MBTI: Haruko- ESTP


Fooly Cooly may be the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen and that’s pretty strong considering it’s only got six episodes in all.

Styles in animation change intermittently between “traditional” animation to parodying South Park’s construction paper look for a scene or two while at points, the scenes look like Manga including the character’s speech appearing in bubbles.

But the show’s antagonist(?) is what really keeps it all moving forward toward it’s weird, action-filled, explosive ending. I don’t know if you’d call Haruko the antagonist but she definitely does her share of antagonizing.

Such is the ESTP and their way of life. Show up, turn everything and everyone on their head, and they’re gone as quick as they arrived.

Haruko’s first function is Se, Extraverted Sensing. This is clear in her attitude to give in to every physical and verbal whim that seems to cross her mind. Full of energy and humor, this particular style in animation fits her character too as the off-the-wall personality is coupled with shots and clips that would confuse someone that’s seen all of the episodes, much less a newcomer.

Her demeanor toward everything is “BANG! WHACK! POW!” A comic book come to life. Or anime.

And even though Haruko’s very particular Bass isn’t just a regular Bass guitar (it also serves as a gun, a hovercraft of sorts, used as a blunt weapon, open portals, etc.) she still uses it for her musical endeavors and shows a love of classic rock icons like Hendrix and Elvis. Se’s preference for the here and now is part of the reason many entertainment figures are in the business they’re in- adrenaline, skill, and fun.

It’s what Se is all about.



But Haruko isn’t just going off of blind goofiness. There’s Ti serving her as her auxiliary function so you’re pretty much always sure there’s another motive to Haruko’s arrival on earth as well as her overall presence throughout the show. Sure she loves messing with Naota, as it seems everybody does, but she’s got ulterior motives as well.

This isn’t to say that Ti in itself makes a person tricky or dishonest, but Ti users aren’t going to tell you everything they’re thinking either. That’s more Te’s role. Te tells you outright that you’re fat but Ti doesn’t say anything unless it’s necessary to their plan. By not telling you what you don’t want to hear may mean that you can help them achieve a goal they’re trying to reach…once you’ve reached said goal, you might hear their thoughts but only after they’ve gotten what they need.


This is definitely up Haruko’s alley; she won’t even tell Naota what she’s doing, who she is, where she came from- the kid just can’t get a straight answer from this chick. The first time I watched the series through, I didn’t know what she was trying to do. She’ll say she’s with the Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood/Stellar Fraternity but by the end, we’re not fully sure that’s even true.

One thing is for sure is that she wants the power of Atomsk, an intergalactic space pirate- and she’ll do anything for it. She even risks slaughtering a city full of innocent bystanders to get this interstellar energy. You like her- but you’re unsure of her intentions.

ESTPs are known for being a bit aggressive and uncaring when it comes to getting what they want as well. Their Fe is third so they’re good at knowing what people want and knowing what to say, but once their intentions are made clear they might lose any sort of trust the person had in them. They’re caught between their love of people and their need to achieve their objectives.

But they’ll usually go with the objective, people are just for fun.

It’s why car salesmen are always stereotyped as ESTP- fast talking, friendly, always trying to convince you of something (hence the Keirsey name “the Persuader”) and you may or may not be able to trust them. Which means they’re not very trustworthy.

One things for sure, ESTPs are all about ACTION!


They’ll give up a lot of things to get an in-the-moment rush and Haruko fits this pretty well. Taking into consideration everything she’s doing is for an all-powerful source of energy. And to get what she wants, she has to shoot, lie, steal, and beat the crap out of just about everybody she comes into contact with with her Bass, that she’s also pretty talented at playing. If that’s not Se, then I don’t know what I’m writing about.

Haruko also seems to be a character in touch with her sexuality, even if just for a joke. She has a weird relationship with the main character’s dad, dresses in outfits that would look small on someone half her size, innuendos are made between her and just about every male character on the show. Are ESTPs skanks and man whores? Eh. That’s relative.

What is known about the Artisan group is that sex ain’t nothin’ but a thang. It’s for the in-the-moment pleasure and not much else. It’s not that they can’t be loyal, they just don’t see it as serious as the other types, even if that means going for a while without it. A rush is what’s fun, not a specific act necessarily. If the SP is getting their rush from football, then that’s what it takes.

Due to their high Se preference though, this group altogether is the most active in the bedroom though. Haruko isn’t explicitly shown to actually get it on with any other characters with the show (she’s an alien, who knows if it would even work), she just toys around with them.

Like I said, gone as quick as they came.


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  1. Dinca Says:

    Great post man.
    Can you do Naota too?


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