Breaking Bad Week


There’s been a lack of articles on here (more or less) and it’s all Breaking Bad’s fault. I’ve been told by multiple people over the years to watch it but I have a hard time with TV shows- the commercials, the seasons, all the breaks, the waning interest due to changing writers, blah blah blah…

A big part of it is that shows tend to drag on for as long as they’re successful, which often times means the quality declines or changes are made to where it’s not the same show you were originally watching, often times for the worst.

All this being said, I began watching Breaking Bad last week and have blown through the seasons up until episode 10 of season 5, which I’m watching now (Hank, you FOOL! You overzealous FOOL!). The last episode is airing tomorrow and by God If I’m going see a bunch of spoilers on Facebook or hear it from people talking about it.

This coming week, all the types will go to Breaking Bad, as it’s not only one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen, the characters are some of the most complexly written too. I have shifted responsibility every which way I could as often I could to get to this point and I’m not stopping now! Series finale, here we come!

Come back to this site next week, see a bunch of good stuff. That’s my pitch.




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