MBTI: ….and the Movies, Part II


Ever get annoyed when you love a movie so much, but when you talk to a friend about it, they not only hated it, but they think you’re weird for liking it? They might not have even seen it, but they can’t stand “those types of movies.”

Little frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, allow me to help you out. When you type what a person is, this may give you a better idea of that person’s taste in movies.

C’mon, everyone! Follow me! WEEEEEEEEE-

Keep in mind that anybody can enjoy these movies. Any gender, age, and type can and does enjoy any one of these from any category. Don’t try to play up to a stereotype.



Guardian Men Movies that involve strong male protagonists, with women that help out but don’t play a large role past the love interest, and involves a know-it-all mastermind that doesn’t expect the rogue protagonist to do what he does.

Logic can be skipped around and played with sometimes on the larger, more conceptual ideas (from time-travel to ethics),but not too much before they start pointing out holes in whatever area the viewer may be an expert in that the movie does not display properly.

Examples of this are as follows-

“Yeah, he had to kill everyone in the room! That was the only thing he could do! But that gun doesn’t make that noise.”

-That wood would never hold up that guy’s weight. It’s not made for that.”

Happy endings for the protagonist are very important to them but if the main character dies yet has still completed his mission, they will accept it. The films that often have main characters fighting for family, country, etc. Sports films are a favorite as well, teamwork, dedication and commitment being major themes through most of them.

These movies are often based on true stories and involve a player on a team in the film dying by the end after the big game, or possibly someone close to them.


ExamplesAmerican War and Westerns, Sports films, True Grit (1969), The Natural (1984), Red Dawn (1984), Braveheart (1995), Remember the Titans (2000), The Fast and Furious Films (2001-2013), Tears of the Sun (2003), Taken (2008), Four Brothers (2008), The Expendables Films (2010-2012)

Favorite Actors- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington

Guardian Women- Stereotypically, Guardian women will go for the dramas that simultaneously make them cry yet appreciate what they have in their life. By the end of the films that they really like, one of the main characters will die by car wreck or possibly a prolonged illness. Maybe a character dies that affects another character until their dying day, but the point is that nine times out of ten, someone will die.

These movies will bring them to the point of near depression but they will still subject themselves to it, soaking it all in.

"I'll break off a finger as a memento, 'kay?"

“I’ll break off a finger as a memento, ‘kay?”

While the underlying tone of the movies will be serious, there will still be plenty of scenes with comedy in it that men in the room won’t laugh at. Though this is inverted with Comedies- which will have a humorous undertone accompanied by many serious scenes. For an example of the former, in Terms of Endearment (1983), the mother screaming at her kids in the grocery store parking long is funny to Guardian women, while other types just look at it as a more annoying aspect of life. Keeping the family together is a major aspect of these films.

On the other hand, Bridesmaids is a comedy that still has many scenes of the main character’s life going to shambles or scenes of her and her friends arguing, or the protagonist dwelling on her own loneliness.

Often times, no acting is required.

Often times, no acting is required.

Examples- Terms of Endearment (1983), Steel Magnolias (1989), Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), Titanic (1997), Dear John (2010), Crazy, Stupid Love (2011), Bridesmaids (2011), The Vow (2012)

Favorite Actors– Sally frikkin’ Field, Queen Latifah, Sandra Bullock, Dolly Parton, Melissa McCarthy




Artisan Men- Artisan movies range from Action to Crime to Dramas that involve characters with a very empty, hollow side to them. Maybe the protagonist in the Action film has a family he never sees or doesn’t have a family at all. In Crime-related stories, the same can go for the protagonist but are more heavily involved in a world where there are no heroes.

Dramas for them are possibly the most depressing for those looking for films with better pacing or a more definite ending. It’s possible the Artisans themselves don’t understand the point but appreciate the scenes of a character “livin’ large” which is ultimately leading them toward their own demise.

Most protagonists in these stories are most likely going to die or have something really bad happen to them in a way that affects absolutely no one outside of their immediate circle, which is probably pretty small due to the nature of the protagonist in the first place; a recluse with a drug problem perhaps, and his problem is not solved by the end. Movies heavily involving drugs are prominent in their library.

"No, man...we're high on memories..."

“No, man…we’re high on memories…”

The most positive thing to be said about many Artisan-type films is that the main character survives his ordeal throughout the movie, no one knowing or understanding what they went through. Endings are generally unhappy, which Artisan males will be saddened by to a point while also feeling as though they relate to the futility of it all. That’s life, as they see it.

Artisan males subjecting themselves to this too much may want to experiment with more uplifting movies, as they won’t recognize the negative feelings they brought on themselves by too much moping.


Examples- Spaghetti Western, Taxi Driver (1976), Predator, Casino (1995) The Big Lebowski (1998), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), Requiem for a Dream (2000), Irréversible (2002), Blow (2003), Spun (2003), The Man from Nowhere (2010), Drive (2011)

Favorite Actors– Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hardy, Al Pacino, Idris Elba

Artisan Women- Artisan women will take an interest in film similar to Guardian Women but with a little more of…whatever Guardian women like (see above). Whatever the genre, they’ll prefer more of that same content, be it Fantasy, Comedy, Drama. Usually a strong, but still emotive female protagonist.’ Caught between what they have to do and what they want to do’ story lines will really grab their attention.


Fantasy/Sci-fi can be a favored genre for Artisan females if the humanity is retained throughout the story and logic or details don’t bog them down. More emotionally-driven scenes appeal to them still, though too slow and they’ve lost interest in the possible corniness that can be attached to it.

Examples- John Hughes movies, When Harry met Sally…(1989), V for Vendetta (2005), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), The Twilight Series (2008-2012), Up in the Air (2009), Crazy, Stupid Love (2011), No Strings Attached (2011), The Hunger Games (2012)

Favorite Actors– Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, James Franco



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Men and Women- While it’s a little easier to separate men and women’s tastes as far as other types go, Idealist and their favorites tend to follow patterns more so than genres as other types do. While any type can like any movie, Idealists are more prone to watching anything so long as it involves a protagonist finding their way. Be it finding their way to their “one true love,” their destiny, or even saving the world.

Drama, Romance, Sci-fi/Fantasy and it’d be a sin to leave out “weirdo” Indie films. Anything can happen in the world of Idealists and it’s reflected in their favorite films. The main character may die halfway through the film with his wife or estranged brother carrying the rest of the film.

Many prominent characters in Idealist’s films are flawed to the point that you don’t like them or may find them whiny. Flaws range from immaturity to heavy drug use.

Nothing is worse than for a protagonist to be caught in a stagnant, soul-crushing time in their life where they don’t know what their purpose is. Often times though, the protagonist finds their purpose by helping or saving others. From one person to everyone in existence, each saved person is just as important as all of them.

If I'd directed this movie, I'd 'Hollywoodize' it and have her jump.

If I’d directed this movie, I’d ‘Hollywoodize’ it and have her jump.

Expect many of the films Idealists to talk about to be films you’ve never heard of. If they’re not Indie movies with scribbled, hand-drawn titles, they’re Foreign Dramas that make most of us want to shoot ourselves. With the exception of some Artisans who are willing to put themselves through the pain of a Monica Bellucci movie for something other than her, uh…her assets.

Examples– Tim Burton films, Wes Anderson films, Woody Allen films, Labyrinth (1986), Into the Wild (2007), Sunshine Cleaning (2009), Eat Pray Love (2010), Life of Pi (2012)

Favorite Actors-Carey Mulligan, Ben Kingsley, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush, Michelle Williams, Joseph Gordon-Levitt



Rational party

Rational party

Rational Men- Films that interest Rational men generally involve themes that they focus on in their daily life. Usually this has to do with some form of control and freedom. Though, to draw the line down the middle, it’s the TJ types that are attracted to the ‘control’ side, and TP types to the latter.

Stories that involve obsession with an idea are of strong interest as well. This obsession may have their personal life begin to fall apart. Whether or not it’s put back together is up in the air by end of many of these films. Rivalry can be a major factor throughout, though the rivalry could be between a group of rebels versus ‘the Man,’ or possibly two characters that are working against each other and will not compromise. Stories that include one upping the competition can be especially entertaining, with protagonists and villains outsmarting everyone around them, displaying intellect as king. Romantic subplots are neither here nor there.

Rationals appreciate detail in movies as well, and like when a film has taken the time to set out certain rules in their world and follow them.

When all the robot soldiers run on a central operating core and there’s much emphasis placed on how it’s impossible for the robots to run any other way, DO NOT CHANGE IT AT THE END OF THE FILM AND HAVE A SINGLE ROBOT LIVE BECAUSE HE HAD HEART. To the hurried screenwriter that used this loophole so as to save himself a lot of time and frustration? Expect the Rational viewer to abandon film at said introduction of loophole.

Films that introduce a new concept or perspective to the viewer are favorites as well, so Science-Fiction is usually prominent in the Rational’s viewing list. Since most movies are veiled ideas of what the writer really thinks, Rationals take pleasure in movies with plots that involve ideas and theories they’ve also thought of, whether they agree with the ideas in the film or not. Multiple dimensions, a dystopian future, or time travel may be featured prominently in these movies.

Han shoots first and last.

Han shoots first and last.

Examples- Any stories based on the works of Phillip K. Dick, Films by Christopher Nolan, GhostBusters (1984-1989), Heat (1995)*, The Matrix (1999), Star Trek Films, Star Wars Films

*Heat is a particular choice to me as I think it has an evenly divided feel between Rational and Artisan.

Favorite Actors Harrison Ford, Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman, Bryan Cranston

Rational Women- Much like their male counterparts, Rational women enjoy stories of empowerment and freedom- where liberty is absolute. Rational will take an interest in films that include not only a supernatural or fantasy element over more Sci-fi oriented stories, the characters may be women that have something the men don’t, aside from the lines that reality has drawn.

Ew. EW! Stop touching that!

Ew. EW! Stop touching that!

While men in the story may be super-powered vampire hunters, the woman in the story may be some sort of vampire queen that can’t be killed by normal methods. Or as a protagonist, the woman may be above those she’s surrounded by. Underestimated at first, she proves herself to be even more powerful than those around her and eventually saves the day. The protagonist is a true emancipator, only doing what she wishes or saving everyone around her, needing no one else.

Males take a backseat in these stories and though they range from incompetent to capable, the female protagonist will have either an ability or some piece of information that none of the other characters can have, understand, or surpass.

Examples- The Alien Series (1979-1997), Interview with a Vampire (1994), The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and sequels, The Underworld Films (2003-2012)

Favorite Actors- I really couldn’t begin to tell you who Rational women like, it was difficult enough to pick out the guys. If they can act, then they work for that movie. It’s too obvious to just name actresses in the above films, Sigourney Weaver being the only one that might actually be true.



3 Responses to “MBTI: ….and the Movies, Part II”

  1. As an Idealist (INFP) I can tell you that while we do love the occassional indie or foreign film (my favorite is Confessions of a Nympho), we are more attracted to character driven stories. Just like the books I read, my favorite movies and TV series have complex, multi-dimensional characters that don’t follow the black and white dichotomy of “Good vs. Evil”. They are more like real people who, just when you think they’re shitty people, end up surprising you and vice versa.

    All genres can potentially offer this. In comedy, it’s dry, sardonic, subtle humor with lines that you would miss if you weren’t paying close attention. In an INFP’s favorite kind of comedy, there are no real punchlines but instead just a depiction of ridiculous people who in all seriousness don’t know they’re ridiculous (Napoleon Dynamite, Absolutely Fabulous). Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre movies, though I love them, are no good without thoroughly fleshed out characters and higher purpose. Dramas are especially ideal for character development, particularly if there is a ‘realism’ to it that’s almost documentary-like.

    Sometimes, I like a movie just for its stylistic approach. I can’t explain it other than it just creates a certain mood and atmosphere. There’s nothing that an INFP enjoys more than to be immersed into a fantasy world that illicits desirable feelings. The sound and imagery is the most powerful medium we have to take art from someone else’s imagination and broadcast it to the masses. I am attracted to certain movies for this reason alone.

    Some of my favorite movies and series: Game of Thrones, Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Orange is the New Black, Blue Valentine, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Virgin Suicides, Sucker Punch, The Other Boleyn Girl, Battlestar Gallactica, Girl Interrupted, Equilibirum, Pride and Prejudice, Sin City, Watchmen, Vanity Fair, Closer, Edward Scissorhands, Signs.

    • Taylor Says:

      That’s quite the list. Now the real question is can you get your friends to watch these movies with you?


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