MBTI: DmC’s Dante and Vergil- ESTP and INTJ


Haters gonna hate. That’s all I’m saying.

As many problems as people have had with the Devil May Cry reboot, it’s actually a really good game. I don’t really hear anybody complaining about the game itself as much as they are the fact that their favorite characters were changed around and unrecognizable to them.

Having played the second one for PS2 and not being able to play the third past the first couple levels (I just couldn’t do it), I’m not a fan of the original series so I wasn’t bothered by the changes. I really like what they had done as far as story, characters, pacing, tone, etc.

So as far as the characters go, I thought it was an interesting combination of the INTJ behind the scenes with the plan, and his ESTP brother doing all the heavy lifting.

Dante- ESTP


When we first meet Dante, he’s doing his Artisan thang, hanging out in a club with ear-bleeding music, hooking up with strangers, and whaddya know- he casually carries weapons around. As we’ve gone over many times, for newcomers and auteurs alike, Dante as an ESTP would favor Se or Extraverted Sensing first.

Everything he does is geared toward the physical and sensational. At one point during gameplay, Dante and Vergil are speaking of how they dealt with the pain of growing up as supernatural weirdos. Dante’s method? Sex, drugs, and violence.

Everything in excess...like this baggage!

Everything in excess…like this baggage!

Now I don’t want to give off the impression that all of these things in major excess is cool, but in Dante’s dark and dreary world, with his body being near immortal the way it is, it would hardly seem to matter if he casually exposed himself to it all. ESTPs aren’t necessarily known for violence more than most other types can be, but for them it’s a little more likely that they would engage in the above mentioned activities purely for the rush.

ESTP brain on drugs.

ESTP brain on drugs.

Dante’s personality has always been one of one-liners and comebacks (save for the second title in the series) and DmC’s Dante is no different, even if his voice and look are. Some are cheesy, some are pretty funny, but all show that of a character that just doesn’t care about what you think, for better and worse.

Check out this scene, if you don’t know it already.

The comebacks range from lame, simple to funny. Regardless of what you thought of them, it’s all ESTP baby. While they can be witty occasionally, they can also be stupid which I actually liked as a character flaw. Ultimately, the point is that he hardly takes any of these things that he’s fighting seriously, past the point of killing them. But when talking to them, would he really need to think of an amazing one-liner? Nah, and he doesn’t. Just a back and forth of “F#*^ YOU!”s. Not the brightest bulb, but quick with a comeback itself and fast on his feet.

Many people had a problem with Dante coming off as uncaring as opposed to the old Dante, who evidently cared about the human race. While the game specifically deals with his maturity from uncaring and nihilistic to becoming the protector of humanity (Uhh…spoilers?), ESTPs are known to ignore their problems rather than deal with it head-on in many cases. It’s not about fear, but just attempting to see a way around the issue.

Though Ricky always goes through HIS problems...and their ribs...and intestines...

Though Riki always goes through HIS problems…and their ribs…and intestines…

That would be Ti, second for the ESTP. Te wants to organize and plan, while Ti is content knowing what they know and using that information as they need it. Clearly Dante doesn’t care about anybody but himself and even though he’s told everything is coming to an end, tries to brush it off like he’s avoiding doing the dishes.

They also have a hard time committing to anything which explains Dante’s attitude toward life and pretty much blowing every waking hour on doing…whatever.

Like Ripping their look off from Adam Sandler movies!

Like Ripping their look off from Adam Sandler movies!

Vergil- INTJ


Vergil on the other hand isn’t much like Dante. He’s cold, calculating, and as we see by the end of the game, controlling. His behind-the-scenes method of strategic planning is Rational all the way; as mah main man Keirsey points out that while Artisans favor tactics- doing what seems best right then, Rationals choose strategy- having the highest level plan to achieve your goal in times of uncertainty.

Heck, Dante and Vergil even match the colors of Keirsey’s groups; red to Artisans, blue to Rationals.

"Fusion of the 5 elements to search for the higher intelligence, man walk around celibate, believing in relevant..the most benevolent king." - David Keirsey. Or Wu Tang.

“Fusion of the 5 elements to search for the higher intelligence, man walk around celibate, believing in relevant..the most benevolent king.” – David Keirsey. Or Wu Tang.

Vergil wears a mask when he makes his goals known to the world through his group The Order. While wearing a mask in his case would make sense as an Introvert or an extravert, Vergil’s entire operation is based on stealth, planning, and prospectively the end of his enemies. Putting them into a real world scenario, these are all things the INTJ thrives on and why there are so few, yet so many thriving and scouring the internet.

Not for the ultimate demise of those they would deem their enemies per se, but technology and “things” are better understood by them than they understand people. They live behind the scenes.

With a face like this...

With a face like this…

Notice that while Vergil’s real goal was not only unknown to Dante until the end of the game, it involves the control of the human race. This is what makes the INTJ so devastating, specifically in fiction where you can have the abilities of angels and demons, ha ha. Ni and Te come together to push a character into a long range plan of taking things over.

It’s where Virgil’s true character comes out and is in the light more so than any other action that takes place through the rest of the game. We’d known he was a hacker which is usually a Rational trait in fiction, but dominance has been his ultimate plan.


“Our demands are as follows- KILL Jimmy Fallon. That is all.”

It isn’t made clear if Vergil would have been a good leader or another fascist dictator of sorts, much like their enemy Mundus was, but the point remained the same in that he was going to rule the “weak” humans. It’s pretty common for INTJs to not only believe that everything they do is right, but that they have a hard time tolerating what they see as weaknesses in others. A highly hypocritical standpoint that any type would do well to weed out of their mindset.

In the same scene that Dante talks about turning to sex, drugs, and violence as a means of coping with their odd circumstances growing up, Vergil speaks of honing the skills he has as a hacker, bettering his abilities to the point of mastering them.

"Also, hair dye- get some."

“Also, hair dye- get some.”

This is also clear in his affection towards Kat- he doesn’t really show any. He saved her, then used her, and planned on letting her die when she couldn’t be of anymore use. Then after Dante saved her- Virgil used her again. Much like his plan to rule, Virgil shows his INTJ ways as a Mastermind planner. While we know Kat and why she shouldn’t just be left to die, Virgil believes she’s just a pawn in a game where the Kings, Queens, Rooks and Bishops are left.

Kat was useful, yes but-

…is Virgil’s line he uses right in front of her. He doesn’t care about her and while it is cold, it’s the INTJ mindset to focus on the bigger picture where hey- eggs must be broken for an omelet to be made. It’s understandable to a point until you see the way our world is run. Presidents and dictators alike can all agree that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few- unless their needs are imposed upon.


2 Responses to “MBTI: DmC’s Dante and Vergil- ESTP and INTJ”

  1. When comparing the original series & reboot versions of Dante & Vergil, I’d say they’re the same, MBTI-wise. But they aren’t as likable in the reboot.

  2. Matheus Fechine de Figueiredo Says:

    No, man… the old Dante is an ESTP, but, the new Dante is VERY ESFP. You must be an ESTP


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