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While all the characters n Cowboy Bebop have their humorous moments, intentional or otherwise, none of them embody the weirdness of the series the way the genius thirteen year old Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (the name she gave herself).

Originally intended to be a boy but made a girl for the purposed of balancing out the cast, Ed’s role in the show is usually intended for humor but her place on the Bebop can’t be denied. Continue reading

Frenemies- ISFP and ENFP: A short story

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Another story! Have fun. Continue reading

MBTI Comparison: Training Day’s ENTJ and ESTJ

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It’s unusual for a film to pair an ESTJ and ENTJ together. Normally, it’s the ENTJ personality that controls his various minions as ESTJ tells his two Artisan rogue cops that they “DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES BUT DAMMIT, YOU GET THE JOB DONE!”

It’s just the way it goes.

But maybe this unique positioning of character is what makes this movie so memorable. It’s too easy to put an ISFP under the tutelage of a ESTP or something of the like. “This guy’s like, a goodguy, and this other guy is, I don’t know, like Wolverine or something!” Good cop, bad cop, blah blah blah.

But a “goody two shoes” that’s being trained supposedly for the law yet could be seen as a representation of Satan himself? I’m in. Here are some key differences and similarities between the characters and types. Continue reading

MBTI: Elizabeth Shaw- INFP

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While any type is capable of going further than they should in whatever situation, there’s few types that question themselves about it and then keep going. The two that would seem to be most prone to the ethics of their own situation only to continue would be INTP and INFP.

While the two can hardly be confused, there’s still their conviction and determination toward a question that may never be answered that could allow one to mistake one for another. Fox Mulder may be the closest call but Prometheus‘ Dr. Shaw has her moments where obsession and progress meet to blur the lines of what is being done, and what should be done.

INFPs are so deep like, I can’t even take it. Continue reading

MBTI: Django Freeman- ISTP

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Every once in a while, a movie comes along that just changes your heart. It’s message is so powerful that it melts your teeth and makes you sit in unwanted facial hair for longer than you can remember.

That being said, Django Unchained is a great movie. Tarantino did a great job by introducing more action than he ever has any of his other films and refrained from writing characters that all talk like heterosexual Perez Hiltons.

Django is a particularly interesting character, as his ISTP-ness (hehe) is written and performed more subtlety than most “walk softly, carry a big stick” characters are given.

So please- proceed! Continue reading

MBTI: Gwen Stacy- ESFJ

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We know nice guys finish last, but what about nice ladies?

They what? They die? Oh.

Well, uh…anyway….

Gwen Stacy was not only Spider-man’s first real woman, but she was also intended to be his only woman, per Stan Lee. The daddy’s girl wanted it all- the marriage, the family, the white picket fence (probably) and if it weren’t for the Goblin, she might’ve had it. Oh, ESFJ- some things just weren’t meant to be. Continue reading

MBTI: Mary Jane Watson- ISFP

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It must be difficult living in a world where not only does your friend/boyfriend/husband/misc. fight crime on a regular basis, but he inadvertently puts you in danger because of it.

Yet Mary Jane not only maintains through quiet perseverance, she’s not one of those non-super powered characters (usually) you wish would die or “just go somewhere” else so the Spider-Man can get it on with somebody else, but she’s actually not too shabby.

Does anyone dislike the ISFP you know? Prolly not. Continue reading

MBTI: Jean Grey- ENFJ

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jgIf any type were to get limitless, planet-destroying, mind powers, we should all hope it would be the ENFJ.

Nobody needs that kind of power but if someone’s gonna take the mantle, my vote is on them.

While Jean Grey’s character has gone through so many changes over the years that it’s a bit hard to get a grip on her personality, her underlying traits are always regarded as helpful, loyal, caring, and strong.

Emotionally, I’m sure, as she keeps the traditional comic book female look of weighing about 115lbs at 5’6. Continue reading

MBTI: Cyclops- ISTJ

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Of all the leaders in all of comics, Cyclops is not only one the most well-known, he’s also…an ISTJ?!

No…no…no, something can’t be right here? There must be some mistake… How can the leader of one of the most popular teams in comics be such a simpleton?

Cyclops has conquered possession! Death! He’s had to live to see his wife die multiple times after fighting evil versions of her only to have people judge him when he’s finally moved on to Emma Frost!

Yep, he’s ISTJ. Continue reading


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One of my favorite movies of 2011, Rango is actually pretty fitting as an ENFP morality tale altogether.

While Rango the formerly nameless chameleon is attempting to convince the entire town of Dirt, he runs the gamut of ENFP strengths and weaknesses in one of the greatest cartoons ever made. Continue reading