MBTI: Regular Show


The first and possibly the only ESTJ I’ve typed on this site so far has been Regular Show’s Benson. ESTJ in nearly its purest form (apart from an actual ESTJ that isn’t a gumball), he was an easy pick really. So what about the rest of the cast?

Everybody seems to have typed every character as just about everything, but I’m here to set you straight. Kind of.

Mordecai- ISFP


While Rigby and Mordecai share a love of fast food, video games, and catches phrases the annoy the ever-living hell out Benson, a few distinct things set them apart. For one, out of the two, Mordo seems to be a bit more sympathetic to the feelings of others while Rigby is more worried about himself. In the episode, “Weekend at Benson’s” when Mordecai and Rigby knock Benson off a ladder and knock him out, Mordecai is not only concerned with Benson’s health but also potentially ruining Benson’s chance with a girl he likes and attempts to help him out.

Generally, he’s much more responsible as a friend and even goes so far as to eat the monster omelet for Rigby just to get the “eggcellent” hat. ISFPs are known for being loyal to their values and their friends. And also for being lazy.


And while he gets into almost as much trouble as Rigby, his demeanor is much more calm and relaxed, only freaking out when his life is at stake. Which is actually pretty often considering the ridiculous scenarios the two get into but high-strung doesn’t really fit him at all. On a general note, Mordecai gives off a “Dude” vibe, often considered the male ISFP archetype, though he’s actually based off of series creator J.G Quintel.

Rigby- ESFP


As mentioned, Mordecai and Rigby have a lot in common but another aspect that separates the two into different types is Rigby’s excitability. He’s fun and doesn’t mind making fun of people but he’s also pretty sensitive to criticism. Instead of letting it roll off his shoulders, Rigby freaks out about people making fun of him for not getting his diploma. While that could make any type mad, it’s his reaction to it that sets him apart- school seems to tough so he drops back out and orders a drink that’s supposed to make him smarter.

On top of that, when he thinks it’d be cool to have a name he picked, he chooses “Trash Boat” and then is surprised when people make fun of him about it. Can you say “Se and Fi?”

And "coffee?"

And “coffee?”

But not to pick on Rigby (or ESFPs) entirely; Riggs is just as soon to help a friend out as he is do something dumb to set the episode off. The ideal type for cartoons, Rigby as an ESFP makes a great partner to Mordecai’s ISFP as types whose only change is their Introversion and Extraversion tend to being into one-upping each other, specifically in front of others.

Skips- ISTP


The clearest example of Skips as an ISTP is “Skips vs. Technology.” In the episode, it shows Skips’ ability to craft and create anything as a carpenter/mechanic, as seen below.

When he isn’t able to fix a virus on the park computer, Skips’ two reactions are 1. Destroy the computer with a sledgehammer (Tsk. Typical ISTP rage) and 2. Go to the library, read on the subject, and apply learned information. Much like the ISTP Crafter, Skips speaks few words and does so quietly, sometimes only saying exactly what’s needed. He even does the “half smile” ISTPs are known to do and even aside from his craftsmanship jobs, Skips is still a pretty physical guy as ISTPs and their auxiliary Se are known to be. I mean, look at those muscles. Sheesh.

It’s also worth noting that while ISTPs are all about keeping their cool (for the most part), Skips isn’t above showing emotion albeit in their own, candid way. In the episode “The Best Burger in the World,” after seeing the ad for the titular burger, Skips’ eyes are wide in amazement as he grunts “Well, that sounds pretty awesome…” Really simple, but possibly my favorite Skips moment.

Margaret- ISFP


Maybe the reason Mordecai has had such a hard time getting together with Margaret is not only because he’s nervous, but because she’s a female ISFP and just plain hard to read. Mixed signals abound, Margaret shows interest in Mordecai but just as often seems aloof to the idea of him past being a friend, never knowing she’s driving our favorite Blue Jay crazy.

ISFPs are known to be so friendly that they can come as extraverts, so I had to take a moment on this one. ESFJ was my other choice but ESFJs tend to be more nice than flirty and the signals aren’t as mixed. If they like you, it doesn’t take long for you to notice, but ISFPs seemingly change attitudes with the wind. You wouldn’t know it from their relaxed attitude though, you’re just there, wondering what to take from your last interaction; much like Mordecai did for the first 106 episodes.

Then again, it depends on how mature you are to pick up signals in the first place. Not to mention, ESFJs are terrible at picking up on other’s signals so she may have just not known Mordecai liked her for a while. Either way, I’ll just stick with ISFP for now.

Muscle Man- ESTP

muscle man

There’s really no doubt with this guy as he’s normally insulting someone (like his mom), yelling, and taking his shirt off and waving it above his head as his man boobs swing. He is a man, right? The green skin has always confused me. Muscle Man’s unwavering dedication to anything he puts his mind to resembles the drive that ESTPs have toward their goals that few other types can match.

Look at this intensity when training Rigbaby.

And if that isn’t ESTP enough for you, he’s evidently named after one of those terrible cast members of Jersey Shore aka “Whore Island.” But like an ESTP, no matter how far he’s gone, it’s always easy to accept him back. ESTPs are just likable that way.regular7

Pops- ESFJ


While ENFJ comes in close second, ESFJ is Pops to a tee. Taking over the park from his dad (like a good ol’ Guardian), always happy with any other emotions on his sleeves as well, and just wanting everybody to get along. His sincerity in his friendliness is apparent in every episode he’s in. His rap battle shows not only “the power of friendship” but hatred of anything negative or mean by refusing to participate in a rap battle where you don’t share your love of rhymes and poetry but insult each other.

Here’s a clip where he deals with Benson’s anger. It’s a great interaction between ESTJ and ESFJ. ESFJ Pops not only expects Benson to completely change his ways, but also wants a change that makes everyone happier. At least “happy” as the ESFJ knows it. The hat bit is great.

Eileen- INTP


The nerdiness of Eileen’s character is really what I’m going off of here. Mostly known for that, her friendship to Margaret, and her crush on Rigby which actually fits if you were to go by Socionics’ relational descriptions of INTP/ESFP making a good couple, with the “E” partner overlooking the “I” partner until they get to know each other more.

INTP women are also thought to have a slightly more difficult time getting along in life as a woman that runs on nearly pure logic. “Oh those WOMEN. What can they do if they’re not cooking or cleaning?!” is what many of you probably scream at your computer when the thought of an INTP woman pops into your head, you filthy sexists. Her knowledge of the constellations, knowledge of fire-starting and all around quick thinking in the episode “Camping can be Cool” represent a fair case for INTP.

High-Five Ghost- ?regular8

Who the heck knows? I? Maybe? He hangs out with Muscle Man and doesn’t really speak. Remember that Benson got his own post.



One Response to “MBTI: Regular Show”

  1. I focus so much on functions that I was seeing Skips as either ESTP or ENFJ and Ghost as an IxTP. Skips is the level-headed one, so I was seeing Fe and Ti a lot with the resourceful of Se. Ghost is chill, yet pretty reserved, only revealing what others bring out of him, which looked like inferior Fe. I thought ISFJ was also a viable option for Eileen, if one is focusing on her handle of facts and values.


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