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Breaking Bad Week

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There’s been a lack of articles on here (more or less) and it’s all Breaking Bad’s fault. I’ve been told by multiple people over the years to watch it but I have a hard time with TV shows- the commercials, the seasons, all the breaks, the waning interest due to changing writers, blah blah blah…

A big part of it is that shows tend to drag on for as long as they’re successful, which often times means the quality declines or changes are made to where it’s not the same show you were originally watching, often times for the worst.

All this being said, I began watching Breaking Bad last week and have blown through the seasons up until episode 10 of season 5, which I’m watching now (Hank, you FOOL! You overzealous FOOL!). The last episode is airing tomorrow and by God If I’m going see a bunch of spoilers on Facebook or hear it from people talking about it.

This coming week, all the types will go to Breaking Bad, as it’s not only one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, the characters are some of the most complexly written too. I have shifted responsibility every which way I could as often I could to get to this point and I’m not stopping now! Series finale, here we come!

Come back to this site next week, see a bunch of good stuff. That’s my pitch.


MBTI: Indiana Jones- ISTP

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I was going to type an ISFJ, but seeing as how there are virtually no ISTPs in Dexter, I figured I type one and “come out swingin'” so to speak. And Indiana Jones is a big swing. His typing seems to fall under Rational or Artisan. This is probably due to the fact that he goes back and forth between seemingly nerdy professor to a Nazi-punching adventurer.

So What’s the verdict? ESTP? ENTP? INTP?

ISTP is the best fit, as their interests are split between the intellectual and the aesthetic. So let’s dissect this and see how he fits into this category, usually reserved for quiet tough guys with bad attitudes. He is meant to be the ‘spiritual son’ of James Bond, after all. Continue reading

MBTI: ….and the Movies, Part II

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Ever get annoyed when you love a movie so much, but when you talk to a friend about it, they not only hated it, but they think you’re weird for liking it? They might not have even seen it, but they can’t stand “those types of movies.”

Little frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, allow me to help you out. When you type what a person is, this may give you a better idea of that person’s taste in movies.

C’mon, everyone! Follow me! WEEEEEEEEE- Continue reading

MBTI: Dexter Cast

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Yeeep, so as of now, I’m done with Dexter. It’s actually the reason I don’t get into most TV series and much of this came from the headline of an article I just read. They start off strong, go in and out of the good times, then twist and turn so much that it doesn’t go anywhere and I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time. I’m much more comfortable knowing a show is going to end rather than it be dragged out until it shows little signs of life.

“Dexter season 9 still possible” the headline read. Good Lord, give it up.

That being said, we still had a good run with much of the show and came across some pretty interesting characters and we’ll always have that. *SIGH…*

For Dexter and Deb, click on the names.

You better enjoy this one. Took me forever. Continue reading


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Comics are a pretty sufficient source of well-loved characters to run to in case the well that is my mind begins to run dry. That being said, one of the best known characters has been one of the hardest to pin down.

Character’s change from time to time, yet Storm’s abilities and strength really only lead to one thing. There’s a reason she sticks out in a world of scary monsters and super-freaks. Continue reading

MBTI: Bill and Ted- ESFP

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There really isn’t anything else for these guys. They love music, partying, and they don’t ever mean to hurt anyone.

…yet their existence is crucial to the success of humanity decades down the road. If only they could get their heads out of their butts and take care of their responsibilities! Continue reading


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The ultimate nerd in the role of the ultimate hero hardly seems like an appropriate fit, doesn’t it? This is clearly ISTP’s role to save the world with guns, one-liners, and a well placed kick to the enemies’ head.

And normally, that is the case. But being as how most of this takes place inside of a computer, it changes the dynamics of everything and puts the power of a demigod into the hands of the type most suited for online godliness- INTP. Continue reading

MBTI: Debra Morgan- ENFP

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It only makes sense for Debra to be the complete inverse of her brother Dexter in…Dexter.

The subject of much debate, Debra’s personality becomes clearer the longer the show goes on. While the description of her personality on the Dexter Wiki is a little muddled (Let’s start using that word more often, shall we?), it still paints a pretty clear picture of someone that runs on emotion, instinct, possibilities, and teamwork.

Also, she jumps from partner to partner…just puttin’ that out there… Continue reading

MBTI: Darth Vader- ISTJ

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Uh-oh. He’s back. The ever-serious, dictator of detail is here for another round and he knows you don’t like him. He doesn’t want you to like him. You’ll get more work done that way.

There’s a wide range of what Darth Vader could be. He seems to be a completely different character than Anakin Skywalker in many respects and when you’ve seen the prequels, Vader’s entire persona could come off like a mask to hide his actual whiny personality. Now you know where his son gets it from.

But both Anakin and Vader do fit into the same personality, one is just the unhealthy side. So let’s take a closer look at this heavy-breathing, galaxy-ruling maniac. Continue reading

MBTI: DmC’s Dante and Vergil- ESTP and INTJ

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Haters gonna hate. That’s all I’m saying.

As many problems as people have had with the Devil May Cry reboot, it’s actually a really good game. I don’t really hear anybody complaining about the game itself as much as they are the fact that their favorite characters were changed around and unrecognizable to them.

Having played the second one for PS2 and not being able to play the third past the first couple levels (I just couldn’t do it), I’m not a fan of the original series so I wasn’t bothered by the changes. I really like what they had done as far as story, characters, pacing, tone, etc.

So as far as the characters go, I thought it was an interesting combination of the INTJ behind the scenes with the plan, and his ESTP brother doing all the heavy lifting. Continue reading