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MBTI: Wonder Woman and the ENFJ- Vague Perfection

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It seems that any time a female character is presented as friendly, supporting, emotive yet strong- ENFJ is the type.

What would be more appropriate to say is that writers that don’t seem to know how to put a finger on what they really want as a female character tend to write them with those traits to avoid actually having to write anything specific for them. Continue reading

Soldiers and Spies- ISTJ and ISTP: A Short Story

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It’s tough being an ISTJ. So much responsibility, so little time. Everyone around you is constantly making mistakes that you can’t help but see how it affects you so you’re always having to take care of it. Sure, you like to correct others and fix little mechanical doohickeys, but that doesn’t mean you should be the only one to do it.

And you, ISTP. So much skill; with machines, people, and even an expert on yourself- not something many take the time to understand with a mind like yours- so why are you so lazy? I mean, jeez, your life is like if the genie were in the lamp and nobody ever rubbed it. “X-treme sportzz” are supposed to be your thing, but it seems like you mostly just want to do nothing.

But hey, in fiction- you guys are beasts. Let’s see what happens when you guys try to kill each other.

 Be warned- this story is amazing. Minds will be blown. Continue reading

MBTI: Megatron- ENTJ

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If there were a given on this site, it would be this post. Megatron is right there with Magneto and any other super villain that has any sort of plans for world domination. Or universe domination, either or.

It doesn’t get any bigger than Megatron, and like the ENTJ you’re familiar with, he knows it. If it’s the job that keeps old people alive longer because they feel they have purpose, it’s no wonder Megatron has been around as long as he as- THE WILL TO RULE CONQUERS ALL.

Did you think it was love? The ENTJ knows otherwise. Continue reading

MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP

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Wouldn’t it be the INFP to balance out the force in the universe? It would have to be. At least an Idealist anyway. Guardians in Star Wars are all in the senate or farming, Artisans are all bounty hunters and gamblers, and the Rationals are all Sith.

So it’s fitting most of the Jedi are in the Idealist group.

Purpose-seeking, solitary yet friendly, creative and justly described as spiritual, INFPs were born to be Jedi. Continue reading

MBTI: Leonard “Bones” McCoy- ESFJ

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“Dammit Jim, I’m a Guardian, not an Idealist!”

Okay, so Bones never said that, but he would, should type theory make it to the Star Trek universe in the far, faraway future.

Bones’ gruffness coupled with actually caring about people (it’s his job, after all) greatly compliments Kirk’s selfishness and Spock’s need for logic without emotion. Continue reading

MBTI: Spider-Man- INTP

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He’s known more for his physical prowess, his spider-sense, and his nonstop joking, but at his core, Spider-Man is one of the biggest nerds the Marvel Universe has.

For just over fifty years now, Peter Parker has been leading a double life, creating inventions for the sole purpose of his secret heroism, and trying to find a balance between his every day life…and the one he wants to live. Oh INTP, how dual your life must be. Continue reading

MBTI: Two-Face- ESTJ

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Of all the villains in all of fiction, none represent the steadfastness and the parallel line that divides the ESTJ mind better than Batman’s enemy, Harvey “Two-Face” Dent; mentally and physically.

His type seems unfitting of the “intuitive” world that Batman thrives in, but it’s only natural.

Not only is ESTJ one of the more common types, their minds work in a hot and cold way that tells them to obey the rules and govern the people…only to turn around and believe themselves above those same laws. Continue reading

Speaking of Michelangelo…

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MBTI: Michelangelo- ESFP

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Everybody’s favorite turtle has, not surprisingly, the same personality type as everybody’s favorite party person? You don’t a “party person?” Yes you do. It’s the ESFP!

And Mikey’s life is perfectly suited for one too. He’s always got somebody to hang out with, he has no responsibilities aside from the freelance job of fighting ninjas, and from that, they somehow make enough to eat all the pizza they want!

Friends, fighting, and food. Sounds about right. Continue reading

MBTI: -NTJs Are Always Villains

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It’s brought up on forums, it’s talked about between those who are interested in MBTI, and it’s right there, between the lines of type description. It’s only natural that fictional villains would lean toward the -NTJ types.

Is it the power they desire? The control of others? The will for total freedom?

Yes, yes, and yes. Continue reading