Comics are a pretty sufficient source of well-loved characters to run to in case the well that is my mind begins to run dry. That being said, one of the best known characters has been one of the hardest to pin down.

Character’s change from time to time, yet Storm’s abilities and strength really only lead to one thing. There’s a reason she sticks out in a world of scary monsters and super-freaks.

We’ll start off with Halle Berry’s portrayal in the “Dear God-please-make-it-stop” X-Men movies. I don’t know what you’d type her as in them and I really don’t care. Very few aspects of those movies are really true to any of the characters and stories they’re based on, mostly containing characters acting on plot-induced stupidity and not much else. Comics will do this as well at times but it mostly consists of a new ability coming to light rather than being driven by plot-holes.


That being said, Storm is a good example of her type without being a stereotype. Usually, INTJs are obsessed with control and power, lurking behind the scenes, waiting for the right moment to stab someone in the back so their throne can be taken.

But Storm’s already had the throne before she was apart of the one of the most powerful teams in comics. After having moved around to a few places in the world, Storm’s powers emerge while living in the Serengeti, where she comes to be known as a goddess and is subsequently worshiped.

Throughout the years, Storm has been represented in a variety of ways and usually takes on multiple traits and skills which puts her heads and tails above most of the X-Men, past or present. In a way, she’s taken on Batman-like stats, in the sense that she’s capable of so many things, she really only fits the INTJ, no butt-kissing intended. The idea being that she’s got such an impressive list of feats and a reputation to match that typing her as anything else other than a living computer of brains and beauty isn’t realizing the character.

Ultimate Storm is still Storm.

Ultimate Storm is still Storm.

At once a “goddess,” a thief, a mutant, a leader and follower, and the only character to have been the romantic interest of both Doctor Doom and Dracula. While it’s presumptuous to say that because she can do all these things that she must be INTJ, it’s worth noting that the INTJ mindset is intent on collecting as much information as possible on whichever subject they choose to follow through on- and execute with tenacity.

She’s been labeled as a “Deadpan Snarker” as well, which is to say that as soon as something is mentioned that she disagrees with, she doesn’t mind calling out the person that said it. This has been the case with Cyclops on a couple of occasions, which at times has led to an all out battle royale, with Storm claiming the victory on both events.

THE POWER! THE FURY! I have no idea what's going on here.

THE POWER! THE FURY! I have no idea what’s going on here.

This is of no particular blame to Cyclops as he’s still just of regular physical prowess fighting with a woman that controls the freaking weather. Cyclops has also admitted to Storm actually being a better leader than himself, something that must have been hard for his ISTJ ego to contend with. INTJs have a natural leadership skill ingrained in them that doesn’t necessarily come out in the way it would for say, an ESTP or an ENTJ, rather the desire to control things behind the scenes, making sure things go their way.

This is a good example of her ability and the INTJ mindset altogether. While many INTJs could run the company, move through the ranks, run things with a calm mind and an iron fist, they often choose to remain to themselves, controlling only themselves and the world they’ve created; it’s often why they can be mistaken for ISTJs as their tough, do-it-yourself attitude is what shows through to onlookers.

The difference is in the capabilities: ISTJs want things a certain way but may feel so uncomfortable with change that they leave things as they are; INTJs are more of the mindset to set in motion a plan to get what they want but can feel satisfied as long as their current liberties aren’t infringed upon.



Storm’s powers are so great she’s been called a goddess, a witch, high priestess…you get the idea. Even with all the power she has, all the control she wields when manipulating something as great as the weather; she never lets herself lose that control, she never takes advantage of it, and she only hurts those that attempt to hurt others. This is a character that would make a great villain if only she would allow herself to be overwhelmed by the power.

INTJs would do well to understand whether or not their current situation is one that they are choosing to be in…or if they’re there because of their missed opportunities to do something better with the gifts and ideas that come so naturally to this rare breed.

I used all three “Theres” in one sentence: ‘they’re,’ ‘there,’ and ‘their.’ Hooray me.

Although, speaking of leadership, Storm seems to be pretty comfortable in the 90s cartoon.



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