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MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP

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Quick to make a deal, slow to care about the feelings of others. Don’t say his name three times or you’re asking help you won’t want.

Before Tim Burton and Johnny Depp decided to team up permanently, and before Alec Baldwin came across as one the angriest guys in the business…there was Beetlejuice. Or Beetlegeuse, whatever. Nobody says the B-word, c’mon. Continue reading

MBTI: Horrorific Heroes

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While the more humanistic villains in Horror can be typed, the more fun monsters, the main stars unfortunately can’t really be typed. They’re monsters, ghouls, and animals. There’s not really a personality there to fit in with the rest of us mortals. Or is there…?

Still, no. BUT! There is an overall goal for them isn’t there? Yep. Their methods and missions are generally to survive or kill. Sometimes to survive by killing, leaving us with a familiar frame of mind that Type Theory can get a hold on. Here’s a list of the other Horror freaks that have been typed.

Happy Halloween too. Boo. Continue reading

MBTI: Captain America- ESTJ

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Democrats! Republicans! Sportsmanship! Books!

No matter what the generation, there’s only one hero that best represents the American spirit. And in a world that’s increasingly cynical and embittered, there’s only one type to lead us out of such a mess with unbridled idealism of what it means to be decent, average, and normal! Woo!

The Captain is ESTJ, as his leadership, morals, and old-school rhetoric are that of not only one of the most common types, but one of the most by-the-book types as well. Aside from wearing the American flag, of course. Continue reading

MBTI: Watson- ISFJ

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The dutiful servant, if you need a helper or assistant that can work long hours without complaining and never try to hog the spotlight and steal credit out from under your nose- these are your guys. Or girls.

I’m not even joking. A lot of people wouldn’t think of the above as being a good thing to be known as a servant or something of the like, but for their to be leaders, we’ve got to have followers. Not blind and unquestioning per se, but loyal and persistent in their activities. If this doesn’t describe Watson, he cannot be type.

Once again, not an INFJ. Continue reading


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Long overdue, aren’t we? Having typed the others, and Arkham Origins having just been released, it was time to give Batman his due. “The World’s Greatest Detective” is fairly obvious in his type yet people will argue anything won’t they? INFJ? Batman? Extroverted Feeling second? Psh. This guy’s M.O. is beating information out of people and putting them in prison.

While his character is a tad unrealistic given his wide range of perfected skills, he still fits the profile of “master planner” to the fictional tee. Oh, so much to cover. Continue reading

Movie Review: Bad Grandpa

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Stars: Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll

Rated R for strong crude and sexual content throughout, language, some graphic nudity and brief drug use, Running time 92 minutes, Comedy

Compare to: The Jackass movies, Borat (2006)

After taking a break from the sketch/prank/hidden camera bits Johnny Knoxville became so popular for in the Jackass series, he’s back and he’s working with a bit more of a story now. Not much of one, but story isn’t really meant to be the strong point here as much as the everyday civilian is thrown into an unexpected situation that they can’t un-experience.

Lucky for us, it’s not happening to us an we just get to enjoy it. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Counselor

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Stars: Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt

Rated R for graphic violence, some grisly images, strong sexual content and language, Running time 117 minutes, Drama/Thriller/Crime

Compare to: Layer Cake (2006), The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

It seems when Cormac McCarthy writes anything, be it a novel or screenplay, he creates characters with a dark past, a very intense present, and a world where anything can happen. The themes are there, the dialogue is real, and the film can be as thought-provoking as you want it to be.

Now, a beginning, middle and end? That’s where things get a bit difficult to explain. Continue reading

MBTI: Figuring Out Your Type

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….And it’s probably not what you think.

Notice how many INTJs are online? Several of the rarer types seem to live online though you never meet them in real life. I’m sure part of the reason is that the more rare types are also a little more cerebral in their general activities. Reading, writing, scouring the internet for more than just a Youtube video, etc.

But are there really as many as it seems in the world? The usual percentages given don’t match with the sheer number online that claim what they are. Are the numbers wrong or is it that highly accessible tests with questionable results are everywhere? Continue reading

MBTI: Detective Somerset- INFJ

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If there were one man going around your rotten city, solving crimes with a heavy sigh, giving each case his concentrated, undivided, ever-increasing attention, only to end his day with throwing switchblades at his dartboard and flickin’ a metronome, wouldn’t you want it to be Morgan Freeman?

The answer is “Yes” and his depiction of Detective William Somerset in Se7en is a great view through the eyes of an INFJ that’s seen it all and hasn’t given up. Continue reading


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Similar to Two-Face’s ESTJ personality, Sally resembles the INFP inside and out in a way that most stories don’t really get the chance to display. Held together by her stitching that makes you feel like she could fall apart at any moment as they say or do what no one else had the guts to.

A Nightmare Before Christmas’ lead female can pretty much be described exactly as an INFP would be- independent, morally conscious, and unique. And despite the flaws it seems they can’t help but project, INFPs are likable whether you admit it or not. Continue reading