MBTI: Pacific Rim


As much as critics want to rip Pacific Rim apart, people seem to really be into it. There’s something about not having to care whether an entire city gets destroyed by massive monsters and giant robots, be it in water or city.

And while the Kaiju and Jaegers were definitely the main event, all the characters that controlled them were different enough to be typed on their own, leaving only the “main events” to be untyped.

Raleigh BecketISFP


His Fi is definitely his driving point. He’s an “in-the-moment” type like all Artisans but not in the way ESFP and ESTP are as they can appear overwhelming. ISTP is out because his enthusiasm for bringing Mako in as his partner doesn’t fit with ISTP’s Fe last.

But Raleigh’s auxiliary Se would also make him a great candidate as a Jaeger pilot as ability to see the environment for exactly what it is would be extremely useful. He’s also quite passive in the face of being bullied and is unpredictable while fighting- Te last means going by the book almost as a last resort.

Stacker Pentecost- ISTP

zrim1Pentecost’s position seems more fitting for that of a Guardian type but his methods are entirely Artisan. The Crafter variety, more specifically. Keep in mind that we’re seeing events that take place several years after the first Kaiju attacks and things have changed. In an other movie, we would’ve seen Pentecost in his prime, battling the Kaiju in his own Jaeger. Here, we get a couple flashbacks.

In his higher position, we still see Pentecost breaking the rules all in the name of getting things done; a predominantly ISTP trait to go around those that hold you back so as to complete the objective. He’s also extremely protective of Mako, which is not an ISTP trait alone (obviously) but to only have a certain few in your circle to treat that way is.

Mako Mori- ISFJ


It’s clear Introverted Sensing is her dominant function as she’s not only respectable and serving, but being raised by Pentecost has given her the time and opportunity to hone her skill into being a great fighter.

Not only that, but her attention to detail in watching and studying Raleigh’s fighting techniques as well as telling him he’s not right for the job, an ISFJ trait of unexpectedly giving the truth from time to time. Her first experience in the Jaeger displays her Si first and Fe second as her memories resurface and the floodgates were opened. Her strong ties to the past and how frightening the Kaiju were at one point is too much for her to handle the first time through.

Chuck Hansen- ESTJ


If he’s not ESTJ then he can’t be typed. Hansen’s way of treating newcomers and outsiders is very much the Te way of thinking: “If I don’t know it already, I don’t care.”

With auxiliary Si, we’ve got one self-assured pilot that isn’t going to listen to what hasn’t been proven and the only thing Raleigh’s proven to him is that he doesn’t listen to rules and has had a partner killed before. It doesn’t help things when Mako, the new kid, teams up with Raleigh. Te is confrontational and argumentative, defining traits of Hansen. Another thing is that while being the jerk that he is, he’s still good at what he does. So as much as you may dislike him, you can’t deny his abilities.

Newt Geiszler- ENTP


Extroverted Intuition first will not only have the user appear overly energetic but also prone to wild ideas that seem too crazy to work. Newt’s theories appear too dangerous and unstable to his listeners but believing in it enough, he goes through with it still. ENTPs have a way of excitedly getting into the start-up process of an idea but not thinking through all the details; a strength that can be a weakness.

Newt is told “hacking” into the Kaiju brain would be too much for a human and wouldn’t work so he tests it on himself. He was that much more sure of doing it when he was told that it would never work, an ENTP trademark of taking on the tasks people say can’t be done.

Gottlieb- INTJ


The perfect foil to Newt’s over-the-top, possibilities-are-everywhere attitude, Gottlieb is rigid, annoyed, and works with what’s proven…yet he’s still partners with Newt which should tell you he’s got screws loose too. Gottlieb’s Ni comes into play by going along with Newt’s method of Kaiju brain hacking- if it works, that would give humanity an edge over the Kaiju they haven’t had before. Skeptical at first, like all INTJs, but is willing to go the dangerous route once he sees it as viable.

His skepticism resembles the INTJ method of picking something apart entirely until they find something that works, if there’s anything to be found at all, while he eventually gives in and fries his brain too. In the name of science! An INTP may have bought into Newt’s ideas before Newt had but the INTJ resists until good enough reason is given.

Hannibal Chau- ESTP


Chau’s car salesmen persona could only have one type attached to it. Going around, collecting bits of the Kaiju with his team after having made a deal with Pentecost; his professions, attitude…and style (“Where’s my g**d*** shoe?!) all point to ESTP’s Se first and it’s need to “go go go” backed by Ti and it’s ability to rationalize what it’s doing. Kaiju popping up everywhere and their dead bodies smelling up entire cities? Let’s use their body parts as resources!

Chau’s interaction with Newt also shows a humorous interaction of ENTP/ESTP. Both have similar mindsets while one is more about immediate gratification (selling bodies, making money) and the other is a bit bigger on scale while some would find just as strange (hack a brain, save the world or kill yourself).


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