MBTI: Megatron- ENTJ


If there were a given on this site, it would be this post. Megatron is right there with Magneto and any other super villain that has any sort of plans for world domination. Or universe domination, either or.

It doesn’t get any bigger than Megatron, and like the ENTJ you’re familiar with, he knows it. If it’s the job that keeps old people alive longer because they feel they have purpose, it’s no wonder Megatron has been around as long as he as- THE WILL TO RULE CONQUERS ALL.

Did you think it was love? The ENTJ knows otherwise.

It’s fitting for Megatron to be a Rational in many ways, but especially if you consider his worst enemy’s Idealist mindset. The difference in just a simple twist of logic over compassion can change everything. Of course the letters are just representations of functions and the functions are definitely different. The dominant function and the inferior, to be exact.

While Prime’s Fe is what compels him to fight for freedom and justice throughout the galaxy, Megatron’s Te can’t help but propel him to fight and destroy until no one is standing but him and those he allows to live. Te may be the most apparent function in those that use it more often than those that don’t. When you’ve met someone that’s seems a bit too forward in everything they say and “tact” is a word they’re not too familiar with…you’ve probably got an ESTJ on your hands.

But it could also be the ESTJ’s intuitive cousin, the ENTJ who shares the same dominant function.

A lot of "dominance" talk in this post.

A lot of “dominance” talk in this post.

But while ESTJs like authority and being in the position of telling others what to do, the ENTJ is never comfortable in the same position and will always want more. Everyone has the desire for more but what sets the ENTJ apart is their desire and the drive.

“Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough” – Megatron (G1)

One of the biggest complaints other types have of the ENTJ is that they’ll run over anyone they see as being “in the way” to get what they want. Whiners.

Put this mindset in the head of a 35-foot tall metal beast that can transform into not only massive weapons himself, but he also has the ability to safely travel across the universe? And he’s persuasive enough to build an army of beings like him? Thank God this isn’t real.

Megatron’s definitely not one to care to much about the needs of others, as if you didn’t know already. Like Magneto, Megatron operates under the pretense that his species is destined to rule at the top of the evolutionary chain and anything else would be a spit in his face.

Also like Magneto, it’s never entirely clear how much of this fight for the galaxies is for the dominance of the commander’s own race…and how much is for personal power?

NYAAAAARRRGH- That's what I hear when I see this.

NYAAAAARRRGH- That’s what I hear when I see this.

But while Magneto’s actions are partly out of hatred he himself has experiences, Megatron’s intentions are greedy regardless of who he’s doing it for. He’s millions of years old and has the universe to play in- yet he’s going to kill everyone on earth. Somebody doesn’t understand boundaries.

ENTJs naturally turn discussions into “win/lose” scenarios, like TJ types do. Everything becomes black and white, right and wrong, and they plan on being on the winning side every time. Because of this, many feel the need distance themselves from the ENTJ. The ENTJ doesn’t notice though, because they’ve already gathered several other new followers to listen to every brilliant idea they have.

This, of course, can be a problem for them eventually. When enough people feel betrayed, you’ve just given everyone a reason to even think of mutiny. Humans or Decepticon, every ENTJ faces this issue. Just ask Megatron about his shady, Silver Snake-of-a-right-hand Starscream.

While Megatron didn’t necessarily give Starscream a reason to be as deceptive as he is, you could say he just learned from the best. It’s not that strange for ENTJ’s closest friends to have negative thoughts that the ENTJ never knows about. This comes from the ENTJ’s intimidating nature that keeps would-be constructive criticizers at bay which may turn into enemies at some point. So slow your roll, ENTJ.

Megatron, this includes you.

But it’s Megatron’s Introverted Intuition that allows him to enact his plans of a universal scale. The destruction of untold planets? Ruling everything in existence? That’s not something to play by ear. “Peace through tyranny” has been Megatron’s motto since back in the good ol’ days and it should be adapted as the ENTJ motto. Go ahead and make that demotivational poster real quick. They’ve only got a million of them.

PEACE THROUGH TYRANNY. Boom, did it, right here.

PEACE THROUGH TYRANNY. Boom, did it, right here.

No one can deny Megatron’s verbal skills though, as he evidently began the Decepticon uprising by persuading his fellow warriors that beings as powerful as they weren’t meant to stay in their corner of the universe. Optimus Prime may talk a good game but it’s the blood and violence that many wanted and Megatron delivers.

It’s not unlike ENTJs to be considered cold and ruthless; two words that go together but just as soon go with ENTJ.

Can you blame them? They’re Introverted Feeling is last and if you’re ENTJ, hey- you’ve got things to do. No time for people’s feelings. Just remember how easy people can be turned from friend to enemy if you don’t pay attention to the details of others, not just the grand scheme of your own.

5 Responses to “MBTI: Megatron- ENTJ”

  1. You should do the typing for the characters of the show Supernatural, if you know the show.

    • Taylor Says:

      Man, I’m vaguely familiar with it. I’m constantly hearing about how great it is, but I’ve never seen it. Next show I plan on watching is the “perfect” (so I’m told) series of Breaking Bad. What do you think the two main guys on Supernatural are, out of curiosity?

      • Well Dean Winchester is either ISFP or ESFP. He has strong internal values. His brother Sam, has been typed as INFJ a lot but he has been open to change when it comes to strategy, like Dean. (As long as the new strategy doesn’t make him compromise his personal sense of right vs wrong)

        Sam is either ENTP or INTP. Sam is attuned to others’ feelings but he also isn’t afraid to use cold logical choices, since his feelings are focused on helping others more than an inner sense of right vs wrong.

        But it’s still best if you see it for yourself.

    • Taylor Says:

      Based on how their personalities are described on their wikis, Sam is ISFP and Dean is either ESTP or ISTP.

      That’s going off of the descriptions though. The way the actors play it may be paint a different picture.

      Taking a few adjective from the site, Sam is “kind, caring, good hearted, empathetic, free-spirited, sensitive, intelligent, rational, strong, free-spirited, independent.”
      The last few could describe other types but added with the first few would leave a brotha with the idea he’s a lead Fi. Backed by Se, would explain why he’s all of these things yet such a good “hunter.” ISFPs (like the couple I’ve written) are all about personal values and beliefs but when it comes to actually doing something physically, they’re naturals.

      Dean seems like the one with the rougher edges. Extremely skilled with weapons, kind of a man whore, insensitive in many cases to Sam’s choice of diet, or just constantly picking at him in a joking way. Other than with his family, with whom he’s very protective, he’s not a family man, but a guy on the move. All of these are the typical E/ISTP in fiction.
      The only real question is how talkative he is throughout the show. Since it seems he’s mostly with his brother, this might be difficult to tell since introverts are pretty open with those they trust.

      • You should check out the show. You’d see how watching it can make the difference compared to reading about them. It’s my all time favorite show & I haven’t even been drawn in to the “Perfect” Breaking Bad.


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