MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP


Wouldn’t it be the INFP to balance out the force in the universe? It would have to be. At least an Idealist anyway. Guardians in Star Wars are all in the senate or farming, Artisans are all bounty hunters and gamblers, and the Rationals are all Sith.

So it’s fitting most of the Jedi are in the Idealist group.

Purpose-seeking, solitary yet friendly, creative and justly described as spiritual, INFPs were born to be Jedi.

Luke’s Fi first is of pretty clear use when we first meet him as a farm boy on Tattoine. He’s impatient, whiny, and has a desperate need to be somewhere he’ll feel important and it ain’t a farm in the desert.

"Yeah...I wanna go to barren snow planet or a...a swamp...yeah."

“Yeah…I wanna go to barren snow planet or a…a swamp…yeah.”

Growing up is tough enough as it is, much less seeing all your friends leave the planet to do the same thing you want to do- fight against the Empire. Now imagine being an INFP, someone whose likely to feel like outcast throughout their entire life, much less not living up to your full potential by doing a job you don’t care about. So give the whiny farm boy a break, will ya.

Luke’s Fi is displayed by his need to be somewhere else. Anywhere else, it seems. So when he meets Obi-Wan, his intent to get off his sandball of a home planet is really only rivaled by his loyalty to his aunt and uncle and their farm. But after seeing their charred, smoking skeletons, he knows it’s time to go and live his destiny.

He knows what he wants, and what’s important to him, he just doesn’t know how to get it. That’s what his trainers are there for. Since I’d been introduced to type theory and the idea of typing characters, intuition as a function seemed like it would be important to a Jedi skill set. Having said that, Luke takes a bit to use his and understandably so, he hasn’t had much time to develop it, growing up on a farm.

That’s a sensor’s deal, yo.

What's more gratifying? Watching a sensor struggle with a complex moral issue, or watching an intuitive get broken down by real problems?

What’s more gratifying than blind hope and optimism? WATCHING IT GET BROKEN DOWN.

George Lucas has talked about using an actor’s youthfulness to portray a character’s immaturity, using their aging as the years go on to have the character mature as well throughout the sequels. While Lucas has often been shown to be full of crap, however it happened, you can definitely see the changes in Luke as the films go on.

While INFPs as children tend to be very friendly, they can just as easily be selfish and conceited, this having to do with their lack of objectivity. Their Fi allows them to understand what they need, but they have yet to process how their decisions affect others at this point. Luke isn’t an exception.


“Yes, I am…I AM an exception…*sniff*”

Even in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke’s disposition as whiny has worn off but his impatience and recklessness still causes him to rush into things without thinking about them, and even insulting Yoda without it crossing his mind that the single resident in a God-forsaken swamp might be the guy he’s look for.

Luke’s Extraverted Intuition is what causes him to be so forthright in his assertions in the first couple films as well. Luke’s argumentativeness often has him getting shut up pretty quick by the more world-weary characters in the galaxy far, far away. But his Ne is also what gets him out of several situations too, including some of the bigger scenes of Return of the Jedi.

Like the thumb-twiddling scene. you know the one.

Like the thumb-twiddling scene. you know the one.

Luke has his friends infiltrate Jabba’s palace and even gives 3PO and R2 to Jabba. He must’ve had an idea that Leia would be caught and surely he’d foreseen that his offer would be turned down and he’d be captured…yet he still had enough going for him to get him and all his allies out, along with destroying the sail barge and everyone on it.

Ne at it’s finest.

And when Luke found out who his daddy was and just let himself get dropped down that giant shaft, he…well maybe he was just trying to kill himself there. Another INFP trait- moodiness!

"Shut UP!"

“Shut UP!”

Another example of Luke’s Ne and it’s on-the-spot thinking over Ni’s long-term plans is Luke’s idea to let himself be taken prisoner by the second most dangerous man in the galaxy…to be taken to the most dangerous man in the galaxy. He had no back-up plan, it was just what he thought would work. An idea with multiple outcomes can be as good an idea as a well thought out plan.

Hopefully my friends don’t die. They just might make it. Maybe I can convince my evil dad that he doesn’t HAVE to be evil. Maybe the Emperor will see that good can triumph over evil and have his morale broken down a bit as his Empire falls apart from Han and Leia’s actions. If I die, my sister can still carry on the fight. I guess we’ll see!

Gambling with lives is fun!

Gambling with lives is fun!

It’s worthy to note that INFP children can be extremely absent minded and scatter brained. Psychologists offer the advice of “pick one thing and do it well” which seems to be good enough for Luke.

While the Force offers a variety of abilities and benefits, it’s still the single-minded idea behind it to bring peace to the universe; something no Rational, Artisan, or Guardian cares to do, so the Idealists need to exist.


13 Responses to “MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP”

  1. Do you think you could match a role or job in the Star Wars universe for each type? It seems like the ISFP’s would make great Jedi as well, using their tactical Se while keeping true to what they value. After all, In the Old Republic era, they emphasized 3 Jedi Classes within the order. The Jedi Guardian (Combative like Anakin Skywalker) The Jedi Consular (Very peaceful Yoda type.) & The Jedi Sentinel. Sentinels ferret out deceit & bring it to light. Like a Jedi Detective.

    • Taylor Says:

      Man, you sound like YOU’VE already done it! I can agree that aside from Guardians, Artisans in general would make the best Jedi, ISTP specifically for Sith and ISFP for Jedi.

      Se would be extremely useful with a lightsaber as it is for actual weapons anyway. The ISFP Fi first also seems like it would perfectly suited for the Jedi mindset while ISTP’s logic first and Se second might have him lean more toward the destructive side of the force.

      ISFP vs ISTP, who wins, Nicky?

      • Chris Says:

        The ISTPs only have loyalty to themselves. They could never be a Jedi. I could see some ISFP being Jedi, but not all.

        Being a Jedi is not about light saber skills. There are plenty of iNtuitives that are in MMA, and other fighting sports. Mike Tyson was typed as an INFP.

        • Taylor Says:

          Mike Tyson being an INFP is as likely as Edgar Allen Poe or Kurt Cobain being ESTP. Sure, it’s possible that these figures we don’t personally know are much different than perceived, but even then, these typings would still appear far fetched.

          Also, ISTP being loyal to their selves fits with the Sith way of only having two at a time while one attempts to ultimately murder the other; this, in essence, is being loyal only to oneself.

    • Taylor Says:

      …in a battle of stereotypes of course.

  2. Well, stereotypically, & based on history, the Jedi would prevail over the Sith. I know I would be a Jedi over a Sith. Depending on the test, I’m either INFP or ISFP. Function tests show I’m ISFP. Standard I vs E S vs N, etc. tests show I’m INFP.

    • Taylor Says:

      Man, you’re all over the place with these types! I would go with what you most identify with based on descriptions.
      Since you feel confident enough between those two at this point, the confusion is understandable yet also easy to decipher since the two also have major differences.
      Have someone that knows you well read over the two for you to help you decide.

      Also, I meant stereotypically in terms of type. ISTPs and ISFPs are both excellent in terms of physical activities if they should choose to pursue them as their Se gives them an innate understanding of the how their chosen craft operates. In this case- the force or a lightsaber.

  3. Lightsaber trumps the force. After all, it’s why Mace Windu had Darth Sidious defeated, if it weren’t for Anakin’s interference.

    ISFP I think would beat ISTP because there’s nothing more dangerous than a guy who thinks he’s on a holy mission. (Especially with a lightsaber in hand.)

    After further analysis, I have concluded I am ISFP. My confusion was because of my such strong Fi, it felt as if it was of “Idealistic” (NF) levels of intensity. However, my Se expertise help weigh in. I’ve defeated 3 guys on my own with just my environment, just acting on quick action. Plus, I do lightsaber duels with friends & I’ve never lost, even when outnumbered. I maybe creative but it can also be seen as Artistic, like an ISFP. I do focus more on quickly solving the problem rather than coming up with new ways to solve it. (At least initially.)

  4. You Should do a post on Anakin Skywalker. There is much debate that needs to be put to rest. Essentially, he’s been typed as FP, leaving it down to 4 types.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, he’s all over the place, type-wise. That’s not a bad suggestion at all. I’ll get to work on that soon.

  5. Becky Pike Says:

    I am an INFP…like your post…but could you take the “Luke Skywalker acting retarded” title off? You may be fine with the R-word, but people were also fine using the N-word for a long time, while others weren’t. My son has Down syndrome and I find it offensive.

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey Becky, thanks for reading. I would hate to lose a reader over a single word and I wouldn’t mind taking down “The R-word” since it’s not terribly important to me as a term but I didn’t write it and it happens to be the title of the video which, as a video, serves the underlying point of Luke Skywalker’s character- he’s whiny.

      I wouldn’t begin to tell someone what “should or shouldn’t” offend them but I do think the use of the word has changed over time. While the “N Word” has no other meaning, I’ve never even thought to call a handicapped person that because the two aren’t matched in my mind. That being said, I’ve been yelled at for referring to someone as handicapped as well. So I’m a firm believer that words only have the power we give to them.

  6. Totally ISFP- he’s quite good at working with and in his environment, far too much for an INFP, and this is exactly why he has initial difficulty mastering the force the way Obi-Wan teaches him to- because he’s too focused on the outer world.

    He’s also restless on the farm and craves new experiences, new ways of doing things; no Si there. His Ni really develops once he becomes a more skilled Jedi.


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