MBTI: Breaking Bad Cast


Oddly enough, we’ve got no Idealists on this show. Artisans seem to have the wheel while Guardians ride shotgun and Rationals sit in the back and tell the driver where to go. Not that they always listen.

But that’s what’s fun about the show- even with the characters written well enough for you to think you’ve known people exactly like them, you never really know what’s going to happen.

Walter White- INTJ

Jesse Pinkman- ESFP

Skyler White- ESFJ

Hank Schrader- ESTJ

Saul Goodman- ENTP

Mike Ehrmantraut- ISTP

Marie Schrader- ISFJ


Hank’s wife is made of two things- Support and Naggery. ISFJs are quiet and dutiful as spouses and workers but a bored one can be that little splinter in your thumb you forget about until you pick something up. It’s funny that Skyler would get as much criticism as she does when Marie always seemed more obnoxious by tenfold.

Often times Marie gets involved with others’ lives in situations that are none of her business, acting as though her entire world is being torn apart when it really has nothing to do with her. This isn’t so much the sign of a healthy ISFJ, but one that’s cut off the rest of the world save for her husband and a couple family members. ISFJs will often do this to be in control of a world by their own design and any outside influences are perceived as a threat.

Marie didn’t seem to understand true problems until death came a-knockin’ and she thought Hank might die. Before then, she was a consistent example of someone that should have removed the plank out of her eye before pulling the speck out of her brother’s…or sister’s.

Walter White, Jr.- ISTJ


Walt Jr. was a difficult one. Aside from his palsy making it a bit more difficult to get a bead on his personality, and the fact that he’s a clueless son that just does teenager things- eats, watches TV, goes to his friend’s house and uh…eats- makes it all the more confusing.


Still, as ISTJs go, Walt Jr. has no problem calling it like he sees it as ISTJs often do. In “Flynn’s” case, it usually has to do with calling his mom a bitch. The reasons for which will often fall on the fact that standing up for his dad, who he see as a helpless victim, is being picked on by mom. ISTJs are considered the most loyal type of all and will often remain around the same people even after being betrayed by them. This is also a good explanation as to his “farewell” to his dad in the final episode where he goes off.

Many people seemed a bit confused by this as Jr. was in his dad’s corner the entire show. Imagine finding out your dad isn’t the guy you thought he was and you’d been defending him through thick and thin.

As far as weaknesses go, ISTJs will get into certain thought patterns and refuse to deviate from them, as Jr. seems to do, never thinking that all the domestic bickering might be his dad’s fault as well. Another ISTJ weakness? Inordinate love of food and drink.


Badger and Skinny Pete- ESFP


It’s a bit obvious isn’t it? They’re stupid meth-heads! ESFP, no-brainer!

Kidding aside, Jesse, Badger, and Skinny all being ESFP is a good example of all the fun and/or stupidity the trio have together. There’s no anchor their to weigh them down, as friends often have. In reality or fiction, it’s good to have a character to say “Man, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

Yet ESFPs hanging out are likely to ask questions like “Let’s take this car!” Only to have his ESFP friend respond with an “Okay.” ESFPs are about 10% of the population, so chances are, you’ve seen them flocking together. While not all ESFPs are perfectly represented as meth-heads, they are a type that’s prone to drug use and violent behavior, all with the intention of just having a good time.

Why you trynna bring’em down?

Ted Beneke- ESFJ

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008

Ted’s way of doing things is just strange to me. His business is struggling. His wife is gone. He faces possible jail time.

Yet none of this stops him from helping ruin another marriage, spending money given to him on a Mercedes, and then refusing to keep the rest to pay his taxes on the grounds that nothing is going to change even if he uses the money.

With ESFJ’s Ti last, it makes sense that the only head Ted would think with was the one in his pants. His entire goal in the beginning was to help and save his employees and to make sure they had a paycheck to take home, all while at the expense of himself, his business, and the employees’ future. ESFJs are known to put others ahead of themselves without thinking of the long-term repercussions. They’re also all about a happy home, so notice Ted wasn’t shoving Skyler out of his bed during their affair but actually trying to get her to move in.

Still, nice guy that he was, this scene was great and made it easy to see a show starring Goodman and his “A-Team.”


Steven Gomez- ISTJ


Hank’s faithful partner really fits the stereotype of a cop. Nice guy to the co-workers and loyal to no end- yet to the majority of the characters not involved in law enforcement, he just came of like any other Dick.

His ability to put up with Hank’s personality leaves only a handful of types that will not only deal with the loudmouth, racist jokes, but accept them for what they are. ISTJs get into their surroundings, and take a while to adapt, but once they do, racist jokes? Sure! Borderline bullying? If that’s what the guy’s are doing!

Still, he makes sense as Hank’s partner, always playing the anchor of “I’m not so sure…” Something ESFPs need more of, as we mentioned.

Tuco- ESTP


If this man is not ESTP, he cannot be typed! Tuco’s outbursts and business “ethics” fit that not only of an immoral person, but an unhealthy ESTP. While ESTPs and ESFPs often get confused, the big difference is the drive that backs the ESTP, having them strive toward a goal an ESFP may not have.

After Heisenberg “bombed” Tuco’s place in their first meeting, Tuco’s panic and any possible anger subsided to give Heisenberg what he wanted, accepting defeat in a sense, and at the same time making a new business partner.

Like ESTJs, they don’t necessarily think about how their actions or language affect others; this is taken to the extreme when an outburst of Tuco’s results in him beating a minion to death and then calling him names, not understanding why he “can’t take a beating!” after pulverizing the man’s face for a good fifteen seconds with no retaliation from him.

But ESTPs are usually high-energy, good natured individuals looking for a rush like all Artisans.

Jane Margolis- ISTP

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008

Jane is a tough one. ISFP was the first guess due to her artistry and laid-back yet guarded demeanor, but after Jane finds out about Jesse’s money, her drive to blackmail Walt, taking the reigns from Jesse gives viewers a different insight into her personality. Then, all of her traits and likes can just as easily be translated into ISTP mannerisms.

This, and the fact that women who prefer Thinking over Feeling often give off a slightly colder vibe than is generally expected. It’s not even that they are cold, but her “guard” wouldn’t have seemed as abnormal if it were a guy acting that way toward Jesse. Her outlook on money definitely represents the Artisan way as she sees the money Walt brings by as “freedom” is what she’s really after with the money Jesse receives.

Leonel & Marco Salamanca- ISTP


The twins only had two options- ISTJ or ISTP. But their ability to adapt to several various situations that really can’t be trained for show their “perceiving” preference. These two stuck out as the most “Hollywood” of all the characters in Breaking Bad: The slow, synchronized movements, the scary relentlessness- it’s even possible one is ISTJ, but who would know?

Either way, their penchant to axes, killing needlessly, and the dangerous, on-edge lifestyle these two live fit the ISTP more so than any other type.

Gus Fring- INTJ


Gus is the clearest example of an INTJ fiction can present. While not necessarily written to be as complex as Walt, since he’s not our protagonist, he’s still given enough layers for us to see past the head of a drug empire into a guy that’s just running businesses to make himself money.

The need to layout his preference for Ni and Te almost seems pointless but his character was a great one still. Through flashbacks, we’re given his story to show that he’s really not that different from Walt, we’re just seeing him at his prime, then his downfall; rather than his struggle upward like Walt.

Every situation and contingency planned for to the point when many viewers were cheering for Gus…until it came down to Gus VS Walt.

I really enjoyed the rivalry between the two and to see two well-written INTJs in a show where anything can happen. The only reason I really knew Walt was going to come out on top even if Gus didn’t die was because I didn’t start watching until the fifth season had started, which features Walt on the “All Hail the King” poster. So long, Gus!

Gale Boetticher- INTP


I almost hate to type Gale INTP but it is what it is. Gale’s occasional tediousness and pandering have had some type him as an ISTJ similar to the main character in The Big Bang Theory, or an INFP due to his reaction to rejection.

But alas- his nerdiness prevails over his emotions as he’s still able to work with Walt even after his blatant slap-in-the-face by Walt. His lifestyle of vegan food and other stranger, more off-the-wall tendencies displayed a libertarian man left to his own devices to not only thrive on his genius in Gus’ lab yet also be killed because of it.

Kuby and Huell- ESTP and ISTJ


Who doesn’t love these guys? The perfect team for Saul Goodman. It could be that Kuby comes off as ESTP because that’s what Bill Burr seems to be but that could just be why he was hired for the role. His fast talking, con man act between helping Skyler get the car wash and keeping the “stalled” truck on the tracks.

Huell comes off as the lazy man who’s clearly just clearly doing what he does for the money. Past that, the only thing he seems to want to do is…nothing. ISTJs are usually dedicated, but routine is routine, disciplined or unhealthy. Good team-up, these guys.

Todd Alquist- ESFJ (Updated September 24, 2014)


Possibly the most difficult to type, Todd’s ability to at once be extremely pleasant, well-mannered and sadistic is one the creepiest characters Breaking Bad introduced.

Originally typed here as ESTJ* due to his “Nice guy doing mean things” persona, ESFJ seems the better fit for a kid who grew up around criminals and doesn’t see anything wrong with what he does or how he does it. Compare the ESFJ Todd to the ESFP Jesse; Jesse was raised in a decent home and knows the difference between right and wrong, but chooses to do certain things anyway. Todd, however, didn’t see anything wrong with shooting a kid if it meant getting away.

ESFJs are one of the most well-behaved types due to dominant Fe and auxiliary Si but like a true SJ, he really is a product of his environment. It’s just that his environment is a white power group, theft, and meth.

*Leave it to an INTJ for showing me the light on this one

Uncle Jack- ESTP


Todd’s psychotic tendencies are bizarre but his Uncle Jack is a little more on-the-surface type of crazy. A white supremacist with strong prison ties, it’s Jack that really sends everything to hell by showing up at Walt’s arrest when he was specifically told not to.

While the Artisan variety is statistically overrepresented in prison, it’s the fact that any of the other choices Jack could be would have listened Walt when he said not to come. ISTJ and ESTJ would have respected the man that was paying them, while an ISTP wouldn’t have cared enough to disobey orders.

But an ESTP? Not only does he show up with his buddies to kill everybody, he steals all the money of the guy who was paying them. Compare to Tuco, who was just as likely to kill the men he was working with as he was to actually follow through on the job. His death is especially satisfying as was his nephew’s.

Lydia Rodarte Quayle- ISTJ


While not the most ethical of characters, she was certainly business oriented. With a gun to her head, the frantic, strung out Lydia still thought of ways to appease her potential killers. An ISTJ is not only more focused on a goal they have in mind but if their routine is upset, they get especially anxious as Lydia is shown to be through most of her screen time as her normally smooth-running operation is upset by Gus’ death.

She refuses to do business with Walt once he becomes America’s most wanted because hey, business is good again, and her work is what she knows.

Special shout out to Combo, who might as well have also been typed as ESFP but then it begins to get redundant.



….And Hector Salamanca, who was wheelchair ridden and rang a freaking bell until he blew up. His one flashback however, also led to ESTP; pissing in his own boss’s pool while still doing his job…of shooting Gus’ partner.

"DING DING DING DING DING DING DING-" I believe the line was.

“DING DING DING DING DING DING DING-” I believe the line was.


13 Responses to “MBTI: Breaking Bad Cast”

  1. James Says:

    I am really looking forward to your next post!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey, thanks man. This one took me forever. There should be a new one by the time you read this.

  2. Kristin Says:

    I love this guy! Amazing writing about stellar shows. I hope you plan on watching The Walking Dead.

  3. Bruh. Gus is INTP not INTJ. I know INTJs are always the evil guys but not in this case. Btw funny that another Kristin in this comment section follows Walking Dead.

    • Taylor Says:

      Enlighten me, scrote. I haven’t heard this yet.

      • Kristen Says:

        I guess my whole comment was erased. Well here’s a new one over a year later. Gus is cold and robotic in his interactions like an INTP. INTJs aren’t robotic as much as they are assholes. INTJ also has that inferior Se wannabe badass and self serving Fi. Gus has anal Si that takes care of every last detail of his operation.

  4. This is perfect. I hope you type the characters of The Walking Dead as well. I’d say they’re more difficult and challenging (directly proportional to fun).

  5. Kevin Anthony Says:

    What?! Marie is no introvert!! Certainly ESFx.
    I think there is a great argument for either ESFJ or ESFP. I would argue ESFP due to her introverted feeling and extroverted thinking…

  6. Love this blog – I was rewatching ” Breaking Bad” and surfing the net to find someone who had some interesting insights on the characters’ MB types. So many of the type casting memes I see posted are so off, it’s ridiculous. I agree with you on a lot of them, but I do think it’s a bit cliche to immediately type all of Jesse’s loser friends as ESFP’s. IMO, they are of of the most maligned Myers-Briggs types. Everyone just throws them into the party animal/good time idiot box without stopping to take a look at their deeper side. Breaking Bad does a great job highlighting Jesse’s Fi and repressed Ni and developing his character. However, I think it’s unfounded to automatically assume Badger and Skinny are ESFP’s as well. It’s no secret that meth heads undergo serious personality changes due to their addiction. Either of them could easily be iNtuitives (probably not with dominant judging functions though) who aren’t using their Ne or Ni for more intellectual purposes. Most MBTI enthusiasts seem to assume that N types will automatically be super intelligent and full of great ideas and thoughtful ponderings which is often the case, but not always so – especially in instances of people brought up with little education or any other number of less than desirable circumstances. They aren’t major characters, so it’s really had to say, and, even of they were, I can tell you from personal experience that serious drug users and alcoholics are super hard to type because their minds have literally been “altered.” Anyhow, your blog is super interesting – I just had to air my peeves about the stereotyping tendency. It seems that most sensor types, particularly sensor/feeling types get such a bad rap.

  7. MBTI: Breaking Bad Cast | Zombies Ruin Everything

    […]If you’re going to do one thing that includes risk, be sure to understand it, mitigate it and accept it.[…]

  8. Tyler Hilbert Says:

    I’m confused why you think Tuco is an ESTP. To me he seems to be driven by his emotions and the need to get high more than by his logical thinking. To me this would make him an ESFP. Can someone explain why I’m wrong?

    • Luke Dunn Says:

      An ESFP would use Fi, which asks “who am I?” that’s not even a thought on the horizon for ESTPs.

  9. Luke Dunn Says:

    First of all, I want to say that I love your MBTI posts, and they are generally my go-to for the most accurate typing I can find on the internet. (I’m an INTJ who added this in after typing what follows; I’m trying to add some Fe in so I don’t sound overly critical haha)

    I feel like I would switch Skylar and Marie, for the following reasons:

    Marie has a bubbly demeanor and a preoccupation with physical appearance. The external world is her focus, and even though she’s kind of a bitch, she’s a “people person.”

    Skylar is more reserved and her primary motive is “protecting her family from the man (Walt) protecting her family.” She is a literal defender.


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