MBTI: Raoul Silva- ENTP

Javier Bardem

Of all the Bond villains in the course of his 50-plus year film history, I have to say…Trevelyan is my favorite.

But Skyfall’s Silva’s right there too.

The chaos, the comebacks…the weirdness. Gotta be ENTP, kids.

I remember watching it at a midnight showing and leaning over to my friend to say “I think this is as close as we’ll ever come to seeing James Bond fight The Joker.”

It may have been the shirt that tipped me off.

But I guess I wasn't the only one because someone made this.

But I guess I wasn’t the only one because someone made this.

The back story we’re gradually given as the film goes on is one of loss, anger, and perceived betrayal. All these themes being so serious makes one think they’d get a movie with no sense of humor but with the character of Silva, you’d be wrong.

His fueled hatred of M had me thinking he might be ENFP until I got the full concept of his character. Being that he was a vengeful character and his mission seemed like a personal one, it seemed east to write him off as an ‘F’ but that really means nothing, as anybody can hold a grudge.

A very...personal...one.

A very…personal…grudge.

Javier Bardem’s portrayal of a guy that sees himself as a lost cause just bringing the rest of the world down with him until he gets to his final goal of killing himself along with his “mother” was a lot funnier than I thought he’d be too.

Silva’s definitely an Ne user. Any character that has a large portion of the audience questioning the logistics of a character’s plan, only to come to the conclusion that “it COULD work, it’s just highly improbable” may just be an Ne user. Silva’s “plans” are definitely based on possibilities rather than defined strategies, as many of his actions come to fruition because of how others react to something else he’s done.

Example? So glad you asked!


Many (like Cinemas Sins below) have pointed out the Silva couldn’t have known that the majority of things were going to happen so how could he have set something up so perfectly?

At 2:30, they bring up Silva’s plan.

Most of the things (if not all) are all possible. It’s impossible for Silva to know all these things would happen but for him to see the different routes each step would take wouldn’t be that ridiculous.

A couple things in particular that aren’t ridiculous at all would be that Silva used to work for MI6 so after rigging their headquarters to blow, he would know about their underground base. Planning for himself to be caught (which wouldn’t had to have happened the way it did with Bond being the one to get him), he would know where he’d be imprisoned.

"YO...somebody open a vent or something. I just let one loose."

“YO…somebody open a vent or something. I just let one loose.”

These are a just a couple examples of course, but the point is that Ne is all about possibilities. And since Silva’s Ne is backed by Ti, he’s seeing the possibilities and adding them up with what could be made a reality. This is all much like what we’ve gone over in the Joker post.

It’s not about what is, but what could happen. You go from there.

And what’s an ENTP without a weird sense of humor?

Tee hee!

Tee hee!

While most have taken Silva’s “gestures” on Bond to be that Silva’s a homosexual, I’d taken the route that Silva is just a guy with no limits. Even his mistress used to be a child sex slave so who knows what this guy’s done? Daniel Craig has made similar statements-

Someone suggested Silva may be gay. And I’m like, I think he’ll f*** anything!

It was about putting the other person in a very uncomfortable situation where even James Bond doesn’t know how to get out of it.”

While pretending to be a homosexual isn’t every ENTP’s chosen method of humor, they are often described as being intellectually promiscuous. And what’s more of a mind game than putting the ultimate male in sexually charged situation with no one of the opposite sex and he’s not in control? Sounds like prison to me.

Oh and Silva KNOWS about those prisons. 'Specially them Chinese ones.

Oh and Silva KNOWS about those prisons. ‘Specially them Chinese ones.

“Pretending” might be a strong word in Silva’s case, but I think I agree with Craig’s former quote above.

And while there’s no “go-to guide” on types and how they execute revenge, Silva’s reasoning for his actions fall in line pretty well with the ENTP.

It’s too simple to say that he felt betrayed by his own people and while that’s part of it, that’s not all of it.

The last function for the ENTP is Introverted Sensing. In good health, this function works with Ne to see the possibilities and compare them with past experiences or “how things usually are.” Now they can compare and experiment. Si is what would have Silva come to the idea that blowing up part of MI6 would send his former allies to a dank basement.

Uh-oh Bond! He found your ultimate weapon!

Uh-oh Bond! He found your ultimate weapon!

In the mind of an unhealthy ENTP, their last function is forced and begins to focus on details that usually don’t seem to matter…while they now slam every door of possibility shut. The ENTP will obsess over the tiniest thing while others just watch and say “What’s the problem?”

Silva would spend an undetermined(?) amount of time in a Chinese prison, eventually biting down on a cyanide capsule that scars him rather than kills him. He escapes to find out that M sold him out to have prisoners of the Chinese released in exchange for Silva. She did it because Silva was making unauthorized attacks on the Chinese and was out of control as an agent.

And not even 43% as good looking.

And not even 43% as good looking as the other agents.

This isn’t something “small” per se, but for Silva to feel so betrayed by M leads one to believe that he not only forgot he was a spy and betrayal comes with the territory, but that his attacks on the Chinese could have put many more lives at stake for the sake of…?

It’s also worth noting Bond’s reaction to be being “killed” by M at the beginning of the movie and Silva’s. Bond goes back to work and Silva becomes permanently scarred and becomes a villain. Circumstances are different, but comparable.

ENTPs are also more likely to “suffer” from Narcissism more so than most types, something Silva may have believing only his ways to be right and obsessing over others’ flaws.

Focuses on certain details, leaves out the big picture; Bad ENTP, bad. That’s not how you operate.


One Response to “MBTI: Raoul Silva- ENTP”

  1. Focuses on certain details, leaves out the big picture; Bad ENTP, bad. That’s not how you operate.

    Hah Hah Ha ha :v
    Yep They’re bad (y)
    he’s bad.. worse is
    I can relate to him..and
    may be get as miserable like him..
    if I get ****ed up by life *_*
    But you know what some ENTP’s
    has the “force” within them.. It’s not easy for them
    to turn bad 🙂


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