MBTI: Bill and Ted- ESFP


There really isn’t anything else for these guys. They love music, partying, and they don’t ever mean to hurt anyone.

…yet their existence is crucial to the success of humanity decades down the road. If only they could get their heads out of their butts and take care of their responsibilities!

It’s funny that so often in fiction, ESFPs are just the funny sidekicks; of little consequence, rarely carry the story other than making jokes and maybe making things worse for the actual protagonist. Yet two of them together is what turns the future into a technologically advanced utopia.

Bill and Ted are pretty much every guy you’ve ever known that annoyed you, yet you could never say you disliked them because they’re just too much fun. And not fun at the intentional expense of others, but just like real life ESFPs, they just wanna do…what they wanna do. As long as they don’t hurt anybody else, what’s the problem?


Unfortunately for the past, present, and future, everyone depends on them. Little do they know how much. The idea of having typed Bill and Ted simultaneously appealed to me for a couple of major reasons- one is that they’re a couple of obvious types that no one else has cared to do. And two is my general relation I make between ESFPS as the younger generation, compared to the older, represented by ISTJs.

ESFPs run off of Se and Fi, so they wanna do what they wanna do and can justify it to themselves by saying that it “felt right” or by finding fault in the way someone has confronted them about their problem.

Look. I KNOW I shouldn’t have stolen your car and driven it off a bridge into a ditch but your attitude right now is PISSING ME OFF AND YOU THINK YOU CAN COME IN HERE AND TRY TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE IS $^*@IN’ ANNOYING MY LIFE IS JUST LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M GOIN’ THROUGH RIGHT NOWAAAAARRRGH”

"Whoo! Glad that's over with. Wanna play video games?"

“Whoo! Glad that’s over with. Wanna play video games?”

It goes about something like that. They’re seen as society’s party animals because they like to have fun and responsibility takes a backseat. And who never takes the backseat? ISTJs. If they can’t drive, they will sit in the passenger seat and tell you how to drive and how poor of a job you’re doing. So as mentioned in a previous post, ISTJs can be pictured as crotchety old men looking down at the ESFP kids telling them how much harder they had it back when and that the ESFPs need to pull their pants up.

The ESFP kid flips the old man off and uses some new slang cuss word that the kids are using these days and runs off laughing.

Bill and Ted both play music in their band, “Wyld Stallyns.” Their grades are terrible and if an upcoming history exam isn’t passed, Ted’s dad is sending him off to military school. What to do, what to do? Go back in time of course!

Perpetual ESFP face

Perpetual ESFP face

In Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted are killed and have to go through various stages of the afterlife so they can make it back to their lives on earth, save their girlfriends, and make it to the future where they’ve made everything awesome. All with the power of rock n’ roll.

These characters are so clearly both ESFP that it’s hardly worth it to type them and writing out an entire article to do so. But what I like about the characters is that no matter what they deal with; time travel, death, multiple dimensions- they remain basically the same. They treat everyone with respect, nothing really phases them in the sense that they don’t freak out from seeing something or experiencing something that would have others drop their jaws in shock, and they appear genuinely happy throughout most of both films.

This is similar to Spicoli of Fast Times at Ridgemont High but with no bitter, real world aftertaste that Sean Penn brings to it. Sean Penn not only appears angry all the time but shows an open disdain for the character that helped launch his career. Bill and Ted are played by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. One of them seems to have faded into obscurity while the other just keeps on truckin’.

The last time anyone has ever seen Sean Penn smile.

The last time anyone has ever seen Sean Penn smile.

The point of all this is that while Bill and Ted could be written off as “just a couple stupid stoners” they share the unique quality with real life ESFPs of just being. While some of them attempt to create a “tough guy” or “popular girl” persona, they’re pretty much just big kids, and other types should take notice of the amount of humor and honesty they bring to life.

One ESFP male I know, who’s now in the Marines and apparently loves it, was being questioned by me about what type he may be. He’d taken an online test and gotten INFJ but that definitely wasn’t right. So we went through the verbal questionnaire. We decided that “E,” “S,” and “P” were the best options but between “F” and “T,” we just weren’t sure.

Maaan, I don’t know.” He started. “It’s like…I THINK I’m more ‘thinking’ because I can BE logical…” He paused, then smiled before starting again. “But when I’m horny, I’m horny, you know!” He finished just before laughing.

I said “We’re gonna go with ‘Feeling.'”



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