MBTI: Jesse Pinkman- ESFP



Many have typed “Cap’n Cook” as ISFP which isn’t too far off. But Jesse’s love of the “Bad Boy” persona and proneness to pushing the “thug life” image doesn’t really scream “The Dude.

From low-level cook to…everything else Jesse became, ESFP fits like a glove. Like a cockroach that won’t stay flushed, Jesse pops up everywhere and his emotions are always on the brim, if not bubbling over entirely.

While an ISFP may have similar avocations to the ESFP, they’re generally non-confrontational and difficult to read- while our man Pinkman doesn’t really hold anything back.



ESFPs are known to rarely ever let anything back. It’s not that it’s natural or “normal” to scream, cry, or get pissed as often as he does, but he’s also under strange circumstances. ESFPs are known to become stressed out and feel overwhelmed in moments that require deeper consideration than your average situation. In times like this, an ESFP you know may be likely to act out, doing something that everyone regrets, only to back themselves up later as if you have no reason to be mad.

Jesse’s first function is Se or Extraverted Sensing, which is played up to perfectly by the fact that when we first meet him, all of his goals involve smoking, having sex, making meth and money. All perfectly described on his MyShout page. When Walt first gives Jesse several thousand dollars to go and buy them an RV, Jesse goes to a strip club and begins throwing it everywhere, spending it on exactly what you think.

Se doesn’t say “Do something stupid!” as much as it does take advantage of the here and now. It’s so accepting of what is in front of the person that the future takes a backseat.

Breaking Bad Tourism

This actually includes the INTJ, though Se is last for them.

This could mean doing what Jesse does just as much as it does completing the massive workload you have at your desk without complaining. But put this mindset in the brain of a bunch of kids and no wonder they’ve got the reputation that they do.

“I have never been more alone! I HAVE NOTHING! NO ONE! ALRIGHT, IT’S ALL GONE, GET IT? No, no, no, why… why would you get it? What do you even care, as long as you get what you want, right? You don’t give a shit about me! You said I was no good. I’m nothing! Why would you want me, huh?”

While this speech isn’t the norm for Jesse (necessarily), it’s like the writer just copied and pasted an actual argument with an ESFP. They’ll tend to revert the situation back to how they’re affected by whatever the situation is and how you are hurting them…never caring to examine the situation to see that if they weren’t the cause of it, they had a hand in it.

This is their Fi is second and plays a huge part in the way they think, of course. But in an unhealthy mental state, everything in their minds can easily be flipped around to how they’re never getting what they want and it’s because of everybody else.

Though it not ALWAYS his fault.

Though sometimes it really IS because of everybody else.

Because of their way of blaming the rest of the world, ESFPs are said to see themselves as lone heroes battling against the odds which explain many behaviors that are simply confusing to most. “HE’S the one who stole from his friend! He just asked me for advice and when I gave it to him, he accused me of judging him, cussed me out and ran off…..Where’s my wallet?”

But Jesse, like ESFPs aren’t without their good points either of course. When Jesse goes to collect his and Walt’s money that was stolen from Skinny Pete, Jesse puts just as much time into caring for the little boy he finds at the house as much as he does getting the money back. Throughout the series, he develops more and more of a conscience as Walt’s degrades.


ESFPs are also known to prize generosity as other Artisans do, appreciating giving and receiving. For all the crap the pair had been through together, Jesse goes out of his way to get Walt a watch for his birthday; something you could tell Walt, cold though he may be, appreciated greatly. At that point Walt wasn’t used to be being treated kindly anymore and Jesse had many good reasons for killing him, much less getting him a birthday present. But there it was.

ESFPs have a habit of allowing harmful or unhealthy relationships hang onto them, and part of this could be that they’re willing to forgive and forget what they’ve done, so the same could be done for others. After a while, Jesse didn’t want all the money that was being made, realizing that love of money was what kept getting everyone hurt while Walt only saw money for what it was in the beginning, and really seeing it as power over time. But to Jesse, for his many flaws, was willing to just be done with it and on multiple occasions makes it clear he doesn’t care about making fat stacks anymore.

“What’s the point of being an outlaw when you got responsibilities?”


This scene perfectly represents the Artisan reasoning of wanting to do things to do them rather than for an end result. As long as the moment is fun, and the adrenaline is there, everything else can wait.

The quote above is taken from the episode above where Jesse’s got all the money he’d ever need and more, but misses the days where he was running around doing something that made him feel dangerous…which results in him trying to sell meth to people in his support group. Meth he’s stealing from the company he works for that would kill him if they found out.


Jesse is as well written an ESFP as we’re likely ever going to get in fiction in the same way that Walt is for INTJs. He doesn’t seem to be written to be liked or hated, but just as is. He reminds me of guys I couldn’t stand in school, and in many ways looked down on, but after talking to them, you realize that as dumb as you may see them, they’re not trying to hurt anyone, just trying to put out an image that doesn’t come across the way they think it does.

And for all the horrible things Jesse’s done, like a true ESFP, you can’t help but like him.


3 Responses to “MBTI: Jesse Pinkman- ESFP”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Wait, back up… who are these retards typing Jesse as ISFP? I’d like to have a word with them.

    • Taylor Says:

      TV Tropes was the first place I originally saw it. They’re good for just about everything except for MBTI characters.

      People that argued it on forums say that Jesse started out as ESFP but becomes more withdrawn as the series goes on, which makes him an introvert.

      Aside from not being able to change type, I think they sort of ignored the entire idea of character development and (I guess) Jesse was supposed to keep acting exactly the same no matter what experiences he went through. Yeah…

  2. I think jesse is ISFP


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