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MBTI: Selene- ISFJ

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Most ISFJs are known for being shy, quiet, hard working, and loyal. This could be tough to take any of this into account when typing a vampire that’s been around for hundreds of year whose emotions have pretty much been stripped away after centuries of killing and drinking blood, but keep in mind that

Selene has had her job to keep her busy all this time…and we all know how ISFJs love their work. Continue reading

MBTI: The Joker- ENTP

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Was there ever any doubt? The Prince of Knaves has only ever gone between a couple different types aside from simply being labeled “insane” (read Super Sanity) and just dropped as a typing candidate. But while others types take a step back and say “Why would anybody do that?” in a seemingly senseless scenario, the ENTP may have already done it.

In every medium, the Joker can be typed as ENTP. From harmless prankster to the modern-day horror show that wears his own face, he fits this type to a near perfect degree. His willingness to go to extremes that other characters find ridiculous and/or repulsive are, in many cases, the things to confuse many on what his preferences are, functionally speaking. This is where Extraverted Intuition comes into play. Continue reading

MBTI: Raiden- ISFP

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Of all the characters of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, no opinion is as polarized toward a character than the surprise protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 himself, Raiden. Aka “White Devil,” aka “Jack the Ripper” aka “Why-the-hell-am-I-playing-as-this-guy?”

Normally, a character with so much controversy surrounding them tends to be a type more willing to go to extremes. But Raiden’s faults and problems lie mostly in the fact that players were thought to be playing as the normal hero of the game, Solid Snake.

But after about a third of the game was completed (if that), you switch over to a guy that in many ways, seems the opposite of Snake. He’s not gruff. He’s not world weary. And he looks like a woman. A very. pretty. woman. Do these things alone type Raiden? Nah, they don’t hardly factor in. Here’s what does… Continue reading

MBTI: Fox Mulder- INFP

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It’s easy to see The X-Files’ resident conspiracy theorist as an NT: always questioning, always searching, always paranoid and heck, the show was about aliens and government cover-ups, a Rational playpen.

Originally typing him, I was sure he was INTP but a slightly closer look reveals his Idealist ways as an INFP, especially in contrast to Scully, his obvious anchor. She’s the only thing that keeps Mulder from going completely insane, something she couldn’t do for him if he were actually an INTP. Ha ha. Continue reading

MBTI: Superman- ESFJ

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Of all the superheroes in the vast world of comics, there’s one that’s always stood (or flown) above the rest. He’s the closest thing to Jesus a character has gotten since…well, Jesus.

His Holier-than-thou reputation isn’t his own doing as much as it is the truth: he’s more physically powerful than just about any character ever created and even with limitless abilities (blowing out a star with his breath), he still chooses to be a protector of humanity. His exaggerated abilities and ideology easily mirror the “perfect” type, the ESFJ. Continue reading

MBTI: Lisbeth Salander- INTJ

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In what may be about the rarest type in the worlds of reality and fiction, Salander is a great example of the female INTJ. This may not come to a surprise to people who are familiar with Type Theory and The Millenium Trilogy but people that wonder why this character has such a lasting impression with fans apart from his fashion choices can find their answer with her being properly typed.

Aside from being a rare type in general (1-2% of the population), being a female in a predominantly masculine type sets her apart as well. Her impact in the fiction world makes sense when you consider the following. Continue reading

MBTI: Faye Valentine- ESTP

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If you’ve ever seen Cowboy Bebop, you know exactly the kind of character Faye is- loud, brash and selfish- but fun. A lot of forums and other sites have typed her as ENFJ, but I have no freaking idea where they would’ve gotten that from.

It’s possible they’re just trying to give each character in the show a different group; Artisan, Rational, Guardian, and Idealist. But there’s no Idealist on the Bebop and here’s why the only woman on board is Extroverted Sensor first. Continue reading