should be. Magneto’s Introverted Intuition can see many outcomes from a single source, allowing him to reasonably envision the future as another concentration camp centered on mutants.

What doesn’t help is a handful of mutants occasionally popping into our time zones from a war-ravaged future where many mutants have been murdered by humans- but that’s another place, another time. Literally.

Due to the stereotype of the Rational group in fiction, Magneto is often mistyped as an INTJ. The major difference between an INTJ villain and an ENTJ is that while INTJ’s plan may be a convincing one, they don’t take the active role in their agenda that the ENTJ does. INTJ sets the plan in motion and watches as things fall into their lap while the ENTJ works aggressively within their core group to make their ideas reality. Magneto’s giant purple underwear-clad self is always a part of his Brotherhood’s plans rather than working behind the scenes. Even bigger secrets (like disguising himself as an X-man) end in massive tirades about his superior intelligence to further feed the ENTJ’s ego.

Metal manipulation does enough as it is.

Metal manipulation does enough as it is.

The ENTJ’s primary issue seems to be the fact that they become so focused on their goal that they run over any doubters, skeptics, or constructive criticizers on their path of a complete victory. While this type of issue could be interpreted as “I’m always right and people can’t handle it,” it would better serve the ENTJ or Magneto to realize that taking into account what others think may help them all the more in their quest whatever it may be.

In the newest issues of Marvel Now’s Uncanny X-Men, Magneto actually has lightened up to a certain degree and actually works for his former enemy Cyclops to help achieve the goal of human/mutant peace. Talk about taking a backseat.


An AWESOME backseat!

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  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Magneto was right.

  2. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Unlike charity’s tumblr mbti typings.


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