MBTI: Nightcrawler- INFP


If there were ever an X-Men to fit a type better than INFP than Nightcrawler, they’ve never been published. Nightcrawler’s happy yet somber attitude toward his fellow mutant is not only his trademark, but a perfect fictionalized INFP.

Fun and concerned for the common man, and INFP may display their devotion in a similar fashion. Born into a circus (more or less) and perfectly suited for it, Nightcrawler later chose the life of a priest despite his appearance as a sort of blue demon. Only an INFP would be so conflicted.

As you know, the INFP’s first function is Fi, Introverted Feeling. As we’ve discussed (Or I have typed and you probably already know), Fi is what lets the user know what’s important to them and Fe knowing what’s important to others. So if someone runs off of Fi dominantly, you can bet that they’re values are going to be pretty important to them.

"Values? Did someone say values? I have those!"

“Values? Did someone say values? I have those!”

Moreover, Fi backed by Extraverted Intuition is going to make a person not only ethical but also imaginative. In many cases this could lead to a person being argumentative, if not just straight up conflicted.

While many characters see a contradiction of temperaments throughout the years due to different writers, there are few who’s changes appear to be a little more than unevenness but evolution of a sort. This is part of why I feel confident enough to type Kurt Wagner INFP. At times, Kurt has been shown to be moody and withdrawn; specifically in his religious “phases.”

He becomes somber and serious. He withdraws from his normal mood and much importance is placed on the fact that he has dedicated his life to God yet looks closer to the generally accepted look of His opposite. He’s got the potential to be a real freak show, yet his personality is quite the opposite.

On the other hand, Kurt will show himself to be excitable and fun. Particularly his “swashbuckling” phases; he uses a sword and often brings up ye old action star, Errol Flynn. He’s willing to give anybody advice that needs his help and he’s one of Wolverine’s best buddies.

This is what they call "swashbuckling," by the way. All the rage.

This is what they call “swashbuckling,” by the way. All the rage.

So while no single trait would define a type, all of these tendencies together would. No type seems to be as ambivalent in their thoughts as INFP. A personal friend of mine, an INFP, seem to bounce back and forth constantly about what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go, what kind of man she wanted in a steady relationship or if she even wanted a steady relationship.

Her mood changed like the direction of the wind as well, seeming bubbly and enthralled at whatever little thing caught her attention…while the next minute she was ready to leave and could not get home faster.

Nightcrawler’s differences in interests and ideas don’t clash as far as creation of a character goes, but as a personality really only makes sense. Everyone at times goes in and out of wanting to conquer the world one moment, ready to take on any challenge- while within the next hour just wanting to lay down in bed and never want to leave.

The difference between other types and the INFP is that the INFP lives this way rather than simply experiencing a certain mood.

"And I'm stuck with these ninja turtle hands."

“And I’m stuck with these ninja turtle hands.”

Often times the “tortured artist” is thought to be an INFP, regardless of the medium. George Orwell, Kurt Cobain, Tim Burton back to Edgar Allen Poe; if they seem depressed but creatively talented; you’ve discovered the INFP stereotype. Not that a stereotype is entirely without merit- it came from somewhere, right? And the INFP personality is one of tremendous “torture.”

He’ll never fit in, no matter how friendly and likable he is, his desires always seem to be in combat with each other (desire to separate himself from physical wants as opposed to spiritual ones), his need to have fun while taking his responsibilities more seriously; some of which we can all relate to.

Quick comparison between the INFP and the ISFP; two types that seem alike on paper, but are hardly comparable despite their lead function being the same.

The ISFP is Fi first but Extraverted Sensing second, which leads them to be much more go with the flow. Many ISFPs in reality and fiction tend to be relaxed, and easy-going; enough to the point that they might seem disconnected and uncaring. The Big Lebowski’s “The Dude” is the typical idea of the ISFP male. A stoner, as it were. But I guess that’s like, my opinion man.

The INFP however, has the occasional spurt of their opinion that leads many to believe they’re just trying to be difficult. Their Ne coming in second allows them to see multiple possibilities all around them, thereby giving them the insight to understand different situations.

Like why it's okay to scream at the top of your lungs on someone else's property.

Like why it’s okay to scream at the top of your lungs on someone else’s property.

For example, the INFP will often want to stick up for the “little guy” believing whoever that may be has been wronged and has no one to stand up for them. The INFP may take the action of pursuing a career in a field that suits them and helps said victims while possibly protesting, reading books on a related subject and maybe blogging about it. Take Nightcrawler’s role as a priest, a teacher, and a core member (up until he died, anyway) of the heroic pro-mutant super-team, the X-Men.

The ISFP isn’t opposed to any of the above but depending on their beliefs, may simply settle for a career in field that’s proactive in their ideals, but beyond that, takes a “live and let live” approach. A phrase I’d never thought about the meaning until knowing a couple ISFPs myself.


2 Responses to “MBTI: Nightcrawler- INFP”

  1. Somehow, this article just made me aware of what Fe is and just how little I understand that function.

  2. Justin Says:

    I’m an INFP male and I approve of this. There is no better INFP example that’s as relatable as Kurt. Not even Mr. Frodo.


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