MBTI: Two-Face- ESTJ


Of all the villains in all of fiction, none represent the steadfastness and the parallel line that divides the ESTJ mind better than Batman’s enemy, Harvey “Two-Face” Dent; mentally and physically.

His type seems unfitting of the “intuitive” world that Batman thrives in, but it’s only natural.

Not only is ESTJ one of the more common types, their minds work in a hot and cold way that tells them to obey the rules and govern the people…only to turn around and believe themselves above those same laws.

It’s not that the ESTJ is a natural hypocrite and you’ll never meet one that doesn’t practice what he preaches- it’s that they’re so black and white on issues while simultaneously being hot and cold that they’re bound to break a rule or two here and there due to the impossibly high standards.

"They'll never understand me..."

“They’ll never understand me…Those rules are there for YOUR protection…I’M fine.”

And probably the same ones they set.

The frat guy that tells his bros not to date from Beta Delta Phi “cuz they’re a buncha sluts” while he’s dating one of them…ESTJ. The politician (blech) the wants people to go green as he flies around in a private jet wasting more fuel in a trip than you do in a year may be ESTJ. The principal that won’t allow soda in the cafeteria because of what it does to the mind- while he downs coffee the entire day like he’s being paid by the mug? ESTJ.

And the District Attorney that puts away some of Gotham’s most powerful criminals only to become one himself? ESTJ.

Originally an ally to the Dark Knight, Dent’s mental illnesses that were repressed during his childhood resurfaced when mob boss Sal Maroni threw acid in his face during a trial.


Dent wouldn’t open his door, so the Avon lady went to extremes.

After that, he was obsessed with the dual nature of man. Two-Face’s chaos and insanity was there to compliment Harvey Dent’s desire for law and order. As you probably know, Dent carries a double-sided coin with him wherever he goes, with one side scarred, just like him. Not being able to make decisions without flipping the coin, it helps him decided whether or not to kill his victims as well as make other choices.

What’s interesting about Two-Face is that his duel nature is right there on his face, in the way he dresses, and his hand; while Batman and Bruce Wayne’s identities are kept apart, his enemy is forever branded two people in one.

How does this relate to the ESTJ at all, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

While the severe, bizarre case of bi-polar disorder wouldn’t make for an ESTJ in itself, it’s Dent’s need for the rules that sets him in the ESTJ type. While initially believing in the law and the justice that it’s meant to set forth, after his accident, he adheres to a different set of rules. Dent will make every critical decision with the flip of his coin. While others tell the ESTJ that what’s happening is crazy, and it’s every man for himself, the ESTJ says, “Well, what do the rules say?”

His compulsion goes so far as to “order” him to do good just as soon as he does bad. While the coin tell him to murder someone, it’s just as likely to have him return money to the bank that he just stole it from. Much like the ESTJ you may be familiar with, principles are something that only really mean something if there’s an official rule to go with it.

Forget due process! Flip a coin!

Forget due process! Flip a coin!

You think doing the right thing is something anybody would do? No. Unless we make it a rule, nobody’s going to listen. You have to tell people what to do, otherwise nobody will do it.

Of course, not all ESTJs think this way. Specifically the ones that have been talked out of it. Since the ESTJ’s first function is Te, or Extraverted Thinking for those of you just joining us, is not only about organizing and doing, it’s also more likely to tell you to go jump into oncoming traffic if you suggest something they don’t like.


Then, due to Fi (Introverted Feeling) being last, they may apologize to you soon after if it’s been made clear to them how that might have hurt someone’s feelings. Usually this is done by bringing up a time their feelings were hurt by a similar situation where they were on the receiving end. ESTJ with feelings? Whaaa? Oh yeah, that’s right. We’re all people, with thoughts and feelings.

As mentioned, Two-Face is a unique example of the type because their moral division has also physically manifested itself on the left half of Dent’s body.

Two-Face and Introverted Sensing should be clear here. While the White Knight Harvey Dent was especially righteous and in good moral standing, Two-Face is disastrous and violent. He does what he knows and what he knows is all black and white. Don’t expect him to react in an improvisational manner at a new situation- expect a coin to be flipped. That’s how he’ll know what to do and “it’s about what’s FAIR!”

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  1. *Breathey Batman voice* “Harvey Dent, can we trust him?”


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