MBTI: Jean Grey- ENFJ

jgIf any type were to get limitless, planet-destroying, mind powers, we should all hope it would be the ENFJ.

Nobody needs that kind of power but if someone’s gonna take the mantle, my vote is on them.

While Jean Grey’s character has gone through so many changes over the years that it’s a bit hard to get a grip on her personality, her underlying traits are always regarded as helpful, loyal, caring, and strong.

Emotionally, I’m sure, as she keeps the traditional comic book female look of weighing about 115lbs at 5’6.



Throughout the years, Jean Grey may have gone through the most bizarre stages of transformation. Storm’s look goes from her classic look to the mohawk-punk phase, to her modern day look. Wolverine went from tough-as-nails tenacious scrapper to being practically immortal.

Once you have literally been to "Eternal Damnation" and escape, you can no longer be called a "scrapper."

Once you have literally been to “Eternal Damnation” and escaped, you can no longer be called a “scrapper.”

Yet Jean Grey’s character (usually dead) went from costume to costume, name to name, power to even more powers. Her Phoenix persona doesn’t seem to keep in mind Jean’s actually personality and just goes on with the “I’m gonna kill you all” attitude. Yet Jean is always shown to be faithful and compassionate. Words that are frequently mentioned in speaking of Idealists.

While Scott Summers was the first X-Man, Jean Grey was the first student and probably Professor X’s most prized pupil as she not only became head mistress of Xavier’s school, but in a creepy twist, revealed he’d had a crush on her since the moment they’d met…when she was six.

Well, well, well, Professor...What exactly are you "teaching" these kids?

Well, well, well, Professor…What exactly are you “teaching” these kids?

Evidently retconned though, as people really hated it; Jean has been the center that keeps the team going, even in her death. ENFJ’s ability to inspire those around them is looked at as being on par with that of an ENTJ’s leadership abilities but with more attention to the people rather than the plan.

Jean’s priorities regularly involve the school, the X-men, and humanity all around. While Cyclops is a constant in the X-Men world as mentioned in the last post, Jean is much his opposite in many respects with the exception of responsibility, which she would rarely stray from. The world-ending Phoenix force was about the only thing that really seemed to screw with Jean’s usual activities.


It’s interesting that, like an ENFJ, Jean would toy with the idea of being with her husband’s opposite, Wolverine. ENFJs aren’t known to be especially careless in terms of relationships; quite the opposite in fact, as they’re often thought to make the best mates. But ENFJs can have a difficult time making decisions in the most serious of decisions. Their Introverted Thinking last may have something to do with this, as logic and reason are the last resort of someone who’s world is dominated by the way they feel about they others feel.

This could be why Jean never came off as a skank, yet would never just telekinetically pick Wolverine up and throw him into the ocean just to tell him to back off; she always seemed to give him just enough to keep going. Similar to another ENFJ, the Invisible Woman, who would so often run to Namor when her absent minded husband wasn’t there for her emotionally. Once again, never giving off the “skank” vibe to readers.



As far as the more negative aspects of an ENFJ, they have a tendency to hate conflict, which leads to avoidance tactics and pretending an issue doesn’t exist. As with many E-F- types, you’re still going to know something is up. ENFJs are also highly tolerant as Jean Grey is, specifically when former villain Emma Frost took residence at the school to eventually have a psychic affair with Jean’s husband. At this point is when Jean decided to confront the situation but before then, the front was always up that nothing was wrong.

Thanks, Joey Greco!

Thanks, Joey Greco!

Like many fictional ENFJs, specifically women, it can be difficult to pick up on specific traits unique to them, as we talked about. Emma Frost is a witch/ice queen with a near genius level intellect (or above genius) and she knows it. Rogue has got her characteristics unique to her from before, and currently- while Jean is always in between writers that write for Jean Grey…while others write for the Phoenix.

Yet several instances of Jean’s character have shown themselves over time and you can almost understand her character just by seeing how other characters conduct themselves. Jean has sacrificed herself multiple times, never really knowing if she would come back from death. Her life has been dedicated to her family, friends, and the students with the idea in mind that mutants would be able to peacefully coexist.

Eleanor Roosevelt may have accomplished more if she had worn this. Maybe not.

Eleanor Roosevelt may have accomplished more if she had worn this. Maybe not.

The only times “the beast” comes out as far as Jean is concerned (not the Phoenix) is when her loved ones and/or her entire world is threatened. Other than that, she’s just living day to day, with an eye on the future.

Except for when she’s dead, of course.


Brief time though is is.

2 Responses to “MBTI: Jean Grey- ENFJ”

  1. FlowenRain Says:

    I’m curious as to what your thoughts tend to be on Emma Frost’s type as you mentioned her here. I feel like ENTJ would be quite sufficient since it sets her and Jean blatantly apart. Just an educated enough guess from what little I actually know of her.

    • Taylor Says:

      I agree, ENTJ seems fitting for Emma. I’ve been holding her in the mental bin for a while for when the world is ready for the female ENTJ. They just can’t handle her!


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