MBTI: Evey Hammond- ISFJ


If you’ve ever read V for Vendetta, or seen the movie, you’re aware of Evey’s timidity, insecurity, shyness and overall anxious outlook on life.

And she has the right to be- the V for Vendetta dystopian future we’re introduced to is not only dark and depressing, but it’s a grim fore-teller of what our own society could look like at some point.

So it’s fitting that the protagonist of the story would be a character that will initially refuse change and accept security above all else. It makes her evolution into a person of consequence that much more rewarding.

It’s tough to find much on V for Vendetta unless you’re looking for Natalie Portman’s portrayal in the 2006 film adaption. Evey’s personality remains the same type though even with the changes made from the original ideas of the graphic novel to the “Republicans are bad” message of the film.

Got any other life lessons, Wachowskis?

Got any other life lessons, Wachowskis?

As mentioned, the character of Evey Hammond is a depressed one. In the introduction of the novel, we’re shown her first attempt at acquiring customers as a prostitute. This in no way is a reflection of the ISFJ alone, but Evey’s need for money and what it brings shows how far down she’s sunk for any semblance of a normal life. Having no parents since their murder that took place years earlier, her opportunities for a “normal” upbringing were ruined.

While any type could choose to be a prostitute (lookin’ at YOU, ESFP), Evey, as an ISFJ, is clearly not looking forward to what may happen and could be seen as resorting to any method for comfort. If you’ve ever seen an unhappy ISFJ, their job is their job and no matter how unhappy they may be, the idea of risking it for happiness is their last resort, just before death.


Prostitution for certain types may be more degrading and dishonorable, but to a Guardian without a proper upbringing and running off of Si, you might “do what you gotta do” to make ends meet. It’s also interesting to note that ISFJs can have trouble determining what’s really for the best when their sense of what they’ve always known takes precedence over all else unless a different way is chosen over a long period, slowly and steadily.

This is only a small clue to her type but it is worth considering.

After being saved by V and taken to his underground lair, Evey opens up to him about the murder of her parents and becomes somewhat dependent on him for support. After she thanks him for his support and security, she asks what he can do to repay him and, he immediately cashes in on her IOU by using her in his next plan. It’s interesting that Evey would initially fear V but then begins to trust him to the point of dependency.

But with linguistic skill like this, he wouldn't have to buy me dinner, hey hey!

But with linguistic skill like this, he wouldn’t have to buy me dinner, hey hey!

ISFJs aren’t animals to follow anybody home but once trust is established, they do tend to put loads of stock in the ones they consider to be trustworthy. Another type may have offered to join in V’s plan, feared for their own safety, or maybe just shown interest without attachment. But Evey seems to begin to rely on V as though they’ve known each other for much longer than they actually have.

After Evey assists in the killing of the pedophile bishop, it’s only then that Evey realizes that V isn’t the kindly saint she’d previously thought him to be. An ISFJ’s trust in another can lead to a blinding expectations that the person of trust will only and always live up to their ideals, leading in massive letdowns.

Personality page specifically points out the ISFJ’s susceptibility to con men and the like. V may not strictly be a con man but he definitely has his conniving ways that not only trick or mislead Evey, but during her “imprisonment,” she’s absolutely overwhelmed. Though who could blame her in that situation?


After Evey’s imprisonment by V, where he breaks her down with the intention of building her up stronger than she’s ever been, she’s hardly even the same character. While once vulnerable to the world because it’s harsh dictatorship, Evey is now, somber and certain of her place in the world.

She’s not the same person and isn’t just hiding from the next bad thing that happens to her. It’s not that her type has changed, like many tend to believe, it’s that the information “stored in” her Si has now been replaced by what she “knows” compared to what she “knew”- “I’m no good, life is miserable, I hope I make it home alive” has now become “I could die at any moment because the world is rough, but I can do this.”


The submissive nature of the ISFJ in fiction is a necessity in many ways. It’s only when the ISFJ is the primary character of the film, novel, etc. should a change be needed for their character to remain interesting, as is the case with the majority of characters regardless of type. But with ISFJs, their changes come from their initial refusal of change from shy and scared to confident and steady. They don’t change their type, they become better versions of themselves.

By the end of the novel, the original V is dead and Evey has taken up the mantle, carrying on the idea that “V” is an idea and anyone can continue it, and in this case, type does not matter. An ISFJ can take the place of a Rational type, a Rational type can lead where an Idealist type is thought to be best suited for, so on and so forth.

Little Miss Edgy here

Little Miss Edgy here

On one hand, ISFJs in fiction tend to stay meek and timid. But they also are some of the characters with the greatest capacity for change due to their strong unwillingness for it initially. Some may never change, either because they’re not the focus of the story or we’re supposed to pay attention to the futility of their lifestyle.

Others learn the hard way and sink lower than others do to realize the changes they need to make, and like Evey, eventually overcome their challenges to rise higher than anyone thought possible. Most of all, themselves.

4 Responses to “MBTI: Evey Hammond- ISFJ”

  1. ChrisTheRipper Says:

    Hey, Taylor, thanks for the typings and the posts!

    I was also wondering if you’d type V himself?
    Would you agree that he showed traits of an xNFJ?

    Also, I would say ISFP is more suitable for Evey than ISFJ for reasons stated below:
    [insert amazing reasoning line independent of laziness here]

    • Taylor Says:

      I always wonder about V. If he’s an NF, I’d say ENFJ, but I don’t see dominant Fe doing things how he did. More inclined to say ENTJ. But don’t quote me on that, there’s a reason he hasn’t been officially type here.

      • ChrisTheRipper Says:

        I could see an unhealthy INFJ doing the things V did, “for the realm and the future of mankind” similarly to the schemes of GoT’s Varys, but in a more bold way. (in order to be visible and to become a symbol of revolution) I think I see him more of a Ni dominant rather than auxiliary, he saw the possible future as a surface of that present’s status quo. Okay sounds confusing but that is the image I see, rather than being an ENTJ with a Ni auxiliary who seeks power or an ENFJ seeking to be the people’s needs listener and leader in most likely existing systems, V wants to create a mechanism of his own, based on his own visions. Ni has a detached from reality quality, as I think he demonstrates it also, by verbalizing all those eloquent words to Evey. I am not sure this is convincing enough, but in my view it is safe to assume V is either an INFJ or an INTJ. The skilled in typing people from MBTI DATABANK are still arguing about it and they all have good points, but I would most likely have him as an INFJ. INTJs are in a sense idealists too and it would make sense to have him typed like that, hence his Fi was violated, but I think during those Experimentation times, he felt the pain of others and was determined to put an end to the oppressive and authoritative regime. Rather than plan for a future that can be controlled with a more or less stereotypically sounding “iron fist” of a determined INTJ, he gifts his product of vision to the realm – a hopefully perfect system to the people. After he dies, Evey becomes the symbol, as a Si dom she learned his ways and can act like some sort of a Batman in the shadows when the help is needed. All this makes sense to me. V is most likely an INFJ. (also because Alan Moore seems like an INFJ to me as well, so V is his way of expressing his distrust in the Te systems, whilst having a fictional disguise)

  2. Thank you so much this is one of my favorite comic


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