MBTI: Django Freeman- ISTP


Every once in a while, a movie comes along that just changes your heart. It’s message is so powerful that it melts your teeth and makes you sit in unwanted facial hair for longer than you can remember.

That being said, Django Unchained is a great movie. Tarantino did a great job by introducing more action than he ever has any of his other films and refrained from writing characters that all talk like heterosexual Perez Hiltons.

Django is a particularly interesting character, as his ISTP-ness (hehe) is written and performed more subtlety than most “walk softly, carry a big stick” characters are given.

So please- proceed!


As we’ve seen with so many ISTP characters (and the real deal)- they’re quiet. They can be social and talkative in group settings, but even then they keep they’re voice down and rarely raise it. This is actually the mark of an introvert all around, something Django definitely is. Throughout the entire film, he keeps a level head, only showing distress in moments that his only two friends in the world are being threatened.

The ISTP’s last function of Extraverted Feeling is what the cause of that is. “I care about YOU and YOU but that’s it. The rest of you? Go to hell.” It’s a sentiment that works well in film but makes one unlikable in reality.

"This'll show you- MOM."- Django

“This’ll show you- MOM.”- Django

Heck, it made Django unlikable to a point. In possibly the most violent scene of the film, Django actually argues for a man to be torn apart by dogs because he’s playing the character of a black slaver when he’s actually attempting to get his wife back. In keeping with his character, who wouldn’t care about a broken down slave that can’t fight anymore, Django goes out of his way to allow him to be torn to pieces even though his partner was willing to buy the man just to save his life.

This is Fe last. There’s a sentiment there, but it’s so faint that it might as well not be there. It says “I just got an urge to help you- but nah. Too far out of my way.”

What’s good about this scene is that they go out of their way to show Django training and bettering himself as a marksman, while the hilarious KKK scene has Django’s partner, King Schultz, declare that “The kid’s a natural.”

This not only validates Django’s ease with weaponry and the profession of bounty hunting, but a good example of Extraverted Sensing as well, which is the ISTP’s second function.

If you’ve ever wondered how it seems so easy for others to pick up a craft and master it in a relatively short amount of time while you yourself haven’t come nearly as far in twice the time (or more)- you’re probably dealing with someone with strong Se. The Se user doesn’t have to understand how it works, just that it works.

They just know the sound it makes when it takes a life...

They just know the sound it makes when it takes a life…

Other types may be more adept understanding the “whys” and “hows” while the Se user never really figures that out, but depending on the circumstances, they don’t need to. The pro skater that wins every skating competition he enters may not actually understand the physics that go into his jump down the flight of stairs- he just does it and knows what to do based on the feel of his surroundings.

This is why the ISTP stereotype usually revolves around “X-treme” sports- no personal connection, just a physical rush that very few other things give you.

"Wow...the rush I'm getting right now is...is...indescribable!"

“Wow…the rush I’m getting right now is…is…indescribable! Am I going to do it? Am I going to wuss out? There’s no telling!”

To a point, though, Django isn’t playing a character during the plan to get his wife back. It really seems that he’s getting to live out some of his repressed fantasies. He even says “Kill white people and they pay you for it? What’s not to like?”

Real racial tension aside (screw you people), Django is getting to talk down to those that would talk down to him, beat him, or even kill him if he were in a slightly different position. While Schultz’s “character” remains upbeat and friendly, Django gets to be the jerk.

Not only would many jump at the chance to abuse their abusers in any way they could, Django’s real personality only seems to be a couple clicks away from this anyway. He doesn’t ever show sympathy toward any other slave nor does he care. It’s all about the wife.

hey, just like that one show! But with slaves and blood.

Hey, just like that one show! But with more blood and less nagging.

ISTPs are known to be friendly and sociable as mentioned but they also have the need to be left alone to their thoughts as often as possible. Otherwise, they’re prone to childish outbursts of rage that people around them can’t understand because, frankly- they don’t want to make sense in those moments.

ISTP- Stupid piece of $^#*! Mother$#U#! (flips table)

ISFJ- What’s wrong, honey?


ISFJ- What? Your Hot Pocket burned?

ISTP- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! *$&^, what kind of STUPID QUESTION is that? You can SEE the stupid *#&$in’ burned Hot Pocket right there can’t you?! &#@!

ISFJ- Just get another one…

ISTP- I don’t want another one, God #*@* it! I wanted THAT &#@*in’ one! $^#%!&%#&%*#%*@&*^*

*Gets gun, creates hostage situation

This makes little sense to those around them as they’re normally very chill creatures. The major difference between an ISTP and their INTP cousin (aside from the obvious) is that the INTP can become difficult without realizing how obnoxious they’re coming off; they have their ways they don’t want interrupted and now you’ve gone and done it! …While the ISTP seems fully aware of their behavior but wants the rush of an argument or adrenaline that comes with getting pissed off.

ISTP Saturday night

ISTP Saturday night

It’s only been since I’ve been introduced to Type Theory that character flaws have actually come across as flaws. Previously, “letting no one in” or having an “attitude problem” seemed somewhat cool in a certain light.

In any case, for all of Django’s flaws and heroics (if they can be called that), Django’s character is an example of a well written ISTP. ESTP and ISTP are Hollywood’s favorite action type as we know, but to execute them properly makes them one of the most interesting types to watch on screen.

Cranky Kong approves.

Cranky Kong approves.


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